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Roger & Ace (Legends) by Bones4eva

Roger & Ace (Legends)

by Bones4eva

Why? Why? WHY, did he always find himself running from some god forsaken thing. Out of breath the male panted in labored breaths as he fled as fast as his legs could carry him. The straw hat bouncing back and fourth on his back as he rushed away from the worst island in the world, as far as Roger was concerned. Their ventures having somehow taken them to a distant island and for some reason everything was ten times bigger than they would have been in actuality. That was an understatement for the future king. Roger was petrified when he found himself face to face with an oversized ant. The captain simply didn't do bugs in any sense and was ready to leave long before their fight against nature began. Roger was done with the matter the moment he laid eyes on the islands inhabitants.

He had already gone through thousands of them and again he was instructed to turn back before they entered the so called caves dug out of mountains. All well, now they just had to make it back to the Oro Jackson in one piece. The straw hat threw his head back and continued in a wild run ignoring the complaints of his first mate only to answer in sarcasm.  "I'll give you this one, Rayleigh. This wasn't fun at all and by far the worst damned Island we ever visited. We will NEVER come back here!"

The young captain had allowed his curiosity to pull them from the safety of the ship to explore the odd shaped mountains. Against the advisement of his first mate he still insisted on going and Rayleigh was not going to leave the fool unattended and out of sight especially on a mysterious island. Last time he took his eyes off Roger they had found themselves running from a odd tribe with strange powers and ended up somehow misplacing two years of their voyage.

His lungs began to strain with a painful sting as the ship came into view yet the young captain was able to spit out one last remark full of sarcasm.

"Hey-O, see Rayleigh, I told ya we'd make it back!"

Dancing back to the previous comment made before they even ventured out. Rayleigh gave him a look to kill with a mind to trip the captain and haul ass back alone. Worse case scenario the Captain could fight off his new friends alone. As soon as they boarded and Roger climbed on board the scolding came in their various forms and he found himself being whacked over the head for the worst idea ever.

"B-But, did you see the size of the fruit though, one would have lasted us for weeks!"

The captain boasted still seated on the floor at their feet a wide amused smirk displayed across his thin lips. He was going to feel his skin crawl for months to come and could not help but let out a deep sigh trying his best to ignore their glares as he inched past the Roger Pirates.

Roger had barely even healed from the last venture, his bare torso now wrapped in gauze the deep scar upon his chest and abdomen still healing in stiches. The Roger Pirates had recently fought their way out of a tough situation and even Roger had been floored with wounds sure to leave scars. The entire reason he had even noticed the oversized island was because of the oversized fruit and trees.

Hours later the captain through complaints set as his bandages were wrapped again carefully and his stiches redressed. They weren't quite ready for the threads to be cut away yet the healing time taking longer in process due to Rogers antics. The boy still didn't know how to set still for more than an hour and his body was paying the price.

It was then the topic of an island with merchants sure to offer the supplies they needed rose. Without a moments notice Roger jumped from the table to inspect for himself through the window. Slapping his face against the glass he beamed bright as he studied the nearing land mass already prepared for his next venture. Before Roger could comment on it a dangerous shadow anchored over the young captain and he quickly found himself rubbing the oversized knot on the side of his head. He cast no cares as he was drug back to the table by his collar. It was imperative that the doctor finished dressing his wounds without having to literally re-stitch them through scar tissue.

They had barely anchored before Roger leapt off the rail one arm thrown behind him for momentum. A sandaled foot barely touched the ground before the Captain took off down the dusty trail. Rayleigh could not help but follow behind in laughter this endless cycle being something he had agreed to, it simply brought him joy. In time Roger would slow down with age and process things more carefully but the wind was at their backs right now and he wasn't going to stop for anything or anyone.

Roger couldn't help himself as he carried the bag of money prepared to buy his own food and new pair of pants preferably without finding trouble this time. He had stopped at every stall and insisted on touching everything displayed with the curiosity of a child impressed by even the smallest of details. His feet kicked up the dirt in boredom before he halted; a weapon catching his eye, the captain hypnotized. His body turned on its own as the straw-hat approached the stand as if drawn by a siren. It wasn't the cheap broken ranged weapons displayed but the masterpiece that hung on the wall that had caught his eye.

 "I know that legend! I-I want it!" 

He stated ever so boldly before the keeper roared in laughter leaning over the counter to tease.

"Boy, if you could afford that sword then I would be able to retire. Dream on kid this one is precious and legendary out of twelve."

The captain cut him off to finish in a serious tone telling the history behind the legendary sword his eyes shadowed by his straw-hat. When he finished he gave a quick glance to the other to show that he was very serious.  

"And he is not to be called that sword. His name is Ace and I am leaving this island with Ace, payment or not!"

The captain had noted the pirate symbol on the others wrist and presumed the sword to be stolen by weak pirates dancing on his strict rule of attacking commoners. The other roared in laughter before calling out to his buddies who stood behind the other stalls much to their amusement. Roger wasn't laughing, in fact, he didn't see a thing funny with the situation. Of course Roger had to find trouble especially with things such as these. As the boy moved away to give the man a moment to process their choice and enjoy their creative taunts. After all he was a showman and loved to make a scene if necessary. There was reason that many had come to not like the Roger pirates even, if they had cause for their actions and a completely different story.

"That legend does not belong here and I will free him from your grasp because you have not even given the time to shine and care for him properly!"

Roger added before turning with a smirk a hand lifting to hold the hat as he rushed forward two feet digging into the males torso with intentions to drop him with one blow and be ready for the next. People moved closer to inspect as the dust kicked up behind the counter. Before Roger knew it he had highly underestimated the male and found himself being lifted off his feet by his shirt and tossed to the side like trash.

"How do you know his name brat, who the hell are you anyways!"

The male asked as he approached the gaping hole in the side of his shed, pieces of wood and dust falling from the new entrance with a crash. Roger had barely felt the hit and simply wiped the blood from his jaw with a devious smirk he counted the seconds a as the shadow cast from the setting sun inched closer giving precise location of his foe.

As soon as the male peered into the dark hole the Captain now resting over broken barrels of grain simply lifted a hand to wave back. Haoshoku Haki, shot out from his gaze the Captain resting peacefully with a soft chuckle clearly amused that things had gone exactly as he assumed. The attack pushed out to lay out anyone within a twenty feet radius. Roger wasn't at his best but neither was his opponent therefore the quick burst of haki was dampened enough not to have floored the entire island.

"My name is Gol. D Roger, and I'm gonna be the King of the Pirates one day!"

As soon as the male fell back out of the hole unconscious Roger pushed out a foot stomping into the others face in run returning the same respect given to a legend. Pushing off the others face the captain with hands stretched reached towards his true goal snatching the sword and sheathe off the wall with a smirk in the same swing, before the males oversized body hit the ground in a cloud of dust.

Rayleigh had barely caught up to him before he face-palmed studying the mess around him. He knew it was Roger, but why was the question. He was certain that there would a decent story behind this situation too but at this moment he was simply too tired to chase a story that would eventually circle back.

Calmly the first mate reached over counter to pull up a sake gourd chilled in display. He cast no cares popping the cork enjoying a big swig tapping the unconscious males shoulder lightly in sarcastic toast.

He froze when a mob of people halted to inquire if he had seen a guy in a straw-hat pass by him. Shrugging Rayleigh without a word simply pointed towards the village and continued his drink in peace as they rushed past to their defeat. Hopefully, when the day was done he could drag his exhausted captain back to the ship and leave out with everything collected in one piece.

Did his captain have to start an issue everywhere they went? Rayleigh inquired mentally while enjoying another swig of pleasure. As Rayleigh lifted the gourd to the air in gulps the male under his arm began to stir much to his surprise. A careful bob to the head was given before Rayleigh resumed his vice deciding to set this one out.

Upon observation this entire island was full of pirates and thieves and to give the same made no difference to the Roger Pirates. There was no law in these lands, the first mate having already found out all he needed to know about the place on his way there. It was the reason Rayleigh had arrived later than the captain.

When Roger had entered the market he took notice of everything with precise vision. He could remember an entire room full of display in one glance and describe it vividly in great detail down to the stitching of fabrics. Ace had set like a lady of class in a bar full of thugs to the captain's eye.

Of course he would notice the condition of such a blade fashioned with greatness. There were only twelve in the world like it and Roger had an eye for class despite how he often carried himself in youth. The treasure he carried in his grasp he could not believe as he cut through the alley way tucking away behind a barrel to inspect his newest treasure. The reflection of such a rarity reflected back from the captains blue hues and he could not help but give a wide toothy grin strapping the blade to his back under his straw-hat content to leave. This was one of the 12 Supreme Grade Meito and Roger could not believe he had managed to get his hands on one of these so easily.  

"Don't worry Ace, Imma take care of you and we are gonna have lots of fun!"

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