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Gaming Cosplay by @flypennycosplay

(@flypennycosplay's Lady PS5)


Read below to get to know @flypennycosplay!

Animeforwomen:💜What made you get into cosplaying?

@flypennycosplay:"I saw a college friend win a cosplay contest on Syfy and honestly I needed an outlet for my creative side to blossom after the passing of a family member."

💜What is your favorite cosplay?

"My favorite cosplay to date would be Lady PS5."

💜Do you have a cosplay that was very challenging for you? If so what did you do to overcome the challenge?

"I'm in the middle of a challenging cosplay now lol and basically I'm just taking it one day at a time. I'm not going to rush this one 😌."

💜Just for fun: What is your favorite anime?

"There are several anime I enjoy to watch: Inyuasha, Naruto, Food Wars, Fairytale, Sinbad, Magi...just a few lol"

Follow her for more!:

Instagram: (@flypennycosplay)

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