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Faye Valentine Cosplay by @teddysher_cosplay

(Photo by @manishgosalia)

( Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bepop @teddysher_cosplay)


Read below to get to know the cosplayer!

Animeforwomen: What inspired you to start cosplaying?

@teddysher_cosplay: "I’ve always loved dressing up for Halloween and my dad got me into video games and anime when I was little. Cosplay was the natural intersection of the two!"


Animeforwomen: What is your favorite cosplay?

@teddysher_cosplay: "My favorite anime cosplay is Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop."


Animeforwomen:Do you have a cosplay that was very challenging for you? If so what did you do to overcome the challenge?

@teddysher_cosplay: "My first bodypaint cosplay (Odette Widowmaker) was a white corset dress and a lot of purple body paint — I makeup tested half a dozen times to figure out how to get the paint to hold (especially for Blizzcon in hot weather!). For most challenges I end up doing a lot of trial and error to find solutions."


Animeforwomen: What is your favorite anime if any?

@teddysher_cosplay: "Favorite anime is Cowboy Bebop! :)"

Follow her for more cosplay! @teddysher_cosplay

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