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SailorMoon Cosplay By Cosplayer Duo @suncakemooncake

@suncakemooncake favorite cosplay ever:

Sailor Moon Live Action Musical (Sera Myu Le Movement Finale)

Read below to get to know these cosplayers!


💜What made you both get into cosplaying?

"We really enjoyed playing Fire Emblem Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, and wanted to dress up from that series for Halloween. While researching how to make our own costumes, we came across other cosplayers online."

💜What is your favorite cosplay?

"One of our favorites cosplays is our Sailor Moon Live Action Musical (Sera Myu Le Movement Finale) outfits."

💜Do you have a cosplay that was very challenging for you? If so what did you do to overcome the challenge?

"The Sailor Moon cosplays were actually quite challenging because we wanted to use stage-accurate fabrics and trims, even if that meant making the trims from scratch or sourcing them from Japan. We were lucky to have met a wonderful community of other Sailor Moon cosplayers who have made outfits from the musical and gave us tips on where to find the fabrics and trims."

💜Just for fun: What is your favorite anime?

"Our favorite animes are Mob Psycho 100 and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure!"

Follow them for more:

Instagram: (@suncakemooncake)

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