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“Thanks for Family—Kuroo” Haikyuu!! Fluff Fanfic by MoonB

“Thanks for Family—Kuroo” by MoonB


Chapter 1

I fixed my shirt and grabbed my now happy son into my arms. “Let’s go see your father and the others. Now that you're all nice and fed.” Asa giggled as we walked out of his room. “Happy Thanksgiving, Auntie Sienna!” Atsumu’s son called out as I walked by my older son's room with my infant son in my arms. “Happy Thanksgiving to you too.” I said as I stopped in the doorway and looked at the four boys and five girls playing. “Did you all like dinner?” I asked all of them. “I did! But Daddy said the turkey Mommy made was dry… she didn’t like that.”

I let a small chuckle slip from my lips. Kaia hated it when her husband Wakatoshi talked about her cooking. “I’m sure she’ll make a better one next time.” I had no doubt that Kaia would try to make a better dish next time. I looked at my daughter who was playing dolls with Kotaro, Koyoomi and Aran’s daughters. Koyoomi’s son read a book in the corner. While Wakatoshi and Atsumu’s kids played with my own son. “So everyone is okay in here?” The kids that were paying attention to me all nodded.

“Good, if you need anything I’ll be in the living room with the rest of the adults.” turning on my heels I walked back to the living room to be with the others. “I think I can do it better than you,” I heard my husband Tetsurou say before I walked into the room. “Sure, give it a couple months and we’ll see.” Atsumu commented back. “Do I even get a say in this? It is my body Tsumu.” His wife, Lyss asked. Atsumu looked at his wife holding their baby girl. “Not really, we don’t use condoms… so it’s gonna happen.”

I laughed. “Do I even want to know what happened?” I asked as I entered the room. Everyone was still sitting around on the couches like I left them. Wakatoshi sat with his wife, Kaia. Atsumu had his wife, Lyss, who was holding their daughter, sitting on his lap. Kotaro played with his wife, Akria’s hair while she played with their son. Koyoomi and his wife, Sel, were in their own little world. Aran and his wife, Jordan, just sat there and watched everything, “Atsumu bet me that they’ll have their fourth child before us.”

Tetsurou replied to my question while I sat down next to him. “Sorry? I thought we decided that Asa was the last one after he was born.” I turned up my nose. “Nope, I remember saying I wanted at least five kids before we got married.” Tetsurou looked down at our son who was content in my arms. “We have three. Two boys and one girl, that leaves two more kids.” Tetsurou took Asa from my arms to hold him. “We’ll talk about this later.” I said as someone whistled. “Someone’s going to get it later.”

Everyone laughed, but Kiyoomi and Wakatoshi. Kiyoomi shook himself off and left the room. While Wakatoshi excused himself to go check on his kids. Oh no. I took Asa away from Tetsurou and the scent hit my nose instantly. "Go change him, Tetsurou." He moved to get up as I handed Asa back to him. Those with babies all turned around and looked at each other. "Please don't tell me all three of them pooped at the same time." Tetsurou said as he looked at Kotaro and Atsumu. "Seems that way!" Aran said with a loud laugh.

No wonder poor Kiyoomi and Wakatoshi left the room. "Hey hey hey, since all the babies pooped at the same time… why don't we have a little competition?" Atsumu raised his eyebrow. "What kind?" Kotaro asked. "Probably who can change their kid the fastest." Tetsurou replied. "Bingo!" I made eye contact with Lyss and she shrugged her shoulders. I folded my arms and leaned back, this was about to be a mess. "Here hold him while we set up our station." I rolled my eyes and took Asa back.

The guys were quick to set up their diaper changing stations. Tetsurou took Asa back and laid him on the blanket. "Aran, you hold the stopwatch." He threw his old high school stopwatch towards Ara. "We're going to win and show Uncle Kuroo and Uncle Miya, we're the champs of changing diapers." Kotaro said as he played with his daughter's toes. "I don't know, Atsumu and I have more experience than you." My husband said in a snarky tone. "Don't count me out, I'll show you!"

Each of them had their hands resting against the mat we kept in the living room. “And…go!” Aran called out, pressing down on the stopwatch. Lyss, Akira and I shook our heads as we watched our husbands speed clean our babies. Tetsurou raised his hand above his head, and yelled, “Finished.” Atsumu was next to finish which left Kotaro the last person to finish. "Better luck next time guys. You can't beat the master." Kotaro groaned and flipped around to his wife. "Akira, we're having another kid. If this happens again, I want to be better prepared!"

This time it was her turn to turn up her nose, "I don't think so, Bo. We have two kids, and you hate changing diapers. Whenever Noa pooped or peed as a baby, you always handed her off to me and ran away. One more kid won't make a difference in your ability." I didn't need to see Kotaro's face to know he was in one of his moods. "Please, Akira." Kotaro begged and she shook her head. Tetsurou and Atsumu snickered. While Kotaro sulked by himself, everyone else laughed and talked about what they wanted for the coming year.

The conversation seemed to last for hours until everyone started to leave. While I finished straightening up the kitchen with Asa, Tetsurou put the other two to bed. By the time Tetsurou and I met up again, I was putting Asa down for the night. I felt him wrap his arms around my waist and pull my body closer to his. "So you mean to tell me, you don't want to experience this picture at least two more times?" He asked me, referring to us looking down at our son. Tetsurou brushed a finger over his cheek.

"I love this sight and this feeling. Nothing makes me feel better than seeing you with the kids." I leaned my head against his arm, as he continued. "Knowing after a hard day of work I get to come home to the four of you." I let out a small laugh. "You are really trying to sell having another kid, aren't you?" I asked. "Yes and no. I'm speaking about my feelings. But… having at least one more kid won't be bad. Hopefully it's a girl, that way we have an even number of kids." He explained.

"Okay, but what if it's a boy?" I countered. He paused and thought about it, "If we have another son… we'll be right back here with me trying to persuade you into having another kid." I laughed again. "I'm sure you will." Despite what he might think, I would love to have more kids with him. Tetsurou was a busy man, but he was a great father. He was always there when you needed him. "I love you, Mrs. Kuroo." He placed a kiss on my temple. "I love you too… Mr. Kuroo."

After she put the last of Risa’s clothes in the suitcase she stretched her arms out and rubbed her belly. Being pregnant and packing for a vacation was definitely killer on the body. Lyss closed the suitcase and called out. “TsuTsu, are you almost ready to go? I don’t want to be the last one there.” Instead of a reply she heard her husband let out a loud laugh, “I’m going to get you! And eat you!” Lyss then heard the playful screams of her fraternal twins. “Sora run away!” She made sure her daughter was okay before she left the room.

Lyss turned the corner into the living room and watched her son, Sora scream as he ran away from his dad. Atsumu was wearing the demon mask his brother had given him, and was chasing their children. Their daughter, Hana, saw her and ran towards her. “Mommy, protect us! Daddy is going to eat us!” Hana grabbed the sides of her maxi dress and hid behind her. Sora soon followed his sister, “Protect us!”

Lyss smiled and stood in between Atsumu and the kids. He stopped right in front of her and lifted the mask and smirked at her. “Hello, beautiful. .I’m a scary demon who enjoys eating people. You look pretty good, I think I might eat you too.” He reached for her hips and pulled her closer until her swollen belly hit his flat stomach. He leaned in to kiss her, “Daddy! You’re going to crash mommy and baby sister!” Hana said in a serious little voice.

Atsumu stopped and looked at the twins, “Fine, fine.” He stepped away from her and rubbed Hana’s head. Lyss gently hit him on the shoulder, “Do you finish putting everything we plan on taking on the trip in the car?” He nodded. “Of course I did, what kind of husband would I be if I didn’t?” He teased and winked at her.

“Daddy you’re a liar!” Lyss turned her head, “Now why would you say that?” Before Sora could speak, his sister spoke. “Daddy only moved them to the font of the room…” Her brother took over and finished her sentence. “Daddy said if we put them in the car we can get a ton of candy!” Lyss tightened her lips and looked at her husband who was giving the twins a pointed look. “Guess I’m keeping all of the candy to myself.”

Lyss smacked his shoulder again, “Leave them alone and go put the stuff in the car. I don’t want to be the last one there.” Atsumu puffed out his cheeks and turned his head away like a child. “You know we won’t, Aran and Jordan are always the ones who are late.” Lyss gave him the tight lip look, “Leave them alone, and Risa’s bug is ready to go too.” Atsumu threw his hands up in defeat. “Fine! I’m moving.”

It took an hour for them to finish putting everything in the car, before they hit the road. Lyss couldn’t wait to see everyone again, it felt like it had been ages since they all saw each other over two years ago. As if they didn’t already have a bunch of kids already, everyone ended up having more. Naturally Tetsuro and his wife, Sienna had the most out of all of them. Three boys and two girls, one of which was a newborn.

She chuckled, she knew when they could have another baby they would try for a girl. She felt bad for the poor woman, but she was happy enough to indulge him. Sienna wouldn’t admit it, but she loved it when he talked about having more children. Lyss touched her stomach, unlike them she was content with the ones they already had. After this one was born, she would be gone for good… at least she hoped she would be done.

WIth her husband, there was honestly no telling. Lyss looked out the window and smiled. Sora and Hana couldn’t wait to see their friends again. Wakatoshi, Kotaro and Kiyoomi each had another baby one after the other. Aran and Jordan were pretty much done having kids at this point. She knew about their struggles but they were happy to have their three kids. It was amazing to know that all of their children liked each other and would grow up together.

“What are you thinking about, Ly?” Atsumu asked as he drove. “I was thinking about everyone’s kids and how they liked each other.” He nodded and chuckled. “It is amazing… It would truly be something if they all played on the same team or against each other like we did.” Lyss had to admit that would be pretty nice. Sora loved to practice playing volleyball with his Atsumu. She knew he would love it if Sora became a setter like him, but she saw him as a wing spiker.

“I know some of them will, like your son.” Atsumu nodded his head in agreement. “He’s going to make a name for himself, I have that much confidence in him.” Lyss looked at the backseat and saw her babies sleeping peacefully. “Beautiful aren’t that?” She asked when she caught him doing the same thing. “Of course. I’m their father and you are their mother. They’re the best of the best of us.” Lyss couldn’t agree more.

**We do not own this story. Story owned by fanfic author.**

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