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Animeforwomen's Fan Art Contest 2022 Winner Dia Al Daayni!

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

We had our first fan art contest this year! If you didn’t get to see the amazing submissions we received check it out here>>


We all voted and picked a winner and this year’s winner is Dia Al Daayni‘s Giorno and Mista painting. We asked Dia a few questions about how she made the painting and being an artist overall. Read the full interview below!



Animeforwomen: What inspired you to create this beautiful painting?

Dia: “I love HiroHiko Araki’s art work, so I’m always redrawing or painting lots of his artwork.”


AFW: What medium did you use to create your painting?

Dia: “I sketched it first using a regular pencil on a canvas, then I started by the painting process by using acrylic paint. I also use ink pens/brush for any black bold outlines. After the paint dries I glaze it using gloss varnish that’s specifically made for paintings. I usually do 2-3 coats of varnish based on how shiny I want the painting to appear.”


AFW: You have nailed JoJo's Bizarre Adventure drawing style. What techniques did you use to create fan art that looks like the original characters?

Dia: “The technique that helped me perfect the JJBA art style is to draw starting from big to small. For example: start by drawing the biggest shapes or outlines of an image, don’t worry about the details and save those till later or till the very last. Details tend to mess me up often so I try not to worry about them at first. Also redrawing the same image till it looks exactly the same also helped me out a lot.”


AFW: Since you drew Giorno and Mista are they your favorite characters in JoJo's? What makes them your favorite? If they aren't who is your favorite character in JoJo's and why?

Dia:”They’re actually not my favorite, not saying I dislike them though. I just found that inspired photo to be eye catching so I decided to paint it. My favorite are Gyro Zeppeli because of his personality and just looks elegant, Funny valentine because he’s the one behind the steel ball run race. Finally, the stand caller Wonder of U Since he’s a terrifying but calm type of stand.”


AFW: How long have you been painting? Do you sell your pieces?

Dia: “I’ve been painting since I was 13 which is about 12 years now, But I’ve been drawing since I was a kid. I do sell my paintings just not at the moment due to studying and other personal reasons that are preventing me from painting anything”.


AFW: Any advice for other fan artists/ artists in general?

Dia:“My only advice that works is to just keep it consistent with art, draw often or on the daily to keep improving. It doesn’t have to be perfect or a full drawing, just a quick sketch of anything helps! Also YouTube art tutorials are great. Another really good way to improve your art is to find an artist with an art style that you like and try to mimic it; doing that will help you find your own art style and improve at the same time. If anyone has art related questions feel free to ask me c:”

Dia Al Daayni‘s Giorno and Mista painting from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Follow her on Instagram @diasbrushh

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