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The Secret Ninja Association By Alisha Smith

Spend your Friday catching up with webtoon "The Secret Ninja Association"(The SNA for short). Author: Alisha Smith.

Synopsis: "The SNA is the most elite college in the world. Only the strongest, wealthiest, ninjas are able to enroll here. With a college this elite, who knew that ninjas could have so much drama?! Follow our cast as they face everyday struggles such as betrayal, heartbreak, past mistakes, toxic family, and every struggle that college life has to throw at them. They soon learn that pain inflicted on the inside is far worse than any wound they could obtain on the outside!"

Read it here: The SNA webtoon

This original webtoon is made by Alisha Smith, an artist who used her dreams to create her story...literally! She answered a few questions where she tells us more about The SNA. Smith also gives us answers that can help anyone who wants to create a manga or webtoon.

Check it out below!

Animeforwomen: How long have you been drawing?

Alisha Smith: "I've been drawing since I was 11, but I didn't start digital art until 2021. I'm still learning, and slowly getting better at it everyday!"


AFW: We noticed that you made a webtoon fairly recently. What is the name of the webtoon? Can you tell us a synopsis of it?

Smith: "My webtoon is called the SNA (which is short for The Secret Ninja Association). This story is a romance/Drama revolving around a girl who has suffered abuse most of her life, and is now sent to a college-like setting where she will get to live her dreams of having friends & finding love. She soon finds out the harsh reality that comes with having friends, and that heartbreak & betrayal cuts deeper than any blade ever could."


AFW: What inspired you to create your webtoon?

Smith: "When I was 14 I had a dream that I was Arisho (the MC of the story), and I met all of the characters in my story at the SNA. It was so weird because I would have this dream every night, and seemed like each day it was a continuation of that dream. So I started to write it down, and fill in the details I couldn't remember. I have been writing this story ever since and I'm 25 now lol a few months ago I decided I wanted to share it with the world, and I thought the best way to do that was with a comic since i love to draw. So I started a webtoon!"


AFW: Are there any obstacles you had to face? How did you overcome them?

Smith: "Drawing wach panel takes FOREVER, especially if you have a job and other responsibilities. I really struggle with balancing my webtoon and real life, but I have a schedule and dedicate a minimum of 3 hours every day to drawing it."


AFW: What are your goals for your webtoon or as an artist in general?

Smith: "My end goal is to have my webtoon animated, and to become a best seller. I also want the title of "longest running webtoon ever"! My end goal as an artist is to have my own production studio where I can help small artists get their ideas published and animated!"


AFW: Any advice for other women who want to start a webtoon or manga?

Smith: "My advice is to JUST DO IT! Don't wait until your art is better, or wait until you finish writing your story. The more time you waste is time taken away from building a fan base. Surprisingly people love to see the growth in your work. Also don't compare your comic's success to other comics. They have spent years building their fanbase to get millions of views and you are just starting. It takes time and consistency is key. Remember, if you don't believe in yourself then no one will."


(Alisha Smith, author of "The SNA" webtoon)

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