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Bloody Love by Shiningbind

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

(Art by Shannon)


Warnings: violence, blood, noncon

Bloody Love

by Shiningbind

Chapter 1

It was a full moon out tonight, and to Sayaka, she wanted to follow wherever Akabane had roamed. Their relationship was not all sunshine and rainbows and colorful. No. In fact, it was very toxic as the several months being with him had been hell. She knew if she had encountered him tonight, he may be in one of his moods, but she still tried to remain hopeful throughout all the darkness. Stumbling upon what seemed to be a run down apartment complex, Sayaka began to wonder to herself if Akabane could be here as she had a bottle of expensive Barolo Italian wine on her for him. The imported wine ran around 50,000 yen a bottle. Not only was the moon full tonight, but it was also a blood moon, and people tend to do strange things on nights like this. Walking through the apartment complex, she kept her defenses up as she was uneasy being here, and it wasn’t because of the criminals residing here.

She noticed a certain studio apartment that was not dimly lit and was all dark. There was not much light coming out of it as she set the expensive wine down on the porch.

Akabane… Sayaka thought to herself as she shook her head and kept on walking past it. However as she walked along, noticing criminals scattering away, she looked around getting a bad vibe that Akabane was here. It was then he was suddenly behind her,

“My my, you sure are glimmering in the moonlight tonight.” Akabane commented to her.

Sayaka shifted her eyes, and saw that he was behind her, “Akabane… you came.” She commented fearfully.

Akabane smiled as he sensed her fear as he approached her, “Come now, don’t be frightened. You came all this to see me now, hm?”

Sayaka froze in fear, “I’m not scared. I was just sightseeing.”

Akabane chuckled, “You’re bad at lying, my dear Sayaka. You came all this way to see me.”

“Okay, yeah I did. We are dating after all, and no matter how much you hurt me, I won’t give up on you.”

Akabane chuckled as he pinned Sayaka harshly against a brick wall, “You know you want me.” He leaned in, kissing her aggressively.

Sayaka couldn’t move as she was getting uncomfortable as Akabane had her pinned against the wall to where the brick wall started cracking underneath her. As he was aggressively kissing her, she was trying to pull away before she received a harsh slap from Akabane.

“Don’t fight, the fun is just getting started.” Akabane said as he drew out a scalpel and started cutting into her clothes as well as her skin, “You like that?”

Sayaka gasped out in pain. Despite being very uncomfortable, she didn’t want to upset or piss him off, “Y-Yes..”

Akabane chuckled as he cut more into her clothes until he started cutting into her pants to where it was close to her private area. He smirked as he withdrew the scalpel back into his body for a moment and used his hand to insert his fingers up her vagina, fingering her while still having her pinned. Sayaka cried out a little bit.

“Please… keep going.. I am getting turned on.” Sayaka commented as she was in so much pain, yet felt more attracted to him at the same time.

“That’s my angel..” Akabane commented as he fingered her much faster, going in deeper to where he was hitting her G-spot area.

Moreover, he began to move from her lips to bite into her neck a little bit while Sayaka couldn’t help but let out a moan.

“Akabane… I think I’m about to—“ As she cried out louder, juices spewed out from her vagina.

Akabane smiled as he withdrew his hand from her vagina and gave her a bite mark on her neck along with cuts all over her body from the use of the scalpel. To him, it was like a symbol that she was his. He chuckled as he released her, letting her fall to the ground.

“Akabane…” Sayaka commented as she was panting a little bit.

“You belong to me, my dear Sayaka. And I wouldn’t try to heal yourself because I could just kill you right here if you do.”

Sayaka didn’t answer as she looked away from Akabane. She didn’t make any sudden movements as he could sense what move she would do next, and she was aware of that.

“I’ll be a good girl then.” Sayaka answered.

Akabane chuckled, “You’re quite a fun girl.”

Sayaka slowly got up to her feet, looking up at Akabane. She was mad at him for being a jerk as always, but she knew that’s just how he was. She couldn’t help but run towards Akabane and hug him tightly.

“I’ll follow wherever you go, Akabane. I am yours after all.” She commented as she couldn’t help but shed some tears.

Akabane chuckled as he grabbed her by the wrist, and dragged her to his studio apartment. Opening the door, he pushed her inside as he locked the door behind him. There was no point in Sayaka running, especially when she knew no matter where she ran to, he was going to be there. Despite being dominant as a Yakuza boss, when it came to Akabane, it was a different story. She was indeed very submissive to him. Sayaka backed up a little bit towards his bed.

“What are you going to do to me now?” Sayaka questioned.

“You’ll be alright. Let’s talk over a bottle of wine and then we’ll have a little fun in bed.” Akabane answered with a smile as he pulled out the Barolo wine Sayaka brought for him, “I have to tell you, this is the best wine you have brought me.”

“Well, knowing you, you have an expensive taste in wine and whiskey. You’re lucky this barely makes a dent in my salary.”

“Well you are the Boss of the well known Black Ice Organization after all.”

Akabane whipped out a scalpel to pop open the bottle of wine. Grabbing a couple of wine glasses, he poured the wine into them, handing a glass to Sayaka. She took it, not really thanking him or anything as he wouldn’t care anyways. She started tracing her finger around the glass. Akabane, enjoying the nice scent of the imported wine as he took a sip of it.

“Perfection.” He commented as he approached Sayaka.

Sayaka couldn’t help but take a sip herself. She figured if she got drunk enough, it would take the pain away and she tried not to stare solely into his violet eyes. However this time, she couldn’t help but stare into them as the moonlight struck down on him. Akabane looked over at her, noticing she was staring at him,

“Is something the matter?” He asked her as he took another sip of wine.

“Oh, nothing..” Sayaka answered, “I apologize, I… couldn’t help but stare into your gleaming eyes when the moonlight shines on them.”

Akabane set his glass of wine down on the coaster on the table as he approached Sayaka, grabbing the sides of her jaw, tilting her head up, smiling, as he looked deep into her green eyes, sensing softness,

“You certainly are drawn to me, my dear Sayaka.” Akabane commented as he let go of her jaw, “Try not to disappoint me — if you want to stay alive.”

“Like I would, you know me, Akabane, I wouldn’t even dare even cheat on you, especially when I know you would kill me for that.” Sayaka answered, “Besides, you’re the only guy I am ever attracted to.”

Akabane chuckled, “You’re quite the clever angel, and you know if you do cheat, I will kill you.” He drew his scalpels out, showing them to her.

Sayaka nodded before she resumed drinking her wine. It was clear that no matter what, she was stuck with him.


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