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Kakashi Lemon by Kaylee B.

Updated: Feb 28, 2023


Warning: smut, lemon

Kakashi Lemon

by Kaylee B.

You are walking back to your apartment after a long day of being dragged around the village. You were bored out of your mind so you didn't mind. Your boyfriend was out on a mission and wasn't supposed to be back until morning.

You walk up to your apartment door only to see it is already unlocked. Instantly on alert, you pull out a kunai from your back pouch and enter your apartment.

The only person who knew where you lived was Kakashi Hatake but since he is away on a mission, he can't be the one inside your house. Allowing your chakra to seep out, you search to see who is in your house.

A gasp escapes you. "You are early, you know that." You stated loud enough so he could hear you.

Your apartment isn't very big so you know he heard you.

"Yeah, I know." Was his reply.

'Is he in my room?' You wonder.

You walked to your room and slightly opened the door before frowning. "Chakra exhaustion, again?" You asked completely annoyed.

He looked to you and hummed. But you couldn't help but notice the bulge in his pants.

Smirking, you walked up to him. "What are you doing?" He questioned.

"You'll see?" you say seductively. You can tell his breathing began quickening at your tone. Oh, how you loved how you effect him.

You pull your forehead protector off and whisper to him, "Just relax. I'll take care of you." He does and you took his shirt off before grabbing his hands and tied him to the bed with your forehead protector.

You then lean down as he stares at you intently. You kiss him passionately tugging at his bottom lip. He moans and so you stick your tongue in his mouth. As you both fight for dominance, you unzip your jounin vest and throw it blindly behind you.

He ultimately wins as his tongue explores your cavern a little too greedy for your liking at the moment. Putting your hand on his muscular chest, you smirk before deciding to separate causing him to groan. You kissed his jaw and sent butterfly kisses down alongside his jawline. Sucking a little when you reached his Adams apple. He moaned loudly causing a vibration to form. Feeling this, you began feel the wetness form in your undergarments as you moved down to his collar bone and gently bit down.

It was not enough to draw blood, but enough to leave a red mark. You repeated this several times across his chest as you licked his left nipple before leaving more love bites going down his abdomen.

Your hand is busy roaming his muscles on his torso as he speaks your name. "S-stop, teasing" he managed to get out through clenched teeth. He was pulling on the bindings as they were becoming loose. Noticing this you stopped going down. His punishment for speaking out of term.

"Uh, uh. Not yet." You spoke your voice husky and you reached over to grab his forehead protector and after tightening yours you added his to give extra restriction. As you were doing so, you made sure you stayed extra close to him causing your chest graze his face causing him to hitch in sucking in a breath.

Looking down at him with seductive, love and lust filled eyes, you sit up and take off your shirt leaving you in your bra before kissing him passionately for a while. When we let go, there was a strain of saliva separating us as you brought your hands down.

Roaming towards his v section you gave him butterfly kisses down to his neck where young found his sweet spot.

Your hand at that moment slides into his pants and you wrap your hand around his throbbing member as you gave him probably the biggest hickey you have ever given him.

You licked from there up his neck and gave a few wet kisses until you gently bit his earlobe. Sucking his earlobe his pants and moans become louder. He struggles in his binds as he is practically yelling your name. "Please." You have never had him do that before as it sent shivers down your spine.

"Say that again." You demanded looking him dead in his eyes.

He rubs against you trying to get some friction. "Please" he says again.

You smile kissing him deeply but still not satisfied. "Louder. Beg me, Kakashi."

He spoke your name clearly. "Please, fuck me."

Smiling in victory you kissed him one more time before getting up causing him to whimper. The wetness between my legs began pooling when I heard that.

You take off his pants slowly before you take his member out of his underwear. He was on full erect as it stood out proudly.

You love it that you got him to beg so you decided to stop teasing him. You then lean down and take as much of him entirely in your mouth. What you couldn't fit you had grabbed with your hand messaging it.

Sucking a little, you smile as he throws his head back moaning loudly saying your name.

You slide your tongue creating circles on different parts of his penis. He bucks his hips causing you to gag a little since he is hitting the back your throat. He chants your name as you let your teeth graze him while using your hand to message him. You gently squeeze with one hand while your tongue licks the bottom of his penis. You begin bobbing your in motion with his bucking causing him to twitch a bit.

You can tell he is reaching his climax so you let go causing a very lewd pop to be heard. "Damnit!" He yells frustrated.

You giggled kissing the side of his cock and then you stood up to take off your pants as he watches with clouded eyes.

You stare at him as he watches you slowly undress yourself much to his dismay. Then you pull your panties down and you crawl back to him finally taking his underwear off completely throwing it across the room.

You then straddle him placing him near entrance. Your eyes also clouded with lust you couldn't hold yourself back anymore.

You slide onto him causing a moan to escape both of you. You have your hands on his chest as you move a little before you began bouncing. He bucks in rhythm causing him to struggle against the restrictions.

You lean forward and kiss him deeply. You moan as you began thrusting forward. Without letting go of the kiss, he manages to get out the binds catching you by surprise, and he took the chance to flip you to where you're under him.

Kissing you feverishly, he begins thrusting faster. Hungry. He then kisses your cheek to your jaw and licks down. His thrusts getting faster, he finds your sweet spot biting down.

You grip into his back leaving scratch marks but he didn't seem to care. For a while, the only sounds that can be heard is skin slapping, our moans, and his grunts.

"Faster," you tell him as his cheek is against yours. You could feel his breath hitch at your demand. Every breath he let go, it was difficult to take in. You close your eyes completely in ecstasy as he kisses your jawline before immediately going for your sweet spot.

He sucks on your sweet spot before biting down hard drawing blood. I cry out in pleasure as the familiar pool develops in your core. A bit of an m, sure, but only he could bring out this side of me.

"K-Kakashi!" You yell as you hit your climax. A couple more minutes of thrusting and he came after.

He kisses you deeply and you wrap your arms around his neck deepening the kiss. Once you separate, he kisses downward. He grips your left breast as he sucks on your right nipple. You could feel his tongue circle your nipple as his hand twists and pulls on the other.

Switching he gives them equal attention before he grips your hips squeezing a little. He kisses the bridge between your breast before licking your stomach. He leaves a wet kiss below your belly button as he skillfully moves his hand to open your legs.

You suck in a breath as he kisses your inner thigh. He kisses up until he is at your entrance. He slowly let's a breath out causing you to shiver in anticipation before he slips his tongue in.

Gripping the bedsheets, you cry out in pleasure as he uses his tongue to thrust in and out of you. You gripped his hair running your fingers through it moaning loudly.

You then cry out in pleasure as he adds a finger to the mix twisting and turning the pleasure caused you to pool. The wetness dripping onto the bedsheets. He seemed to notice this and licked the stream before it could hit the sheets.

He added a second finger opening them in a scissor formation. You didn't have time to warn him as you came right then on his fingers. He chuckles darkly as you try desperately to keep your eyes open. He licks his fingers that you had came on before he flips you over kissing your shoulder blade.

He places himself at your entrance from behind and thrusts into you causing you to cry out definitely awake. It hurt a little as he kissed the tears that began falling.

He whispered sweet nothings in your ear and kissed the tears away as he let you adjust.

He didn't do anything else at first since this was the first time we are using this method.

After a bit, the pain went away so you told him to go. He started slow at first but after a bit, he began speeding up.

You bite your bottom lip as his thrusts become harder and faster. He grunts suddenly and you open your eyes to look at him. He doesn't slow down as both eyes lock nor when he kisses you deeply.

You honestly felt high at the moment but you didn't give a damn. You enjoyed it as he climaxes inside you grunting.

He puts his cheek against yours as your both breathing heavily and covered in sweat you both look each other in the eyes exhausted. He gently lays down on top of you careful not to obstruct your breathing as he kisses you gently. "I love you, Kakashi." You tell him.

He somehow finds the energy to give you a closed eye smile as he whispers, "I love you too." Too tired to shower, and too tired to move, you begin to fall asleep comfortably with him still inside you.

But then you blushed heavily. "What is it?" He asked.

"What if the neighbors heard?" He chuckled at that. "What?" I questioned.

"Sweetheart, I'm sure the entire village heard us." He stated nuzzling me with his cheek which I might add, didn't help my extremely red face.


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