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Time in a Tree (All Might x Reader) by Smolestkohai

Time in a Tree (All Might x Reader) by Smolestkohai


Chapter I - Greyday

Well, ain't this bout a bitch? You stared at the fat eviction notice. Not only were you getting kicked out you had also been fired earlier. "Had to make some cuts" they said. Fuck it. Fuck it all. You sighed heavily, packing what you could send back home. The rest is trash, unless I can sell it then... You sighed again, on the brink of tears. Damn this sucks. You tried turning the faucet to take one last shower in the apartment. Nothing came out because of course they cut the water. You decided to head down the street to the gym to use their showers and change before your shift started at your second job. You hopped in your car. The back seat was packed with blankets and pillows, your clothes and toiletries in the trunk. What am I gonna do? Where am I going to stay? Starting up the engine, you remembered the bill for your car was past due. Fuck. I really don't want to go back to teaching....but I guess I don't have much of a choice. After showering and changing at the gym, you drove toward the bridge. "Off to my other shit job I guess."

The traffic was terrible through the city. You knew you should've taken the back way. You sighed, again, your mind racing. Struggling to find a solution to the situation, you heard your car make a horrific crunch as something large hit the front. You snapped you out of your thoughts as your head hits the headrest. "What the?" You didn't have time to process what happened, much less slam your brakes, when your car went flying. You cursed as the transition from impact to airborn dizzied you, your heart thumping wildly and eyes shut tight. This is it...this is how I go... You tried accepting your fate when


Inertia shook you as you came to a sudden stop. "Wha-" you opened your eyes slowly, looking around. You weren't on the ground, that was for sure. "Are you alright, ma'am? There is no need to fear flying cars. I AM HERE!" A slightly muffled voice boomed through your closed window, grabbing your attention. Piercing blue eyes staring back into yours. "Y-yes I am. Thank you." You tried catching your breath. All Might had caught you, of all people, and set your car gingerly down on the other side of the bridge. "Get somewhere safe." Those blue eyes didn't tear from yours until you said, "Okay, I will." Everything else was a blur, you didn't know what was happening, who All Might was fighting, or what day it was. You furrowed your brows and promised yourself to keep an eye out for other signs of a concussion. You did hit your head after all. Suddenly, you remembered where you needed to be. You tapped on the gas and sped off. By some miracle, it still worked. This is one helluva reason to be late, and dammit your boss would have to believe you. 6

"Gomen!" You rushed into the restaurant and grabbed an apron. Your employer already fussing about your timing. Okay, jackass. "Han-sama please listen." You held your hands up in defeat and explained your eventful afternoon, even going as far as to show him the hand prints All Might left on your vehicle. Oddly enough, it was the only damage your car sustained. With a huff here and a puff there, the short brunette finally let you off the hook. "Thank you." You bowed and massaged the stiffness out of your neck. You could not afford any medical bills right now and the thought of needing a chiropractor sent unwelcomed shivers down your spine.

You got to work, darting from the dining room to the kitchen taking and serving orders in the little Chinese restaurant. A hellishly boring shift to say the least, but it went without fail. I know I should be offended at this tip, but every cent counts right now. There was something hard between the bills as you picked them up. A business card? You read the little note written on it:

Heard you singing out back on your break. If you're looking for more work, I need help at my karaoke bar. Koji.

You smiled and hid the card away. You would look into this opportunity tomorrow. I think my luck may be changing. No more signs of a concussion thankfully, so there was a bounce in your step as you cleaned off the tables. It was approaching midnight, the clock ticking ever so slowly to closing.

Ding Ding.

The entry bell rang happily. WHO THE FUCK IS WALKING IN AT THIS TI- You turned your head to see your savior of the day. Oh....oh that's who. "Hello! Thank you for coming!" You bowed. "Sit wherever you'd like, I'll be right with you."

"Thank you." The hero spoke moving to take a seat in one of the large round booths. You rushed to the back. "Who walked in at closing?" Han asked as you sped by him. "All Might," you whispered rounding him again, menus in hand. "OH!" He began cutting everything back on and shot out in front of you. "All Might, sir! Thank you so much for coming to my establishment! You humble me greatly." Han bowed low, you standing off behind him. Kiss ass. "Whatever you want, sir! I'll make it." The blonde gave his signature laugh. "You're too kind! I'll try not to stay too long, I know it's almost time for you to lock up!"

"Nonsense! We'll stay open as long as you like!" Han shook his head violently. Muthafu- You glared at his back. "Tell her everything you'd like to have. I must go prepare the kitchen." Han shot off, you watched him dart to the kitchen. "Hi? I've never seen him move that fast before. You'd think his quirk was speed." You laughed nervously approaching the table, his smile was gentle. "Good evening." "What could I get you to drink?" You set the menus down in front of him. "Just water would be fine." All Might answered. "Plain water? Or would you like lemon, lime, orange, mint, all of the above?" An eyebrow raised as you quizzed him. "Surprise me." I mean...okay. "Alright. I'll be right back." You turned on your heels and headed to the kitchen. Pulling down one of the decorative pitchers and filling it a third of the way with ice. You sliced the surprise, tossing some in the pitcher and some in a separate cup. Both iced and garnished you took them out to your one guest, setting them in front of him. "Cucumber?" All Might eyed the water and then you. "Are you surprised?" The tiniest smirk on your lips. "I am." He took a sip. "With a hint of mint. The surprises keep coming." Your smirk turned into a charming smile, "I'm full of them." You leaned against the table at your hip, arms lightly crossed. "Have you decided what you'd like to eat or do you need more time to look everything over?" All Might shook his head, "I think I'll have the duck." He closed the menu handing it over. "Roast or Peking?" You took the book from him. "Peking."

"Mhm," you nodded, standing straight. "Is that going to be all for you?" He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. "I'd like three of them." He sat forward. I knew it'd be something. "I'll go let him know." Smiling, you turned again for the kitchen.

"THREE?" Han whispered, exasperated. "You told the man whatever he wants. I've got the feeling he can put more than just three away. He's going easy on you." You rolled your eyes and got back to cleaning. All Might, to you, was surprisingly quiet. Checking his phone here and there, taking a sip from his water. Nothing dramatic like it seemed in the media or public. His movements still screamed deliberate confidence though. You watched him from the corner of your eye while you tidied up the dining area. I should say something. You moved closer. Maybe he's got something on his mind...not that I could help but still. You took a deep breath and walked to his table. "Thank you." You bowed. "You saved my life this afternoon, I wanted to say thank you again." The hero opened his mouth to speak, interrupted by Han ringing the done bell. "Oh!" Your head snapped up. "Your food is ready."

Carefully you set the plates down, the duck already sliced and set decoratively. You ran off to get the sauces, crepes, and vegetables. "Here you are." The table now filled. "Is there anything else, I can get for you?"

"No, thank you."

”My pleasure." You smiled and retreated to your cleaning. Bouncing lightly to the ambient music playing softly in the warm atmosphere. You'd finished mopping the floor once, but one more time wouldn't hurt. It smelled fruity as you scrubbed down the floor again. Approaching the last few tiles, your stomach let out the most unholy growl. "Well, damn," you snickered, finishing up. "Would you care to join me?" Whaaaaaat? You turned to All Might, his eyes on you. "Oh, no. I couldn't possibly-"

"I insist." He cut you off, beaming. "It's the least I can do for keeping you past closing." "U-um...alright. Sure." You nodded, leaving to dump the mop bucket and wash up. Sliding behind Han as he was tidying up the kitchen, you made your way back to All Might. "Thank you." Your voice barely above a whisper as All Might sat one of his spare plates in front of you, he nodded. "You were the one in the car."

"You remember me?" You asked shocked. "Should I have forgotten?" He raised an eyebrow passing you a crepe. You lightly blushed, but quickly composed yourself. "I wouldn't be offended if you did, you see so many faces a day."

You looked over the last plate of duck at him. "Something about you sticks out, I can't quite put my finger on it." He glanced back before returning to his food. "You may have seen me before then." You shrugged picking up a few pieces of bird, dipping them in sauce and putting them in the wrap. "Where?" He inquired. You shrugged. "In your claims department," you answered plainly before taking a bite. "Really?" All Might sat up. "How long have you been there?"

"Today made four months."

"Do you enjoy it so far? Does anything need to be changed?" He asked, you sat back covering your mouth as you chewed and shook your head. "Doesn't matter much what I have to say." You finally got out. "Of course it does." He rejected your statement. "They let me go today, dude." You chuckled and could've sworn you heard him choke a little on a piece of duck. "What? Why?" The blonde's eyebrows furrowed. "Budgeting." You gave air quotes. "I'm not worried about it." You waved it off. Yes the fuck I am. "I'll have to give those numbers a look." He glanced at your name tag. "Do you mind if I give you a call tomorrow?"

"Woah there!" You laughed, "It's okay! It's not like you did it!" You gave your deflecting wave again. "Besides, I owe you one, two actually." You pointed at the duck. "I'm alright, All Might." I'm not, but damn that's a lot to ask.

Somehow, as the night continued, so did the conversation. Outside of the suit, he was so down to earth and interesting. The plates long emptied, you sat across from each other talking about anything that came to mind. You told him where you were from only to find out he'd been there a few times in his youth. You filled him in on what he'd missed. He told you about the places you had to visit, the holes in the wall you'd never heard of and thrills he sought when he had a day to himself. Then, there was a violent buzzing from his phone on the table. All Might looked at you, apologetic. "I'm sorry, I've got to take-"

"You're a busy man." You gave an understanding smile, he flashed one back answering the call. You quietly stacked the dishes as he seemed to speak even softer. "I see. I'll be there soon." He hung up, began patting himself down. "Here it is." A pen, he twisted it and snatched over a napkin, scribbling something down. "I...I enjoyed our time tonight." All Might handed the napkin over cautiously, you received it just the same. "Maybe we could talk more." You felt the blood rush to your cheeks, looking over the digits. "I'd like that very much." OMG. Shyly, you looked up to him, his eyes on yours for just a moment then darting away as he stood. "Have a good night." You stood as well, giving a final bow. "You do the same."

You were on cloud nine, all wrapped up in your blankets, in the back seat of your car. You found a truck stop to park for the night. It was three in the morning and you were exhausted, but you kept replaying your conversation with All Might in your mind. You read over the numbers, again and again and again, the napkin creased to hell and back from your constant folding and unfolding. "No way did he really give me this." There was a little tear that caught your attention. "No!" You pulled out your phone adding the number to your contacts. Scrolling through your official hero emoji keyboard, you selected his smiling face as the contact name. Maybe it's for the best. You hit save and looked back to the little tear, opting to shred the napkin to bits. You'd to find out if the number was legitimate later. For now, you were going to get some much overdue sleep.


**We do not own this story. Story owned by fanfic author. Cover art credits to The Amazing Trevoshere**

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