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Harley Quinn by Wensday Wins Sexiest Cosplay Category

(Harley Quinn by Wensday wins our Halloween cosplay contest: the sexiest cosplay category)

We asked Wensday what inspired her to become Harley and more! Read on to get to know this cosplayer.


Animeforwomen: Your Harley Quinn from the Batman comic series won the sexiest category. What inspired you to do this cosplay? Is Harley one of your favorite characters in Batman?

Wensday: “Harley Quinn is one of my favorite Anti-Heroes from Batman. I love her New 52 Comics where she gets away from the Joker and learns more about herself as a person and about what she can do on her own, that she does not need the Joker to be happy. It was a great message for women who may have been in bad situations and got out and needed to find themselves. I was inspired to put this cosplay together because along with it still being mostly her original colors the New 52 has so many variations it made her fun and almost challenging to put together because she has so many looks in this particular comic series.”


AFW: Was there anything challenging about this cosplay? If so, how did you overcome the challenge? 

W: “One of the biggest challenges to the Harley Quinn Cosplay was fitting in her Personality. I feel like sometimes I am the opposite of Harley when it comes to personality. How I overcame it was rewatching and rereading some comics to remind myself Harley does have a more serious side to her. She is a Psychologist and before the Joker she was about her career and I think if she can have multiple sides to her everyone can as well.”


AFW: "How long have you been cosplaying?"

W: “I have been cosplaying most of my life however I only over the last few years became serious about it. To be fairly honest it has only been the last year I have thought about going more professional into cosplaying and learning skills to build my costumes and props myself.”


AFW: Do you have any advice for other cosplayers, especially ones just starting out?

W: "Have fun, Don't let others tell you what you can and cannot do. So what if something is not perfect as long as you love it don't let others tell you otherwise. It doesn't matter who they are in your life if you keep doing what makes you happy, that is all that matters."


AFW: What is your favorite anime or show?

W: “Inuyasha, Elfin Lied, Helsing, The Ancient Magus Bride, Vampire Hunter D, Trigun, The Batman, Harley Quinn, Star Trek, Supernatural, Charmed, and What We Do in the Shadows the list goes on and on. I could go on however I don't think there would be enough room for that."

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