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Return by DriftingDrifloon

Updated: Feb 28, 2023


Warning: NSFW, smut, lemon


by DriftingDrifloon

You had been gone for a hot minute. You knew taking on that job was going to be a mistake, but the pay out would be great for you and the Bulls and could possibly result in a star or two! You were the only one available to take it anyways. So, you accepted the job and went. You left a note for the rest of the Black Bulls, letting them know where you were and what you were doing, and then you were off.

What you weren’t expecting was to be gone for almost 3 months. The job ended up being a lot more political and required a lot more mental finesse then you were honestly prepared for. In the end though, you resolved the conflict with minimal violence and, as you had predicted, left Julius Novachrono’s castle with a hefty amount of yule and 2 stars to add to the Black Bull’s total star count. As nice as those were, you were very ready to see the smiling faces of your guild and to throw yourself at your captain.

After what seemed like hours of traveling, you finally found yourself at the front door of the hideout. The door creaked loudly as you opened it and stepped into your home. All was silent as heads popped up all over the main space. “Holy shit, Y/N?” Well that wasn’t what you were anticipating from them. “Um…yeah. Hi guys” The awkward wave you gave seemed to be what set everyone off. Suddenly, the sound of your name being screamed and the pounding of running feet filled your ears. You were allowed a single step back before almost the whole of the guild was surrounding you, pulling you inside the house and talking all at once. Asta was nearly in tears, hugging you tightly and trying to make you promise to never leave for that long again. Noelle had a tight hold on your arm as she started making the same demands. Magna and Luck immediately started asking if you brought them souvenirs from your travels and Charmy was actively trying to feed you, complaining that it looked like you had hardly eaten while you were gone. Vanessa had an arm around your shoulder, trying and failing to share her wine with you. Zora seemed uninterested over on the couch, flipping through a book and Gauche was too busy fawning over pictures of Maries. Gordon and Grey seemed to be the only two giving you some respectable space while they shared in the joy of you being back home. Through all of the commotion, you couldn’t help but notice the lack of a certain spatial magic user and the person you were most looking forward to seeing after your extended leave.

“Guys, it’s good to see all of you too! Of course I have stuff for all of you! Where’s Finral and Captain Yami, though?”

“We’re right here.”

How you had missed a rift suddenly opening in the middle of the floor is beyond you. Turning, your eyes met with a slightly widening caramel pair.


“So, you’re finally back, hunh?”

The tone in his voice made your spine straighten.

“Y-Yes, sir.” You wiggled your way out of the group and made your way to your captain. As you approached, you pulled a decent sized sack from your travel bag. “Here’s the money from the job and,” reaching into your pocket. “I got two stars from Julius for it as well.”

In silence, Yami took the money and stars and passed them off to Finral.

“Handle these, will ya?” With a nod and a worried glance your way, Finral grabbed the items and walked away.

“I know you sentimental dorks want to continue bombarding our wayward friend, but I need to have a nice ‘chat’ with her about what happens when you just up and leave for 3 friggin months.”

The gulp from you was almost audible. Yami swung an arm around your shoulder and pulled you towards the direction of his room.

“But wait, Captain Yami, she just got ba-” Magna dropped a hand onto Asta’s shoulder and shook his head.

“Leave ‘em be, dude.”

The journey to Yami’s room was completely silent. The only things you could hear were the creaks and groans of the hideout and the sound of your heart pounding in your chest. Getting to his room, Yami opened the door and pushed you in.

“C-Captain, I-” Your back met the closed door with a loud “thud” and you were suddenly up in the air with your legs wrapped around Yami’s hips. Rough lips pressed urgently against your own, drawing a needy whine from you. Your hands gripped onto his shoulders as you tried your damnedest to pull your captain as close as possible. Yami pulled away and began to kiss and suck along your neck.

“What the hell were you thinking being gone that long, hunh?” Callused hands slid up your bare thighs and up under your skirt, making a burning path to your ass. “Three fucking months. That’s how long you were gone. Three months of me fucking into my own fist instead between your legs. Three months of not hearing your voice. Three months of my bed being cold and empty.”

You could only gasp and roll your hips into his. I mean, what could you say? He was right: what the hell were you thinking? Three months without Yami had been pure torture.

“I-I’m sorry! I-”

“Yeah, you’re gonna be sorry, especially when you can’t walk straight for the next 2 days.”

You were pulled away from the door and dropped unceremoniously onto his large bed.

“You have 2 seconds to save your clothes before I rip them off of your body.” Taking heed, you took everything off, throwing everything to the floor before sitting back on his bed completely nude. Yami was already bare by the time you were and was suddenly on his knees in front of you. With arms slipping under your thighs, he pulled you to the edge of bed and put your legs over his shoulders.

“Fuck, I missed my pussy.”

Yami buried his head between your legs and lapped at your dripping cunt like a man starved. Your hands shot to hair, gripping it tightly as your back arched. “Y-Yami!” A loud smack rang through the room, followed by a stinging sensation to your thigh. “I’m sorry, what was that?” Your eyes met his as his lips met with your sensitive clit and he sucked hard. “C-Captain!” You could feel the vibrations of his chuckle through your clit and all the way up your body.. “That’s fucking better.”

Your head fell back onto his bed as he went back to your clit. Your mind fogged over as his licking and sucking became more insistent. Suddenly, two thick fingers were pushing into your tight opening, spreading you open and thrusting into you quickly. It had been far too long and your poor pussy was far too sensitive to handle it for long. With a loud cry you came, your thighs trembling as Yami groaned against you.

Before you could even register what was happening, you were on your knees with your ass in the air and your chest to the bed.

“I almost forgot how fucking good you looked cumming on my tongue. Now I just need to see you cumming on my cock to remember everything.” Yami grabbed at his hard cock and ran the tip through the lips of your pussy, collecting the dampness there to help slide in nice and deep. The push was slow, the gentle curve of Yami’s thick cock brushing against you right where you needed it most. Once he was fully hilted in, his hands grabbed at your hips before he started a punishing beat.

“Goddamn, you’re so fucking tight! You’re never leaving here for that long again.” Your hands gripped his blanket tightly as your captain fucked your hard and deep. Tears gather in your eyes at the immense amount of pleasure rocking through your body. “N-Never! Never again!” Hands gripped at your breasts before pulling you to sit up and bounce on Yami’s cock. “Damn right. The next time you do, I’m fucking coming with you.” One hand slid down and rubbed at your oversensitive clit while his hips slammed up into your, the tip of his cock hitting your g-spot. The last thing you knew, the world went white.


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