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Take Me to Church by SaiPaintsAStory

Updated: Feb 28, 2023


Warning: NSFW CW/TW: mild violence, kidnapping, bondage, mentions of death, sexual themes

Take Me to Church

by SaiPaintsAStory

My knees ached. No, everything ached. Where am I? My eyelids felt like they weighed a 100 pounds as I tried to open them. I tried to recall what happened, but it felt like my thoughts were slogging through mud and just wouldn’t connect. There was only one dim light in the room, but it stabbed at my eyes like a million watt bulb. I couldn’t see much, but what I could didn’t make sense. I was kneeling on a tatami mat; in a place I didn’t recognize. I tried to move but instead only felt the raw burning of rope biting into my skin around my thighs, my hips, wrists, chest, my neck, everywhere, it felt like.

I looked down at myself. Bright red rope snaked around my thighs and calves, up between my legs, caging my body up into a collar at my neck and down around my wrists which were secured behind my back. I was also stark fucking naked. What the fuck is going on? My head was still swimming in a fog as I scanned the room looking for any indication of where I was or why I was tied up and naked.

“It’s about time you woke up. I’ve been waiting forever.” A man’s voice came from the darkness to my left. It was soft, but there was vicious edge to it. I know that voice. Shit. There was a shuffle of fabric, followed by slow, heavy footsteps had me squirming, ignoring the sting of the rope as it tightened with every movement; I needed to get away before this psycho got to me. I tried to ignore the way it squeezed certain places; the conflicting sensations of pain and fear with the pleasure were overloading my still hazy mind.

A figure stepped into the circle of light and squatted down next to me. I smelled his cologne before I saw his face and everything came back into sharp focus in my mind, like someone had suddenly pulled me from the fog. My body reacted to the scent as my mind was still slow to cognitively restrain itself. A hint of wood smoke and whiskey trailed behind his cologne and the combination had me swallowing thickly. “I thought you quit smoking those stupid cigars, Bokuto.” I managed to force out, my voice hoarse and gruff.

“Well, you know I love a good Cuban after a victory.” He purred next to my ear. I couldn’t stop the wave of goosebumps the proximity of his voice and the heat of his breath on my neck sent crashing over my body. He stroked my cheek with the back of massive hand before whispering his lips over the shell of my ear, sending a shiver through me. “Call me by name, Tetsurou.” He breathed languidly and I felt my cock fill as I gritted my teeth.

I tried to jerk my head away, but the rope bit into me, drawing a hiss from my lips and keeping me in too-close contact with the psycho in the suit next to me. Bokuto Koutarou; eldest son of the Bokuto clan, one of the Five Families. Childhood friend of one Kuroo Tetsurou, me, the only son of the Kuroo clan, another of the Five Families. That is, until the assassination of the Ushijima clan’s heir, sent the Families into an civil war with one another. He and I were close once, and my heart ached at the memories that cued up in my mind. Young emotions, trampled under familial duty and forgotten over the years of manipulations and warring factions, all flooded back.

I hadn’t seen him since my father ordered the hit on him and his family three years prior. I still had the scar above my eye from where he bashed my head in, almost besting me completely that day. He was stronger than I was, always had been, but I was quicker and just barely managed to escape with my life back then. This time though, I was at his mercy. There was no escaping these ropes.

He stood up, slowly stepping in front of me, unbuttoning his shirt sleeves and rolling up the cuffs, his irezumi peeking out as it wrapped around his massive forearms. I remembered when he first got his ink; how the owl in flight that spanned the width of his broad shoulders was one of the most beautiful works of art I’d ever seen. The pang of longing in my chest made me sneer in response to the thought as he bent down in front of me and I tried to avoid his bright golden gaze.

“Look at me, Testu.” Bo said quietly, his voice barely above a whisper. My eyes flicked back to his mouth before I could avert them again. He laughed softly under his breath, the sound almost like the purr of a cat, went straight to my already half-hard dick, making it twitch involuntarily. God dammit. I tried to pull my knees together to give myself some sort of cover, but the ropes pulled so tight, it felt like my whole body was in a vice. “Christ Bo, what the fuck kind of knots did you tie?” I choked out as he just continued to stare at me with that piercing gaze of his.

I tried to hold still, knowing if I moved any more, I’d probably strangle myself. Bo loosened his tie, popping the top button of his shirt open with a sigh. I hated myself for the visceral reaction my body had to watching him do these simple things. He leaned forward on his knees reaching a huge hand up to the scar above my eye. “It’s a shame that scarred, though it does lend a certain ruggedness to that face of yours.” He purred and I’d be lying if I said the feel of his touch on my skin didn’t make me want to melt into him. “You almost got me for good that day, you know.” He continued and suddenly he wasn’t the rival I was sent to kill but my oldest friend again.

“Bo I-“ I started, my voice cracking under the pressure from the rope. “What did I tell you to call me?” He interrupted and I looked up at him, a little confused. I couldn’t tell if he was toying with me or pleading with me to be the kids we once were again and I couldn’t stop myself from falling into those golden eyes, just like I had as a kid. “Kou…” I whispered, transfixed by his stare. The corners of his mouth twitched up for just a moment before he crashed against my lips.

His kiss was hot and bruising and everything I’d ever fantasized about. His tongue split the seam of my lips and swiped hungrily into my mouth, swallowing the groan that escaped me at the feel of him. His hands cupped my cheeks as his fervent kiss enveloped me, body and soul. I’d wanted this for years; my brain couldn’t wrap itself around how or why it was happening now. An eternity of bliss later, he pulled away with a gasp, pressing his forehead to mine. His hands roamed down my neck to my chest where he wrapped his fingers between the rope and my skin, gripping it painfully tight.

“I was supposed to kill you tonight, you know.” He whispered; his tone softer than before. “But just like you couldn’t do it three years ago, I can’t do it now.” I pulled back to look at him. He knew. He knew I couldn’t go through with it back then. I sighed and slumped as much as the rope would allow. “You knew all this time then?” I asked quietly. He put a finger under my chin tipping it back up to his line of sight. “That you lost that fight on purpose or that you were in love with me?” he asked with just the slightest hint of a smile. I could feel my eyes widen at the words, but before I could reply, he was closing the distance between us. “I’ve always known.” He breathed against my lips before kissing me deeply again.

I lost all semblance of thought as his mouth trailed kisses down across my jaw, down my neck, nipping at my collarbone as his hands slipped up my thighs, fingers gripping my hips in a bruising hold, betraying his own need. His touch was like fire on my skin, leaving every nerve exploding in its wake. A shuddering moan slipped from my lips and his grip tightened as he groaned into the skin of my shoulder. “Untie me, Kou. I want to touch you. Please.” I begged, giving up on all pretense. I felt him shake his head slowly against my skin and a thought crossed my mind; did he feel the same or was this all a sadistic game?

He leaned back to look at me, just as the thought cleaved its way through the heady lust that had pulsed through me a moment before. “I finally have you to myself. I’ve waited for this day since we were teenagers, Tetsu. I knew that was your father’s doing back then and while I’m sure they’re hunting for you as we speak, they’ll never find you here. You’re mine for now.” I watched him pull his tie completely off and rip open his shirt, buttons popping off, landing with soft plips on the mat.

He'd become even stronger, more defined since I last saw him without a shirt. His tattoos gracefully covering a chiseled chest, a large scar crossed his tanned abs and without thinking I tried to lean forward to kiss it. The rope bit into my neck and chest and I whined in spite of myself at the lack of connection. His fingers traced the length of the scar. “Is it stupid that I miss you every time I see this in the mirror?” Bo said quietly and I couldn’t help the smile that came across my lips. “So, you think about me a lot do ya?” I said, cocky tone matching my smirk.

He leaned forward, trailing a long finger down my chest to the knot of rope that sat just above my now dripping cock and I gritted my teeth to keep from begging out loud for him to go further. His lips brushed my ear, his hot breath sending waves of want across every inch of my exposed body. “All the time.” He purred and my hips twitched up reflexively. His fingers slowly moved below the knot, teasingly playing with my pubic hair and the need for him to touch me surrounded me tighter than the ropes that held me in place.

He began slowly kissing down my body. “Tonight’s (kiss) my one (kiss) chance (kiss) to have you (kiss) and if (kiss) you’ll let me (kiss) I’ll have you (kiss) seeing God (kiss).” His words punctuated with white-hot kisses had me trembling by the time he got to my thighs. My jaw ached as I tried with all I could to keep from begging him to touch me. My breath caught in my throat as I felt the lightest trace of his fingers run up the length of my aching cock, slowly swirling around the tip, teasing me in the worst and most delightful way. “So, Tetsu, can I?” he asked, his voice heavy with want. I looked down at him. The sight of those eyes staring up at me, lustful and needy almost made me burst on sight.

“Take me to church, Koutarou.” I exhaled, not caring how desperate I sounded. All the air punched from me as he took me to the hilt, wrapping me in tight, wet, heat. I’d never felt anything so incredible in my life. As he worked me in all the divinest of ways, I slipped away into the gospel of Bokuto Koutarou.


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