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Special Highlight: Magical Girl Manga By Portia Hightower

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

“My name is Portia Hightower and I am writing my very own magical girl manga called Magical Girl Institute!”

The manga tells a story about 5 young adult girls on their journey of becoming official magical girls as they fight battles with the evil forces of the dark kingdom while navigating through life, finding love, and overcoming their internal struggles. I always loved anime since I was a little girl. I was most fascinated with magical girls especially Sailor Moon. I want to see more black women/girls and black men/boys represented in anime especially represented as magical girls and magical guys so I started a business called Generous Gifts and launched a sub-brand called Melanated Magical Girls. I worked with an amazing artist

(IG: @keitherine_) to create mascots for my business and it sparked the idea to write my own manga that will one day become a television series. I was able to find an amazing manga artist online that brought my vision to life! I am self-publishing and that can be costly so I am asking for your support.

I just launched my Kickstarter so that I can get financial support from people who also want to see more melanated people represented in manga and anime. The funds will go toward paying the artist to illustrate my manga, printing the manga, and shipping it to those who gave towards it. When you give, you will see the progress of my project and receive gifts/rewards. I hope to get my manga printed by the end of this year. This is the link to my Kickstarter

Thank you so much for your support!


Panels of the upcoming manga

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