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White Day by Desi

Updated: Feb 11

Warning Tags: Fluff, f/m, different ending, cute

White Day

by Desi

All he could see for months when he closed his eyes were hers. Those light brown eyes haunted him. The way flecks of gold shone in the sunlight seemed to become more decadent, deep, and velvety.


Running his hand over his face, he knew if he didn't get up soon, Yuki would come in and harass him to get ready for school. He hated it when Yuki didn't have classes. Throwing back his sheet and sitting up, he leaned on his knees. His fingers carded his hair as he decided today was the day, and he couldn't wait any longer.


Downstairs was chaos; it had been like this since she moved out alone. With high school behind them and university in their sites, she made it with her two friends.


"Damn it, I don't have a class until noon. Why are you all so loud down here? Why did you wake me up so early?" Kyo asked, making his way down into the chaos.


"Good morning, Kyo. I wanted to surprise you and make everyone breakfast." Tohru commented, face blowzy and eyes downcast.


Kyo then noticed that, in his annoyance, he walked down to yell at Yuki and Shigure in a pair of boxers and his slippers. Red-faced from anger and embarrassment, he covered himself. "I'll be right back," he stated as he walked back upstairs to find some clothes.


Kyo rushed upstairs, trying to hide the effects she had on his body. Why had she come on White Day? She shouldn't be doing stuff for them; it wasn't right.


Kyo quickly dressed and made it back down, seeing something that caused his eyes to practically fall out of their sockets. Was that Tohru and Momiji in the kitchen together? When had that happened?


The image before him was Tohru, her hands in the sink, Momiji closely behind her, his lips near her ear, a scarlet blush coating her beautiful neck and face, a twinkling of breathless laughter escaping her lips, Momiji's hands on her delicate hips. He cleared his throat, not wanting to interrupt the two.


What he wanted was to punch Momiji and Yuki. Momiji for touching her, and Yuki for being Yuki.


He went and sat down at the table, eyes blaring into Yuki, who, even though he was reading a book, had a smug look on his face that spoke volumes to his glee.


Momiji came out a moment later with a smile from ear to ear. The bastard was all Kyo could think of in his head. Tohru entered shortly after with a tray carrying breakfast for the four of them.

The silence was deafening, and he couldn't take it anymore. He devoured his meal, thanked Tohru, and escaped to his room without a second glance with excuses of last-minute classwork and things he needed to do beforehand.


The day he had dragged on and on. Classes finished, and all he could think about was the morning's events in his head. He didn't even recall what he had learned.


Anger swelled as he made it home, letting the crisp pre-spring wind chill his bones and pushing his temper down until he could get to the dojo later in the week.


Getting up into his room, he dropped his bag by the door and walked to his desk. At seeing the beautiful wrapped present on his desk, his heart clenched. He knew he should have opened his mouth in high school. He wished he had told her he was in love with her, that his world started and ended with her, that her smiles kept his heart beating, and that her tears made him want to keep fighting so that she would never shed another.


"You gonna mope all day or get your ass over there and give her that damn gift?" Shigure asked, pulling Kyo from his downward spiral and painful thoughts.


"What's the point? She's with Momiji, and I don't want to interfere with their date. I'll wait till her birthday; that way, it won't be as awkward. Now go away." Anger bubbled up in him as Shigure leaned on his door frame, fan in hand, a smug smile on his face.


"You will regret not doing it tonight. I know Momiji is at home right now; if you don't give it to her. Do you mind if I do? I could use a gift for our sweet Honda." Mirth was in his eyes, and a suggestive smile formed on his lips.

"No, get out of my room, old man. I'll take her the gift." Kyo said, grabbing the small delicate box wrapped in white with gold ribbon and stomping past him.


His jacket zipped tight; he walked to her apartment. The night air became colder as the sun began to set behind him. Reaching her building quicker than he anticipated, he looked up. Seeing the glow of the lights from her apartment informed him she was indeed home. He just hoped that Shigure was right and Momiji wasn't there. Kyo was in no mood to crush his heart and Momiji's face.


Walking up the three flights of stairs, idling, playing with the present in his pocket, fear coursing through him as he approached her door. Moments passed, his breath coming out like steam as the temperature dropped, and he took the plunge and pulled his hand from his jacket pocket to ring the bell.


He could hear footsteps coming closer as she got to the door. Her soft voice said quickly, "I'm coming," as shuffling could be heard from his side.


The door opened, and Kyo lost his voice, thoughts, and all brain functions. There stood Tohru, hair up in a messy bun, tiny tendrils framing her expressive face, a pink robe pulled tightly around her small frame with matching pink cat slippers on her feet.


"Kyo, oh my goodness. Please come in. It's freezing outside." The words rushed from her as if it was her fault he was cold out here.


Kyo walked into the entryway, took off his shoes, and looked at her. Her gaze captivated him, causing him to lose his train of thought. He was in disbelief that she was alone on White Day. "I, um, brought you a gift for White Day."


"Kyo." She said breathlessly, her eyes shimmering. "You didn't have to do that; this means so much to me. Would you like to come in and have some tea with me? I just made a fresh pot." Backing against the wall to allow him to pass her if he chose to stay.


Kyo nodded and walked past her. She was sitting at a small kotatsu, seeing her small porcelain teapot steaming and one tiny teacup. She entered the small area a moment later, kneeling across from him and placing the little white and gold gift and another teacup between them.


Can I open it now? I'm so excited." Her voice raised with complete joy and excitement.


"Don't be a dummy, of course I want you to open it." Acting cool and calm, glad his voice didn't waver.


His eyes never left her face as she untied the small gold ribbon and tore the white paper that wrapped it. Inside was a white rectangular box; pushing the paper aside, she gently rocked the lid back and forth so she wouldn't drop its contents.


Her breath hitched as she took in what was before her. Links of silver shone in the light, making a slight sound as charms jiggled around as she picked it up.


Her eyes were so vivid and expressive as she looked at him, the charm bracelet with the thirteen zodiacs painted in vibrant colors on her hand. Tears streamed down her face, and Kyo was worried that he had made a huge mistake in buying her this.


"If you don't like it, I can get you something else." Kyo gruffed out, hiding his embarrassment at the gift she seemed to dislike. Looking away, he steadied his breathing and schooled his features. He couldn't believe how stupid he had been.


Looking back at her, Kyo could see her face was crestfallen, tears streaming down her cheeks, and pain in those brown eyes that said so much.


Before he could speak, the bracelet long forgotten on the table, his body lay back on the floor as he felt warm, soft lips pressed against his. Her smooth body lay on top of his, eyes bulging from shock from the kiss.


Kyo realized what was happening too slowly and could feel her pulling away. "I'm sorry, I should've done that.." Her words shut down before she could continue as Kyo pulled her back to him. His hand grabbed her head as he started the kiss anew.


Tohru gasped in surprise, allowing Kyo to deepen the kiss. Kyo sat up, her legs wrapping around his waist, hands fisting into his hair.


Pulling away after a few moments, pressing his forehead against hers, he sighed. "So, I'm assuming you liked the gift." Chuckling is more a form of stress relief than humor.


"Kyo, this is the most beautiful gift I have ever received. I love it as much as I love you." Her eyes were almost the color of warm amber as she looked into his other ones.


He couldn't breathe; he was sure his heart stopped. She had said she loved him, and Tohru Honda said she loved him. Mouth dropping open, she laughed. "Cat got your tongue?"


"Oh, Tohru, you don't know how long I've wanted to hear that. I love you too." Pulling her back for another kiss. His heart exploded with pure joy as the woman who stole his heart years ago sat on his lap, her fingers in his hair and lips pressed against his.



The following day, Kyo walked into his house. Hoping to be quiet, assuming they were all still asleep, he jumped and screamed like a girl when a fan opening behind him startled him.


"Our sweet little Kyo, out all night." A smug and satisfied look plastered on Shigure's face.


Kyo tried to act cool, turning his head and starting towards the stairs. "Thank you." were the words whispered from his lips.


"What was that?" Shigure asked laughter in his tone.


"Shut it, dog! Mind your business and leave me alone." came from his lips, no heat behind the words as he ascended the stairs to his room.


"About damn time," Yuki stated to Shigure once Kyo was out of earshot.


"You got that right. Now I'm off to the main house. Akito is waiting." Wriggling his eyebrows, Shigure left, leaving Yuki to his own devices and a pleased Kyo up in his room.



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