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We are here to support talented women that want to be in the anime industry.  

We are here to provide a safe space for all women to discuss, and share their love for anime.

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Our Story

"Our mission is to create a global platform for all women who are aspiring to be in the anime industry."

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     Founded in 2020, Animeforwomen has been the new social website for women who love anime! The creator, Arianna Jones, is a passionate woman from Maryland who loves anime and has been watching it since childhood. During the 2020 pandemic she decided to create a group on Facebook that allowed women to have a safe space to communicate as well as share their love for anime. ​


     Soon after its creation, Arianna realized that many women were not only into anime, but also passionate about creating anime related content. Women from all over the world were creating stories, designing original characters, drawing their own manga, and writing their on fan fictions; Arianna realized that she needed to welcome these women into the Animeforwomen community.


     Anime and its related content is traditionally rooted in Japan; the goal of Animeforwomen is to highlight talented women from around the world in order to provide them an opportunity to feature their work, work that may get overlooked or unnoticed under ordinary circumstances. Empowering women content creators is the ultimate mission of Animeforwomen.

How it will be done...


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We use our growing platform to display innovative stories, art, and cosplay to the world! 

Here are a few of the countries that has either joined or visited us..

  • Germany

  • Spain

  • Greece

  • France

  • United States 

Just think someone across the world can be your biggest fan!

Let's build up this community so we all can make a huge difference in each other's lives.

Even $1 helps us to keep this site going

Thank you in advance.







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