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The Perfect Night by Shy_Reader27

Updated: Feb 28, 2023


Warning: fluff

The Perfect Night

by Shy_Reader27

"Tonight is gonna be perfect." Taishiro told himself as he was setting up for his valentine's date. He has spent hours making sure that this night will be the best night for his darling. A vase full of red and pink carnations sat at the center of the dinner table. Tuscan butter shrimp with rice on the side were nice and hot on the stove. The wine in the fridge is being chilled to perfection beside the tray of chocolate covered strawberries (homemade chocolate by the way). All were his wife's favorite things.

Taishiro cleaned himself up as well. At least he thought so. A simple light blue button down shirt fitted well over his large frame. Dark grey trousers and matching suit jacket completed the outfit. His blonde curls are swept back; and his face is clear of any stubble. Now usually Taishiro would be fine in just a t-shirt with either sweatpants or old jeans. However he wanted to dress extra special for his extra special lady. "She should be coming home from work anytime now," the BMI hero thought to himself.

As soon as the thought passes through his head, the door to their home begins to open. The burly man rushes to the door to greet his love with a giant smile. That smile slowly fades when he sees the condition his wife was in. Her plump pouty lips were pressed tightly together. Back hunched forward as she wraps her arms around her torso. Taishiro's wife is in pain; and he's ready to kill the person who caused it.

The hefty hero immediately scooped up his spouse and cradles her in his arms. Her twist braids hide her face as she groans in discomfort. Taishiro swipes her hair away to get a better look at her beautiful brown face. The large hero can handle a lot of stressful situations; it comes with the job. But seeing his bride suffer in any type of way and he's ready to raise hell.

"Who hurt you baby?" Fatgum asked worried. "I swear honey I'm gonna find the punk who did this and make 'em pay."

"Well I guess my uterus owes you money cause I'm cramping real bad right now." Taishiro's beloved spoke through gritted teeth.

Fatgum blinked a few times before he responded, "Oh...damn I'm sorry babe. I just saw ya in pain and I was ready to turn villian." He carries his darling wife over to the couch and lays her down. "Do you have enough pads sweetheart? Anything I can get ya to make it better?" He knows her time of the month is never easy; it's mostly bad cramps and extreme fatigue.

"I just need ibuprofen babe." She replied looking onto him. She does her best to put on a brave face. She doesn't want her giant husband to worry too much.

Taishiro goes to the medicine cabinet in their restroom and grabs three of the liquid gels. Then he goes to the kitchen to fill a cup with water. Taishiro returns to the couch as his darling sits up to receive the goods. After his wife swallows the pills with the help of her water, Taishiro places a loving kiss onto her melanin forehead.

"Thanks Tai." She gives her man a grateful smile and wraps her arms around his wide frame. Her arms can barely reach his sides with how big he is.

"Anytime sweetie." Taishiro responded by rubbing her back in soothing circles. She starts whine in pleasure when Taishiro leans her back onto the couch. "Hold on baby we still need to have dinner while it's still hot." His wife pouts her plush lips to rebel but quickly yields. "It'll be worth it babe I promise," he then gives one more admiring look into her carnelian eyes before he goes to the kitchen.

He returns later with two bowls filled with the delicious dinner and places them on the coffee table. The smell of shrimp, garlic, and tomatoes fills his spouse's cute broad nose. He then leaves to fetch the wine and two glasses. After that he grabs the homemade chocolate covered strawberries and lays out the wonderful spread. Lastly he takes the vase full of flowers and places them on the side of the table so it doesn't get in the way of the food.

His better half beams. "This all looks so good Tai," she says in amazement. "I can't believe you did all of this; and you look nice too." The compliment and the dazzling warm bronze glow of her cheeks almost takes his breath away.

Taishiro blushes bashfully. "Well I wanted to do something special for my sweet valentine today." He sits next to her and they begin to dig into their meal. After dinner was eaten and wine glasses empty, all that was left were the strawberries.

"That was so delicious hun," says his bride, "I'm feeling a lot better now too." She leans against his massive figure, sighing in contentment.

The BMI hero smiles down at his ebony beauty. "I'm glad I could help." He tilts her head up gently and places a doting kiss on her full lips. One kiss turns into another. Then his cherished love climbs onto his lap and begins to deepen their lip lock. Taishiro wraps his arms around her torso and slides his tongue against her lips. His wife accepts him eagerly enhancing their embrace.

Moans and groans could be heard between both of them. Lips and tounges slip against each other. Hands glide and caresses each other's bodies. Taishiro couldn't get enough of those luscious lips. He holds his dearest tighter and pushes her hips closer down to his. She whimpers at the feeling of his growing shaft against her core.

His wife pulls away after one more kiss with a dismal expression on her features. "Why did I have to start my period? I'm always crampy and heavy the first two days."

The brawny man couldn't help but chuckle. "It's ok honey bear. I know you'll be too uncomfortable if we went further."

"I hate my body right now. Why do I gotta be punished every month just cause I don't want my body to be a constant incubator?" Fatgum's beloved says in a pouty tone.

Taishiro laughs even harder. "Well I could help with that but that'll only last about nine months." His sweetheart snickers and smacks his chest playfully. "OK fine not right now. But would some chocolate covered strawberries cheer ya up? I made the chocolate myself."

The adorable brown skinned woman puts her finger to her lips pretending to be in deep thought. "I guess, but you have to cuddle with me too." Her husband gives her a charming smile. "You got yourself a deal sweetness." She gets off his lap as he grabs the tray of the sweet dessert.

The massive man leans further into the couch. His lover lies on top of his cushiony build and sighs comfortably. He picks up a strawberry and places it in front of her mouth. She takes a bite and smiles. She grabs a berry and puts it to her hubby's lips. He bites down and sighs in delight. The pattern continues until the tray is empty.

After everything was consumed, they settle back down cuddling each other just enjoying the moment. Taishiro grazes his fingers tenderly against his wife's scalp. "I love you so much baby. Did you enjoy your valentine's date?"

The melanin beauty squeezes his abundant thighs affectionately. "I love you too gummy bear. Tonight's been wonderful." She groans pleasantly and leans closer into his soothing touch.

The big man sighs contently feeling proud of himself.


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