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KJ Thomas: All Star Knights Volume 2 announcement!

We're thrilled to have @kjthomas_5 return, and we've got an exclusive interview delving into the inspiration behind her novel creations! Read her answers below as she unveils the fascinating journey that led to the creation of her novels and get a sneak peek into the highly anticipated second installment of All Star Knights!

Animeforwomen: What made you want to start creating a manga/novel?

@KJ Thomas: "I start writing novels and manga because I remember as a kid, reading so many books, and being so fascinated by the stories that were told in those books, and it really inspired me to become an author. Because I want to write something like that I just had this feeling that I wanted to do this, that this was what I was meant to do so as a kid i would make up stories about the superheroes , I see on the TV like wonder woman or you know Ang from avatar the last Airbender.Because writing allows me as a kid to enjoy moments that I didn’t have because I had sickness that prevented that."


A: You said you are working on the second novel and it’s coming out this upcoming year! What would we have to look forward to in this second novel?

K: "I think the biggest thing you can look forward for in the novel that is coming up is that it will be my first debut novel that hopefully will get picked up by a company. And this is a very unique story that I’m building because it’s is very dystopian and it has vampire demons, werewolf you name them they will most likely be in the book in a kind of action packed love story that will be a series that will possibly be 3 books."


A: Where can we read your novels?

K: "You can find my books online on Amazon right now."


Check for more information on KJ Thomas and her novels here

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