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Love Knocking On Heaven's Door by ADJ

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

(Art by ADJ)


Warning: smut, lemon, bondage

Love Knocking On Heaven's Door

by ADJ

In the Bizarre town Morriah,the month for Love. At angelo’s stone where lovers meet, Koichi waits for the arrival of his love but stumbles upon someone else first. “Oh Rohan Sensei, are you here to meet your lover?”

Rohan gives Kochi a look of disgust. “Why would I waste my time on something called love, let alone a lover?”

Koichi laughs nervously . “Well everyone has a chance to find love” Rohan proceeds to review his pictures ignoring the remark Koichi made.

“Koichi Kun do you know who this is?” Koichi takes a look at the photo. “Oh I think it's Mikitaka” Only one question comes to Rohan’s mind. “Is he a stand user?” Koichi thought before relaying to the information shared to him by Josuke and Okuyasu.

“I believe he is, but also could be an alien” Rohan replied quickly as he heard the word “Alien? What idiot told you he was an alien? I bet it was that no good Josuke. Haha only he would believe something that dumb” Koichi 's face gave away his answer. “Ha idiot,” Rohan continued while looking at the slides of pictures on his camera.

He starts to notice the alien references on his uniform, the brightly green color of his eyes, and pointy ears. Now Rohan has more questions.

“Hey Koi……” Just as Rohan wanted to question this more, Koichi's lover appears. “ Hey Yukako over here , are you ready for lunch?”

“Oi Koichi kun!” Rohan wanted to ask one more important question, where can he find this “Alien” . ‘I'll just use my Heaven’s door on him and prove that idiot Josuke wrong’.

“Oh Rohan sensei here”. Koichi hands Rohan a flier before he could get his question out. (LOVE FOR FOOD 2/7-2/14’. Valentine's day dinner and breakfast specials at Tonio's). A week leading up to the special day. “Try to enjoy a day of love sensei” Rohan thought of discarding the invitation “Love….. tch”.

Growl…. Later that day Rohan is struggling to start his new manga. “Shit! I can’t think straight today. Why is this bothering me? I know this can't be true, but I can't be naive. We did see ghosts.” Rohan's mind wanders, he looks at the invitation to the restaurant. “Haa. I should get something to eat maybe it’ll help”

Rohan enters the restaurant.Everyone is having fun eating and making jokes. Josuke and Okuyasu are being loud at the table with their cat-like plant. Koichi is being fed by Yukoko and Fugami is surrounded by groupies at a full table. Someone familiar in the corner looking at a magazine catches Rohan’s eye.

“Ahh!….. There he is”. Rohan starts to rush to him but remembers who was there. ‘I can't use my stand on him here, I'll have to get him alone. The others will think I'm attacking him.

He slowly approaches the table and proceeds to sit without greeting him. ‘Tch Alien besides the ears he looks normal to me’.

“Hello, will you be joining me for dinner? I have not ordered yet, because the chef said it's hard to read me so he’ll bring a good suggestion.” Mikittaka greets him first.

Stunned by the vivid green eyes Rohan gets tongue tied, he averts his eyes and notices the magazine he was reading (You n I On Valentines Day).

“Whatever. There aren't many places to sit.” Rohan sneers but Mikitaka looks and notices an empty table. Now Mikitaka is wondering who he is.

“Good evening Rohan sensei” Tonio approaches to take his order.

After dinner Mikitaka gets up to leave the table, picking up a bag with a heart on it.

“Oi!” ‘I can't let him leave without finding out the truth’ Rohan follows him. But Mikitaka's pace speeds up. “Oi! Wait!”

As Rohan notices he’s running from him, before he could get further he grabs his arm, making him drop his magazine. “HEAVEN’S DOOR!”. Mikitaka stops before preparing his feet to run away.

‘What it didn’t work, is he not impressed with me? Has he not seen my work?’ Rohan has only gotten this reaction from one other person, Josuke.

“ I knew it, you're as weird as they say. As soon as I heard the name ‘Rohan’ I knew to be cautious of Rohan sensei.” Rohan was so focused on the fact that his stand didn't work he ignored his defensive statement.

‘Why is it not working?’

“Oi dont you know who I am? The Great Mangaka Rohan Kishibe?” The atmosphere grew silent as Mikitaka was more confused ‘Should I know him?’.

“I’m only aware that Rohan isn’t a good human.” The statement regained Rohan’s attention “What?! Who told you that?” Mikitaka stepped back before answering

“Well Rohan sensei tried to harm small Koichi and Okuyasu, and although Josuke is also not an excellent human as we tried to deceive Rohan sensei before”

“What was that?!”

“He is said to be a ‘rude ungrateful asshole Mangaka’. Now I wasn't sure what asshole meant , so as I asked. I was informed it was not a good name.”

What the hell did that jerk say?’ Rohan thought about going back into the restaurant to confront Josuke himself, but quickly remembers none of their encounters goes well for him.

Sigh…… “It's not what it seems, I'm not going to harm you , I just have questions for you” Remembering the real issue at hand, his stand doesn't work.

Mikitaka gathers his belongings still on defense. “Well ok , what is Rohan sensei’s question?” The vivid green eyes made Rohan lost in curiosity

“Are you an alien?”

Define Cute

“Yes I am what is referred to as a space alien.Nu Mikitakazo Nshi” Mikitaka said with confidence.

Rohan grew tired of him. ‘This guy is just another stand user. If he knows Josuke he’s probably just as much of an idiot as he is.’ Tch…… Rohan walks away with an annoyed face.

“Wait …… Um” Mikitaka looks down at his magazine. “I was told Rohan is a smart artist, does he know of the feeling of Love? I would like to get a better understanding. As the others are teenagers and have minimum understanding. I am of older age and have not experienced this human emotion.”

Rohan recalls what Koichi told him at the lovers rock just the day before. ‘Everyone has a chance to find love.’ The voice echoed in his head like a tone every time the word was mentioned.

Rohan turns to look at the bright green eyes “Even if I did, why would I tell someone as delusional as you. I will find a way to exploit your secret!” Still upset that his stand didn't work, Rohan leaves angrily. “I’ll find out for myself.”

Mikitaka watches Rohan disappear with more questions about him. He heads back inside to ask around. He didn't know what kind of person Rohan was other than what Josuke had told him so maybe he should ask someone else. What Josuke has said so far has been true. Recalling the moment he was held by Rohan’s soft hands was the only memory he had of him, but even that was a bad encounter.

“Maybe I should ask the chef or little Koichi. Although Josuke is a reliable friend, he seems to get into a bit of trouble himself. So maybe his words aren’t completely true.”

The next morning Rohan is watching Mikitaka from afar. He has done this with his camera before, because his attempt to watch him go home last night failed. Now he has to be extra careful.

Last night he spotted me and asked why I was following him. Those eyes were like fireflies in the darkness’. “Where’s he going this time? A clothing store? Is he shopping?”

30 minutes later, Rohan went to a nearby cafe while keeping an eye out for when Mikitaka came out of the store. ‘I have never been there, all my clothes are ordered from high end designers. What could he be buying More fake“alien” costumes ? Ha!?

Rohan averts his eyes to reach for his camera. The moment he returns his eyes , Mikitaka is standing in front of him.

Aaaaahhhh!!! “Where the hell did you come from?!” Rohan was so frightened his reaction to spilling his tea was delayed. “Ahhh shit that burns!”.

“Ah….Rohan sensei let me help”. Mikitaka reaches into his bag and pulls out a towel and burns ointment.

Rohan wipes his pants off while Mikitaka helps. ‘This is so embarrassing, get yourself together’. As he finishes helping wipe the hot tea, Mikitaka reaches for Rohan’s belt.

“Oi what are you doing?”

“Well Rohan has burns, no? I will apply medication for healing.” Rohan's face turns red as he quickly grabs his hands to stop him.

“It doesn't hurt, I'm ok” . Mikitaka lets go and notices Rohan has started to blush.

“Hmm…. If I recall my books, this human behavior is to express shyness or embarrassment’ “Ah! Rohan sensei is shy because of me. Rohan sensei follows me from afar because he is shy!”

“Hell no, what are you talking about?!” Rohan sensei is confused by this sudden statement. He became even more embarrassed because he realized he was unintentionally informed he knew of his presence the whole time.

“They also say the shy will deny being shy, Rohan sensei is cute” smile hehe.

“Baka! Men aren’t cute, they’re handsome!”

“ Ho….Rohan sensei is by definition handsome, I also find Rohan cute”. Rohan looked at him with annoyed eyes but Mikitaka only smiled.

‘What’s this idiot saying? Wait, I can use this opportunity to get him to admire me, then my stand will work.’

“Well I will be leaving, I want to understand this human celebration, so I must do more research. Ah! Will I be seeing Rohan sensei again tomorrow? Rohan does not have to hide if we just plan to meet, no?” When Mkiktaka’s questions were answered with a look of disappointment he turned to leave.

Dammit he’s leaving again, say something’ “ Wait, I can help you !”


“What did you say your name was again?” ‘If I recall it was something difficult as hell.

“ My name is Nu Mikitakazo Nshi, others name me Mikitaka.”

“Fine Nu-Mi lets go, it's getting dark. My house isn't far” Rohan turns to lead the way to his home.

Mikitaka smiled as he followed. ‘Hmm…a nickname , Rohan really is cute’.

It's Ok To Like Me

“Ok so what is it that you're concerned about? Love is just a way to express how you really like someone” Rohan agreed to teach Mikitaka about the concept of love just to prove he’s intriguing. Maybe his stand will work on him.

Mikitaka was only focused on Rohan. After he has expressed that Rohan is by his understanding ‘cute’ he hasn't really taken his eyes off him.

“Rohan sensei, is liking someone the same as loving someone? The book said someone can grow to be loved from being liked but Rohan is saying as if it's the same?” These questions honestly irked Rohan but he had to answer.

“Yes, when you express you like someone, that person can grow to love them if the other also likes them, and they spend a lot of time together. “

“ So does Rohan like me um…Nu-Mi?” Mikitaka asked with a blank expression showing sincerity of his question.

“What! Why’d you ask that?!” Rohan reacted to answer the question. He quickly realized the person he responded to didn't understand gender boundaries when liking someone.

“ Hey Nu-Mi, male humans liking each other is discouraged and very critical”

“Uh why? Are some humans not allowed to be loved?” Mikitaka was confused about the way humans loved, but now even more confused at why Rohan is not allowed to like him.

“It's not like that ok listen, there are some that do not care for the same gender love rule , it’s just unacceptable to most humans.” Rohan averts his eyes as he explains why the world works this way.

“ Does Rohan think it's bad to like me because I look like a male human?” Rohan turned to him. His ears are flushed , as the question of him liking him is repeated. ‘I can't upset him, he’ll leave’.

“No, I’ve read many stories of same sex gender relationships so I dont think it's bad. When you like someone, you like someone.”

“Oh Rohan is ok with liking me, he's cute” smile . “I would like to read those stories as well. I hope Rohan will show me one day. Rohan quickly turns to reply to his statement.

Mikitaka is rummaging around in his bag.

What is he looking for? Although I still don't trust that he’s an alien I don't trust that bag.

“What about this kind of love?” Mikitaka pulls out a piece of lingerie and holds it up to Rohan. Looking at the magazine he reads (It's nice to steam up your Valentine's day with this sexy number), will Rohan show me what this means?”

Rohan shakes his head. “ Those are for women! Men don't wear that!”

Mikitaka looked at Rohan puzzled. “ Well Josuke explained that only the pretty and sexy males as himself will wear it and it looks nice enough to even have the attention of female humans.”

Rohan cringed. Hearing Josuke’s name is annoying but to refer to himself as pretty was even more annoying.

“Fine, I'll prove I can be just as sexy , by the way this is not common for male humans. Josuke is overly flamboyant, it's weird you hear me!”

Before Rohan gets up to go change Mikitaka stops him to ask a question “Rohan sensei, what does sexy mean?”

“Haaah……Look it up, I'll be right back ok.”

Five minutes later Rohan returns in his outfit.

“ Yes Rohan is by definition very sexy” Mikitaka looks at Rohan with lustful eyes.

As soon as Rohan looks up he notices Mikitaka has also changed into a mask with an open dark silk robe tie and pants.

“Wait, what is this? What are you doing in that ?!” Rohan is grabbed by the waist.

Click. Handcuffs are placed on his wrist.

“Oi what's this ? You can't just do this!”

“ The book says to be direct, to assert dominance and to use the fuzzy cuffs to restrict movements. “ As he uses the other hand to read directly from the BDSM book he also had in his bag.

Rohan gets more flustered. ‘What is happening here? Am I about to get what they say in BL mangas eaten? Oh no am I a uke? Shit why am I reacting to this?

Mikitaka looks at the red Rohan in the eyes. “Should we start the play?” He reaches for Rohan’s headband and pulls it down or his eyes.

OI!!!!! Rohan is regretting his decision to exploit this person.

I won't say It

“Oi! Oi! Oi!..... W….wait a second, I can't see" ! Rohan starts to panic upon this surprising behavior. ' I didn't expect this from him, I just thought he was going along with everything. I underestimated his inquisitiveness '.

"Oh I'm sorry Rohan, I forgot the safe word. Excuse me.” Grin

Rohan couldn't see his face, now he knows not to take him lightly.

"Oi what are you doing now ?! Uncover my eyes!"

"Shall we make a safe word for Rohan Sensei?" 'A safe word? , What is he planning to do to me?'

"Nu-Mi, this is a bit much just uncuff me ok , I'll explain later." Rohan hoped his words would stop this behavior not because it was unusual but because he himself is starting to react.

"Is Rohan given up? I read that the safe word is another way to give up or admit defeat. So should it be hmm….. Oh…. I lose". This made Rohan a little upset, basically being called a loser.

" Huh…. Forget it, forget the safe word but…" swish slap " uuuugh….what the hell did you do! ha ha.” The pain sent shivers up his body. Not being able to see made the surprise factor even more exciting.

"I've turned my hand into what's referred to as a whip. It seems that Rohan is what I learned the humans say is, erect

. Although he can't see for himself Rohan felt himself making the lingerie wet. His whole body was flushed red.'What is this reaction? Am I a masochist?'

"Hey stop reading those books, you sound weird."

"But Rohan likes it, no?"

Swish smack "hng..ha ha" Mikitaka smiles as Rohan's erection drips with every swing . He notices the change in color , leans in and nibbles his ear. Kiss kiss

"Oi haa… haa… ngh… What are you doing?" Rohan's senses were so high anything would set him off. " Don't tell me this is also something you read ?"


"Well Rohan is sexy and it says it's ok to bite lightly." Grab "I should also rub this to help Rohan no? You are erected but nothing is coming out yet, am I doing it right?"

Mm…Rohan bites his lip at this movement, nngh….. haa. 'He knows too much but at the same time not enough. Wait, why is he quiet now?.

Jolt Ah!... Mikitaka rubs Rohan's rim with warm liquid while his thumb rubs his tip. Hnnngh….. '' I underestimated him again.’

"Oi you don't know what your doing Nu-Mi, just stop here"

"But Rohan isn't what is known as ejaculation yet, so he is suffering. no?" Rohan bit his lip at the gestures and words 'You got that right, but why does this feel so good.' "If Rohan would like me to stop , he can say safe word."

Haaa mmm "I…I won't say it, aaahhh" At the end of his sentence Mikitaka fingers are shaped into a toy used to help find the male prostate.

"This should help Rohan sensei.” lick

Ah! 'Fuck… why isn't he moving it? Does he not know about that?'

"Nu…Mi you have to move it in and out uuugh". Mikitaka starts moving his toy-like hand "shall I make it bigger?" The toy slightly grew inside while moving."Ahhh Nu…Nu-Mi I'm gonna cum….hngh aaah."

"Come?" Mikitaka was confused but Rohan was in no position to answer his question. "It….it's huh aah mmm "

As Rohan began to sweat his headband slid down off his eyes and he turned to look at Mikitaka.

Those eyes are just so…. 'Rohan pulls Mikitaka by his tie, Kiss….. With the exchange of tongues it brought Rohan to his climax.

"Hnngh…. haa… nnnnggg…. haaa…. haaa" 'Fuck that's so embarrassing ' Rohan's knees give in as he almost drops to the floor but is caught in Mikitaka's arms.

"Rohan has made a sticky mess on my hand….”


"Oi don't lick that !"

Jealousy Is Not On The Menu

The next morning at Tonio’s special Love Week breakfast Rohan is sipping coffee thinking about last night's events.

‘How could I let such things happen? I can still remember the look on his face. Wait, was he also aroused? Do aliens get up? What the hell am I thinking he’s not an alien.

It was like Rohan’s thoughts had called out to Mikitaka as he appeared right in front of him. “Good Morning Rohan sensei , is your coffee good ? Did you order the special breakfast? “

“Oi Nu-Mi , one question at a time.” Mikitaka just smiled as he took his seat next to him. As he assumed, Rohan saved the seat for him.

Rohan notices he places a small bag filled with candies and cards on the floor. “What's this, more research?”

“Even if I don't understand the holiday myself, the female humans at the school I attend give me these.”

Budump budump…. Rohan sits up after he hears this. ‘I wasn't aware of his popularity’. “So do you give gifts to them as well?” ‘What the hell is wrong with me why should I care.’

“Well I cannot gift for a holiday I do not fully understand” Smile

“Right, speaking of understanding. La….last night how come you didn’t need to be relieved?” Rohan turned red as he was forced away to ask this question.

“Relieved? I don’t understand, is Rohan shy about last night?”

“Well… relieved is what you did to me umm… ‘whispers’… cum.”

“Oh umm well…. That kind of love didn’t really appeal to me, but Rohan was very sexy and cute hehehe…. “ Rohan was so embarrassed he didn't know where to look. ‘ Now how can I even look at him…huh

Rohan's eyes wondered before he started to look at the bag full of gifts again. “So how many do you have in there anyway?”

“Oh, is Rohan sensei interested? Would you like to share the candies?” Rohan was upset by this question but didn't understand why. “Huh Nu-Mi you shouldn't share gifts with others” ‘Why did I even ask, what's wrong with me today?

“Oh! Look , Rohan sensei this card has candy on it, shall I read it? ( Mikitaka kun your eyes are as beautiful as the stars, and just like the stars I get lost in them…😘). Wow female humans really seem to find my eyes very observant”

What?!’... Rohan began to get an unfamiliar feeling “How often do you get compliments on your eyes?” ‘Of course he would get compliments. Those things are so literally out of this world.

Budump….‘Ah what's in this coffee, why is my heart beating so fast?’

“Chef, what's in your coffee this morning? My heart is beating like crazy” ‘I feel hot’.

Tonio looks at Mikitaka reading letters and cards then back at Rohan who is now red.

“I'm sorry Rohan sensei, my food does not cause nor cure “jealousy”.

“What! Who's jealous?”

“Oh I think I'm familiar with that human emotion, feeling or showing suspicion of someone's unfaithfulness in a relationship correct? Am I suspicious , Rohan sensei? Oh Rohan sensei’s being cute again?” Hehe

What does he mean? He's been suspicious since I met him, I need to end this today’ “Huh no, Nu-Mi lets just go I have something to show you “

Once I show him how I work there’s no way my heaven’s door won't work.’ Rohan gets up to proceed out the door.

“I also have something for Rohan sensei“. Mikitaka says with a suspicious smile.

My Life In Your Hands

Back at Rohan’s house, Rohan invites Mikitaka in for the second time this week. Feeling a little embarrassed because less than 24 hours ago they were doing something that is referred to as illegal.

“Come to my studio room I want to show you something” ‘I tried harder than I usually do. He’d better be fascinated.’

“Wait Rohan sensei I want to give you something “ Mikitaka reaches in his bag but the moment he reaches Rohan takes guard.

“Oi what are you pulling out this time?, Blush We….we can try the same as last night but you have to enjoy it too.” Rohan turned red when he realized what he had said. ‘That's it, I'm going crazy, stop smiling at me like that.

Hehe “Rohan sensei is cute” Mikitaka then holds out a book as big as a mini treasure chest covered in beautiful stones and rimmed with gold. “This is for you”.

“Is this gold? What is this? A book?”

“ Rohan sensei’s stand is to read people like a book, no? I cannot see others stands so Rohan sensei’s stand will not work no matter how hard he tries. So I'm giving you my journal. My life story is now in your hands, as you wanted. Now Rohan can decide if he likes me or wants to know if I'm an alien. I think I understand this human emotion and I like Rohan sensei. I want him to like me for me.”

Rohan was so stunned by the words and even more the meaning of this gift. His body moved on its own. Dropping the heavy rare jeweled gift.

All he wanted to do at that moment was…. kiss kiss “Nu-Mi I like you too.”

In the shower the water drips on their bodies. Rohan asks “Would you like to feel good?” 'Although I never thought I'd be doing this to anyone, let alone a man. Or even an alien, but I want him to understand real experience's'.

Mikitaka just gives him eyes of approval as Rohan slides his hands down his wet body. Eye to eye with Mikitaka 's erection 'it's huge'.

"Oi you're not expanding this with your powers are you?" Unsure what the question is, he could only think of one reply. " I have become erect because I like Rohan Sensei " .

Rohan gets flustered at the response. He averts his eyes back to the situation in front of him 'those eyes are not fair'. Rohan takes a hold of Mikitaka's member slowly stroking it.

Ah!..... a small moan is let out . Rohan took this as permission to proceed. Moving his head closer, he kisses the pale member preparing to take it in. Upon tasting it 'mmmh why does it taste surprisingly sweet, like a lollipop?’

"Mmm… aaah…" Slurp. The sounds echoed through the shower as Rohan sped up due to the unbelievably sweet taste he'd forgotten what he was doing and continued as if his member was candy.

Slurp… Suck… Lick…..mmmh" Ah… 'it tastes so sweet'

"Ah! Uh" Rohan sensei, this feels strange. I'm feeling something very strange uuhhh!" Ignoring Mikitaka's voice he continued 'even the pre-cum taste like a desert feeling ' Mmmm….. lick suck

"Ha R…Rohan sen…sei….sto…stop nggh wait!" As Rohan's attention was focused Mikitaka couldn't hold it anymore.

"Ah! It's…it's sparkling. Why ?" Rohan looks up at Mikitaka for an explanation but averts his eyes to wipe what's left that didn't land in his mouth. ‘That was even sweeter, he’s definitely an alien.

Rohan lays on his back in bed . "Wait, what are you doing?" As he felt his legs spread, his body temperature rose with uncertainty.

"Well when Rohan eats my erection it feels good , so I want him to feel good as well". With panic from the word 'eats' he stops him. "Wait I didn't eat anything I just licked and sucked it ok don't bite me."

The warm tongue touches Rohan's hard member "Ah….shit" . Mikitaka looks up to confirm"is this good?" Mmmh "how do you know how to do this?”

Mikitaka starts to repeat the motions he felt in the shower…..”Ahhh hng….” ‘damn it I came faster than him, maybe I am a uke’.

Mikitaka comes up with a smile while licking his lips.

“Don't say anything” Rohan gave him a stern look with a face of embarrassment. “Haha….. Rohan sensei is cute , I really like him”.

🥰Happy Valentines Day🌈

Rohan’s body moved before his head. Grabbing Mikitaka and pushing him down onto the bed. ‘If I'm going to be a bottom , at least let me be in control. I guess reading BL Manga here and there has helped me learn what to do.

The room grew quiet as Rohan tried to remember how to start what he was about to do. “Rohan, what's wrong? Do you not like it?”

The quiet atmosphere gave Mikitaka a unsure feeling. “ I uh…i'm not experienced with this either, so just give me a moment”. The room grew quiet again as Mikitaka was confused. “I thought Rohan sensei knew of these things”

Rohan heats up inside and it shows because he turns red with embarrassment. “Shut up o….ok”

Mikitaka grabs Rohan and Kisses his lips mmmh…… slurp. As their tongues battle each other Rohan begins to relax but gets hotter.

“Mmmm….. give me your hand.” Slurp. After he wets Mikitaka fingers with his tongue, he redirects it inside of him. Upon impact Mikitaka changes his fingers into a sex toy.

“Aaaaahhh!! Nnngh Nu….Mi” The sudden sounds alerted Mikitaka to stop. “I'm sorry should I stop” At this point Rohan is enjoying it. “Ngh…. no, just warn me next time.”

Mikitaka starts moving his hands that are shaped as a male sex toy while Rohan moans in pleasure. “Rohan, should I stop? Are you going to come from your erection again?”

Hearing his voice made Rohan snap back into focus. “Haa no I should let us both enjoy this right smile” Rohan begins to position himself on Mikitaka’s lap ‘it's so big’.


“Haaa nngg” ‘ it’s much bigger than what he made with his hand’. “Rohan feels so warm ” Thrust!

“Aaah Nu-Mi wa….wait” thrust thrust fwop smack. “Haaa uuuh hnng , sl….slow down huhh '' The hands that gently held his waist became a tight grip.

“ Mmmm uhh ahh Rohan sensei feels so good , even better than Rohan’s lips.

Thrust.. thrust… smack… fwop “Ah.. Ah.. Ah.. fuu…fuuuck Nu-Mi is so big, I think i'm gonna come”

Before he knows it, Rohan is on his back. ‘What is this’ “What are you doing haaa haa”.

“ When Rohan comes from his erection ,things will be over. I don't want that” . Mikitaka removes the hair bind holding his hair up and places it on Rohan's tip. “I also got a ring band from sexy magazine shop. I was keeping it because it was helpful for my hair but Rohan needs it more.”

The most surprised look came upon Rohan’s face ‘wait was he wearing a dick ring this whole time, but wait he’s putting it on me’. “Oi! Don't put that on me I was close "

"And that's why Rohan needs it. Rohan comes too quickly” Mikitaka continued.

“OI wait ! “ As Rohan reaches to stop him , Mikitaka turns his other hand into rope and ties Rohan’s hands together. “Ah what are you doing Nu-Mi, stop it”

Mikitaka leans forward and whispers in his ear. “Say safe word. Rohan sensei, as we are both aware Rohan sensei gets really erected from this” Rohan’s face turns red as he gives in

“I'll never say the safe word. Mikitaka smiles “Rohan sensei is so cute”

Flip Wait…..wait a second Nu-Mi if you do this position i’ll really…….aahhhhhh

Pound….smack… thrust thrust….

Rohan closed his eyes, biting his lips trying to control his voice. ‘Damn he’s so good at knowing how to do something he doesn't know how to do’ . “Hnng sl…oow down” ‘I wanna come, I think I might pass out’.

Mmmm nnnngh Ro…Rohan sense…. I feel weird again. Haaaa….. smack smack

‘Fuck….. then release me’ Uuugh Nu…..Nu-Mi your coming, take this off me we’ll come together.

As instructed Mikitaka lifted Rohan to his knees. His pace sped up and at this point Rohan could no longer keep quiet.

Pound Haaaa…….ooohh… nnnngh!!! Nuuu_Miii!

Mikitaka slid his hands across Rohan’s body guiding them down, Mmm…..

Rohan’s body sensitivity was so high, even Mikitaka’s hands could set him off.

Grab. Mikitaka grabs Rohan’s member, giving it a few strokes before yanking off the tight elastic band.

Aaaahhhh…....Squirt…. Rohan released a stream of warm liquid, at the same time he saw sparkly warm liquid coming down his legs from behind.

Ah!.... Rohan sensei, the condom broke again.

Oi!!...’Damn now my ass and bed will be filled with glitter for months’.

Valentine's Day Tonio’s. Mikitaka and Rohan walk hand in hand. “We could have just stayed in and cooked or something”

Tonio approves them “Good evening your reservation for two is ready”

Reservation? When did he make a reservation, we'd only just met earlier this week’.

“Right this way” Tonio led the way to the specially reserved table. Afraid of judgment, Rohan quickly let go of Mikitaka’s hand. In return he just got a questionable look followed by a sigh.

In the restaurant Josuke and Okyasu are acting drunk because they think their drinks they ordered are the special ‘Love On The Rocks’ .

Tonio just whispered to them “They have been given non alcoholic drinks all night hehe”. Rohan looks with a stern expression “idiots.” Mikitaka lets out a chuckle . At the corner table Yukako is calling for Tonio for the 3rd time of the night to complain that koichi's pasta isn't heart shaped as she requested.

“Would you like today's special?” Tonio smiled at the two. “Yes, we would like today's special meal and the dessert I ordered. Tonio nodded and headed towards Yukako before going to the kitchen.

“When did you make a reservation and pre-order dessert?” This question has been on his mind since they arrived. “Well it was nice eating with Rohan sensei and I assumed you wouldn't have anyone to eat with so I made a reservation for another seat just encase Rohan got hungry, smile”

‘If I didn't spend an entire week with him I'd believe what he’s saying, it's the truth but not the whole truth oh well i guess he’ll tell me when he’s ready’.

Dinner is served with Italian pasta with vegetables cut into hearts and arrows. Served with bright red drinks in glasses with half hearts on them. “This drink is (‘Hearts that are lost) This Drink is (Hearts That Are Seeking). ‘Seriously, when did he have time to prepare all this?’

After dinner, dessert is brought out . It's a cookie in the shape of a heart of course but the words on the top is what sends Rohan into a blushing shock. (To the one I like, Happy Valentine's Day Rohan Sensei)’. “Wait, what's this? You said you got the reservation on impulse.”

Smile “When Rohan followed me I thought he already liked me so , I already began to like him as well. Even though I don't think humans normally like aliens”

“Oi !” Rohan cut him off, but all he could do was accept his gift with a smile. “Yes… Well Happy Valentines Day Nu-Mi” Rohan leans in and pulls up the special reservation card to cover their faces before giving him a single kiss.

Reserved For :

Love Knocking On Heaven’s Door


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