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Ururaka Cosplay by @ciarranoyaiba

We asked @ciarranoyaiba aka Ciarra:

what inspired her to start cosplaying and what cosplays will she be doing in the future? 💜


She Says:

”I haven’t been cosplaying very long, Ururaka is only the second cosplay I’ve ever done! But I’ve wanted to try it out ever since I discovered the cosplay community online!”


“I have so many on my list I’d love to do, but Nezuko, and Mitsuri from Demon Slayer, and Nana Shimura from My Hero are definitely at the top of the list! And Ururaka is definitely my favorite I’ve done so far”

Check out her Ururaka cosplay below!👇

Ururaka cosplay from MHA by Ciarra

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