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Akame Ga Kill! Cosplay by @neene_95

We asked @neene_95

💜What made you get into cosplaying?

💜What is your favorite cosplay?

💜Do you have a cosplay that was very challenging for you? If so what did you do to overcome the challenge?

💜Just for fun: What is your favorite anime?

Her answers

N: “Just my love for the characters, through cosplay I can express how much that character mean to me. In a way it brings me closer to them.”

N: “Actually Esdeath was very challenging for me. I’m very comfortable cosplaying male characters but females not so much. Simply because most of the outfits are really revealing. And for most of my life I’ve struggled with my body image. But I knew I wanted to cosplay Esdeath, so I forced my self to accept myself and the first time I cosplayer her the response was so amazing, it made me so happy.”

N: “Absolutely Fullmetal Alchemist brotherhood. Ed is actually also my favorite cosplay to do and the first I ever did.”

@nee_ne95’s Esdeath from Akame ga Kill!

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