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Ahsoka Tano(Clone Wars) by FlyPenny Cosplay: Winner of Most Accurate Cosplay

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

(Ahsoka Tona from Clone Wars by FlyPennyCosplay wins our Halloween cosplay contest: the most accurate cosplay category)

We asked FlyPennyCosplay what inspired her to become Ahsoka and more! Read on to get to know this cosplayer.


Animeforwomen: Your Ahsoka Tano from Clone Wars won the most accurate category. What inspired you to do this cosplay? Is Ahsoka one of your favorite characters from the series?

FlyPennyCosplay: "I was inspired to cosplay Ahsoka because of the impact she made on me in her first appearance in the 2008 movie: Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Honestly she looked like me and acted like me.... and I felt an immediate connection. The Clone Wars series was the icing on the cake and sealed the deal as being an Ahsoka fan. She's definitely one of my favorite Star Wars characters. My followers actually voted for me to cosplay her because I was torn between Ahsoka and Neytiri from Avatar. Needless to say, I'm glad they chose her!"


AFW: Was there anything challenging about this cosplay? If so how did you overcome the challenge? 

FPC: "There were definitely some challenges that popped up (as they always do) in the cosplay world. For me, it was about timing. I'm at a point in my life now where my creativity is being pulled in many directions and finding balance with them all at times can be taxing. (I can't complain though lol It's what i prayed for lol) Example: The Ahsoka project was officially announced on August 21st but I didn't post the final product until October 16th. Was there pressure from August to the final date? Absolutely because I wanted to please my followers but I had to check myself and work at my own pace and not stress myself out. I had a certain vision for Ahsoka and I was going to take my time and create her the right way piece by piece."


AFW: How long have you been cosplaying?

FPC: "I have been in the cosplay world for 4 years (July 17,2018)."


AFW: Do you have any advice for other cosplayers especially ones just starting out?

FPC: "My advice is this: Please continue to be yourself and do not cave into the pressures of social media and do not listen to people who try to belittle your creativity with their words. Cosplay who YOU want and cosplay HOW you want the character to be cosplayed. This is your baby. Also, take risks and stretch your creativity."


AFW: What is your favorite anime or show?

FPC: "This is a loaded question. I have so many! My number one animes are Inuyasha and Naruto with Sinbad as a close second. I don't have a favorite show because it depends on n my mood at the time."


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