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And Then There Were Four by KenKurosaki’sbunny24

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

(Art by SaiPaintsAstory)


Warning: smut, lemon, noncon

And Then There Were Four

by KenKurosaki’sbunny24

Chuuya glared at Dazai and Atsushi. Angry and put off, he tried to get out of the trap that they planted for him. The great Osamu Dazai, his former partner, disappeared from the Port Mafia 4 years ago and popped up at the Armed Detective Agency. Known for his ruthlessness, Chuuya couldn’t believe that he went good. “I can’t believe you abandoned your post to go good. You disgust me” He growled. Laughing sardonically, Dazai responded with an evil smirk “My dear sweet Chuuya, you have no clue.”

Atsushi smirked at Akutagawa, who he’d tied up on the bed naked. He couldn’t believe that he was able to catch the angry man off guard, especially since said man has been trying to kill him from the start. Atsushi was quite proud of his plan though, and it showed in the smirk he wore. Akutagawa looked anything but pleased at this very moment.

Angry at the weretiger and his mentor that abandoned him, Akutagawa was seething when he realized that he was captured. He and Chuuya were sent on a mission to capture Dazai and the weretiger, who were supposedly “alone” at the Detective agency office. Who would’ve thought that their mission was a trap set by none other than Osamu Dazai. Akutagawa’s anger and hatred grew to amounts unknown at this very moment, because he couldn’t use his Rashomon to get out. He figured this was Dazai’s doing.

“Dazai what is the meaning of this?!” Akutagawa demanded. He glanced at Chuuya, who was too busy glaring at Dazai to notice. Dazai’s smirk grew the more Chuuya glared, and Atsushi’s smirk morphed into an evil laugh. Stunned silent by the change in atmosphere, Chuuya and Akutagawa couldn’t help but stare in astonishment as both Dazai and Atsushi turned to each other, and shared a kiss. But this wasn’t just any kiss, this was a kiss that lovers shared before a night of wild, animalistic, rough sex.

Akutagawa became enraged when he saw Atsushi’s hand slowly slide down Dazai’s chest, to grab his dick. Never being able to be close enough to Dazai without repercussions, Akutagawa was never able to fulfill his dream of being fucked by Dazai. He knew how great Dazai was in bed, because Chuuya along with some of the rest of Dazai’s former men had vouched for his “sexpertise” so to speak. So to see Atsushi doing the one thing that he’s always wanted to do, caused an unknown amount of jealousy to claw to the tip of his tongue. But it wasn’t Akutagawa that said anything, it was Chuuya.

“YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!! How dare you do this to ME! In front of ME! You are the most disgusting human that I’ve ever met and when I get free, I am going to make sure that I slit your throat!” With that outburst, came a laugh. Pissed off and slightly horny(although he’d never admit it), Chuuya glared at Dazai and asked Atsushi a question.

“What’s in it for you to help him capture me weretiger? I know that you want something, I can grant you freedom and promise that the Port Mafia won’t hunt you if you let us go. Please” Chuuya pleaded. He didn’t intend on letting the weretiger live if he was freed, but he didn’t need to know that. Chuuya expected the weretiger to realize the error in his ways, and give in to his request. What he didn’t expect, was the response he got.

“What’s in it for me? That’s easy, I’ve already gotten what I wanted. Grant me my freedom? I’m already free. Would you like to know what I wanted? Since we’re being so generous and sharing things?” Atsushi asked. Pulling away from Dazai, he slowly walked over to Akutagawa. Bending down to his height, Atsushi smirked while asking Chuuya again.

"Would you like to know what I wanted for helping Dazai trap you?” Chuuya automatically became frantic and afraid when he saw Atsushi lean close to Akutagawa. “What if he wants us dead?” He thought. Although it may have been said aloud. “You’re worth more to me alive than dead Ch-uu-ya. So try again, and this time get it right. I don’t know how much longer Dazai can hold himself back.” Atsushi smirked. Chuuya was annoyed, but if anything he was more scared. Chuuya remembered Dazai from the Port Mafia, and Dazai of the Armed Detective Agency. But this Dazai looked completely unhinged, almost like he was hooked on an addictive drug and was willing to sacrifice anyone for his next fix. Chuuya realized then, that the Dazai in front of him was someone completely different.

Slowly, ever so slowly, Atsushi leaned closer and closer to Akutagawa’s face. And all Chuuya could do was watch, angry at himself for getting caught in such a mundane trap. Angry at Dazai and Atsushi for creating this trap, and scared. Scared that he'd lose Akutagawa and have to kill Dazai and the weretiger. Using his glare once again to hopefully scare the weretiger into freeing him, since he knew Dazai wouldn’t, Chuuya answered his earlier question.

“You wanted Dazai’s praise? No, Dazai praises you enough. Honestly, the amount of praise he gives you makes me sick. You already get his attention, so that can’t be it. You probably already fucked him, so that’s out of the question. I know! You want to be on top! And this is the only way that Dazai will let you be the top. That’s it, isn’t it? You want to dominate Dazai and he made you kidnap me and Akutagawa as part of your deal.” Chuuya felt smug. He’d figured their plan out and now it was over, or so he thought. He expected curses and angry yelling, but all he was met with was laughter. And not the kind of laughter that’s refreshing and cleansing, no it was the “how stupid are you you fucking idiot?” The “How dumb can you be, before you actually grow a brain” kind of laugh. And the more they laughed, the angrier Chuuya became.

“What’s so fucking funny asswipes?! I answered your damn questions, not let me fucking free!” He screamed. Atsushi bent back down in front of Akutagawa again, but responded to Chuuya in a smart tone.

“You answered my questions, but the answers were wrong. Now you’ve got to pay the price” And with that Dazai moved. With lightning fast movements, Chuuya was uncuffed for a second before his pants disappeared and his hands were holding soft curls. Looking down, Chuuya saw Dazai on his knees taking his 10 in cock into his mouth. Groaning and yanking, Chuuya tried to pull him off but it felt too good. The way he swirled his tongue around the head, and made a sucking sound turned Chuuya on to no avail. Too into the moment and forgetting where he was, Chuuya began to thrust into Dazai without a care in the world. He felt a feather like touch on his balls, and damn near came too soon.

Atsushi watched, fascinated with the scene unfolding in front of him, before turning back to Akutagawa. The man looked horrified and yet turned on at the same time. Atsushi used the man’s distraction to feel how big Akutagawa was. He slowly slid his hand up the man’s thigh, before he grabbed his very hard and very thick cock. Surprise and disdain appeared on Akutagawa’s face when he noticed a hand that didn’t belong to him, feeling him up. But he also started to feel something else, especially when that hand reached into his pants and started to stroke him nice and fast.

Turning to glare at the owner of the hand, he was rendered speechless when the hand removed itself from his cock. Angrier than ever now that he was turned on and being left hanging, Akutagawa opened his mouth to speak when his head was jerked back to Dazai and Chuuya.

“Don’t watch me, watch them. Every time you turn to me, I will remove myself from your dick. Even when you cum. So keep your eyes on them.” Torn between obeying the orders he was given and ignoring them and trying to kill Atsushi, Akutagawa glanced back to Dazai and Chuuya. But he did a double take when he noticed the positions had switched. Now it was Chuuya who was sucking Dazai off, while Dazai pulled his head closer and thrust erratically. Watching them was like being in a trance, he couldn’t stop even if he wanted to.

So it came as no surprise that, he felt movement on his dick a moment later. What did come as a surprise was the warm and wet feeling that surrounded his cock at the same moment Dazai bent him and Chuuya into the 69 position and swallowed his dick. There was a collective groan that came from 3 of the 4 men in the room. Atsushi was finally starting to enjoy himself, and pulled his dick out. Knowing that Akutagawa wouldn’t willingly suck him off, he stood up and grabbed the man’s arms to yank him up. He settled them into the 69 position the same way that Dazai and Chuuya were: Akutagawa on top, hun on the bottom. When Akutagawa saw what was in his face, he turned red with anger. Who did this weretiger think he was? He wasn’t about to suck him off, nor did he want the weretiger to suck him off. But Atsushi opened his mouth wide, and swallowed Akutagawa’s whole cock again.

Turned on like never before, and shocked that someone could take all of him without dying of suffocation, Akutagawa nearly screamed from the sweet relief he felt. But the scream turned muffled, because Dazai slammed his mouth onto Atsushi’s long, hard cock. In a battle to see who was bigger, Atsushi would win. His dick was well over 15 in and it was thick. Dazai would probably win second place because his dick size was closer to 14 in and Akutagawa would get third because his dick was at least 11 1/2- 12 inches. Chuuya was by far, the smallest dick in the room and he hated that.

Close to cumming, Dazai held Chuuya’s head down so he could swallow every last drop. Chuuya in turn, pushed his hips down deeper into Dazai’s mouth and came. After sucking up every last drop of his cum, Chuuya was shocked to feel Dazai’s tongue near his ass hole. Wiggling to get closer to it, he was surprised when Dazai pushed him off of his face. Chuuya turning to face Dazai, was shocked to see the man rearing to go again so soon. Wondering who was gonna get “The Great Dazai’s” dick this time, he was alarmed to know that it was his ass that was about to be fucked. Alarmed at the size of his dick, and the fact that he hadn’t had anal sex in 4 years, Chuuya begged him to reconsider.

“Dazai, what if I sucked you off again? Or maybe you can fuck Akutagawa? Anyone but me?” He pleaded, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. Dazai was pushing the head into his ass, and Chuuya felt the resistance trying to break. Throwing his head back and screaming, Chuuya’s mouth was suddenly stuffed. Looking up, Akutagawa’s dick was being pushed down his throat while Atsushi ate his ass.

“Akutagawa, your ass tastes like heaven, I wonder if it feels the same” said Atsushi. Yanking his dick, while eating ass always seems to turn him on. Once he had him wet enough, Atsushi stood up and bent Akutagawa over. Unsure of what was going on while he was in the throes of passion, Akutagawa suddenly felt a piercing pain, that paralyzed him. Jerking his hands to try to remove the thing causing him the pain, he ended up pulling Atsushi back into him.

“FUUUCCCKKKKKK Dazai! Why’d you never tell me his ass was so tight?

To Be Continued


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