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Word Of Oda (Short Film By Nesha Jackson)

Word of Oda was created by director/writer Nesha Jackson.

About the Film

"Word of Oda is a thriller comedy short film that follows a night full of mischief and mayhem from the perspective of three individuals. Joker, Soul King, and Stealth Black, three initiates of an underground cult of One Piece extremists known as Club Oda, arrive at the group's headquarters in an abandoned cathedral. There, they are assigned the 'Test of Faith' by Im, the mysterious leader of the club, and his five elders as their final task for full membership. The mission? Kidnap One Piece anti-fans and bring them back to the cathedral by midnight for rehabilitation."

Read more on their crowdfunding campaign page! 👉 Here

Animeforwomen was able to ask Jackson more about Word of Oda, including what she hopes to accomplish with the film.

Watch the video below to get to know Nesha and how to help make this film come to life!👇👇

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