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Our Darkest Days Became Light by Desiree G.

Updated: Feb 28, 2023


Warning: mild violence, mentions of death, abuse

Our Darkest Days Became Light

by Desiree G.

My name is Miroku. Before I tell you how I fell in love with the most amazing human I have ever met. I have to tell you about my loss. It doesn't seem reasonable, but it all works out.

Sango and I were high school sweethearts. She was stunning with her long brown hair, big brown doe eyes, and long legs that I had to look at. It took a lot of convincing, but eventually, I won.

She was mainly a tomboy, and her close friend soon became my best friend, InuYasha. They had known each other for years. He had been going to her family's dojo for years, and that was how they met. I worried a lot until he and I became close. After high school, we all went to the same college. I majored in law, Sango in the sciences and business to continue running the family dojo, and InuYasha in sports medicine.

That is about the time Kagome came into the picture. She was in a few of his classes since she was trying to become a midwife or, as she would put it, a CNM.

After a few months, we all became very close, but something always seemed off. Kagome became quiet and only really came over if it was with InuYasha. Sango and I tried to understand why, but she always brushed it off as school or work. A few months later, my world came crashing down. But we both know it will get better; otherwise, I wouldn't be writing this, and you wouldn't be reading it.

Sango often told me that while growing up, she didn't have many female friends, and she thought she had met a kindred spirit with Kagome when she first entered our circle. But the distance she had gone since dating InuYasha had concerned her and broke her heart.

We often asked InuYasha, and he always seemed indifferent and said, "That wench could do what she wanted."

When Sango couldn't take it anymore, she decided to visit her alone while InuYasha was at work. An hour had passed with no answer from Sango when I decided to drive there and see if all was well. I only made it some of the way. About a mile from Kagome's place, I saw Sango's car. Police were still there directing traffic. I pulled to the side and found an officer who could assist me. I was given the location of the hospital she was sent to, and I called Kagome, InuYasha, and Kohaku as I rushed to the ER.

By the time I arrived, Kagome had gotten there too. InuYasha had texted he was going to pick up Kohaku. But I was stopped by Kagome. Her face was half covered by the fringe that surrounded her face. Tears streamed down the other side, and she burrowed herself into my chest, heaving and gasping as she said it was all her fault.

I lifted her face by her chin to look at her. It wasn't her fault, and I wanted her to know that. But when I saw the bruising on her face froze, not able to tell her it wasn't her fault.

I never got the chance to find out how that had happened because Kohaku and InuYasha walked in, her body trembled, and she moved so quickly that I never really thought about it. It took me a few to realize that she was blaming herself and that Sango was lost to us.

A drunk driver had hit Sango. Her car flipped, and it broke her neck, killing her instantly. She never made it to see Kagome that day, and after the funeral, I slipped into my work.

A year passed, and the only person I saw besides co-workers was InuYasha. I'd ask about Kagome, and he'd wave his hand to dismiss her and say what he usually spoke. Something regarding her being a pain in his ass or how stupid she was.

But on the anniversary of her passing is when I saw Kagome again. Standing at her grave was who I thought to be a young girl cleaning the tombstone, a frail, sickly Kagome. My heart shattered, and I knew this was my Sango trying to help her and myself now that I look back.

When she saw me, she was startled, her skin tight, outlining her bones as if she was starved. Her once full and shiny hair was dull and lifeless—eyes that held no spark, bruises that varied in color showing the constant abuse. I was shattered, this was my friend, and someone had been hurting her to almost death.

No words could come out; just my hand reached for her. She fled in fear, and tears were shed that day for not just Sango.

Three days later, I had a knock on my door. To my surprise, it was Sesshōmaru. Tall and regal as always, with an air of superiority as always. He walked into my tiny apartment with no invite, sat on my couch, and asked me to sit as if I were visiting him.

He explained that he had found out that InuYasha had been, in his teen years, a bit of an idiot. It took him and his father to get him the help he needed to get off the drugs, but apparently, college was too much, and he started again after meeting Kagome. He was again in rehab, but Kagome would need constant care, and the last place InuYasha would look for her would be with me.

So with the help of Sesshōmaru, Kagome and I moved into another apartment, and he and I did all we could to get her healthy. During the first month, she rarely was seen, came out to ask to use the bathroom, eat, or drink. It broke me knowing all this time, all these years, this vibrant woman was turned into this.

After about six months, she was doing so well. Her skin glowed again, her eyes sparkled, and she smiled. That is when I knew I was in love. We would eat dinner together and talk about our day. It was amazing.

I was too afraid to ever say anything to her; I wouldn't want to open any old wounds. But it was today, Valentine's day, precisely when our world started to change.

I came home from work, and she had been home alone. When I came in, I saw her in tears on the couch, balled up in a blanket. She hadn't noticed me yet, but some sappy love story was on TV, and she was lost to the world around her.

I walked to the couch, picked her up, and placed her on my lap as I sat down. She leaned back onto me and continued watching the movie. When it was finished, she wiggled around to look at me but never once did she try to leave my lap or embrace me.

The way she smiled when she looked at me, tears unshed from the movie. But something took over, and I moved my hand around her, brushed her hair back, and placed her cheek in my palm.

Damp, sticky skin from her tears glued us together. I could see the confusion, and before I saw her fear, my lips met hers. I didn't feel them for long, but the feel of Kagome's warm, plump lips pressed against mine.

For half a second, my heart was whole again. Like when I was with Sango. When my eyes reopened is when I saw the fear. She never moved, didn't try to escape my arms. Yet, I could see the pain. I placed her on the cushion next to me and fled to my room. Not realizing I was crying, I lay on my bed and screamed into my pillow.

I could still taste her on my lips, and it was killing me that I had scared her. I felt the bed dip and small hands rubbing circles into my back. She sat there as I remained still and listened to her fears, worries, sorrow, and love.

I rolled onto my back to see big brown eyes look back at me, not with hate but with want. What she had been saying just moments ago was real, and I couldn't contain myself as I sat up and pressed my lips to hers. Gentle at first, as I wanted her to set the pace.

I was lost when small hands ran through my hair and took it out of the small band. Our lips pressed harder, chests heaving for the other breath, hands searching, tounges lashing. It was all I had spent the last month or so taking cold showers for, if not better.

She pulled away, and my head leaned towards her, missing the feel. She pushed me back and straddled my waist. Leaning down, her soft breast pressed against my chest, slipping and not being contained in the small spaghetti-strapped tank she wears to bed.

My hands roamed down her back to feel her soft, supple ass and thighs. She ground down onto me, causing me to pull my lips away and let loose a guttural moan that most like could be heard a mile away.

I looked into her eyes which were slightly closed, begging me for more. So I asked, and she nodded; I asked again, "What do you want?"

She dipped her hips, rubbed herself on my ever-growing Member, and said "You" in a husky whisper.

I flipped her over and began kissing her some more. I don't know how long we kissed and played, but I was never more at peace. Yes, I may have cum in my pants like a teenager. That didn't matter. All that mattered was her at that moment—allowing me to show her what love was like and that I wanted to worship her. The night was perfect.

So now we are here today. Two years from when that moment happened, and I have to say, holding her hand as my wife, eating onigiri at your grave with her, I know you saved her and me.

Thank you, Sango, you taught me not to be a letcher and a pervert. You taught me to love, teach, learn, and fall in love. So to whoever finds this letter, may it be years or months, I pray you to find peace, love, and reason.


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