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One Piece Uta Fan art by @meliie.moon

Read below to get to know this artist!

💜 What inspired you to start drawing fan art or in general?

@meliie.moon: Well, I never really thought about it. It's just that when I really like a character from an anime or a video game, I feel like drawing it, haha! I think it's a way to pay tribute to the author, it's a way to thank him.

💜 How long have you been drawing for?

@meliie.moon:I have been drawing since the day I was able to hold a pencil in my hands . And it's been 3 years since I decided to get more serious about it

💜 What is your favorite medium to use (digital vs traditional)?

@meliie.moon: I prefer to draw on a graphic tablet because it's faster, I can draw where I want and it's easier to correct mistakes, haha! I'm very clumsy so when I do traditional drawing, I waste a lot of paper (spilling the cup of water, tearing the paper while erasing, making ink blots...)

💜 Do you have any advice for other artists?

@meliie.moon: I don't know if it will be very useful but you should have fun while drawing ! Draw what you like and don't focus on what other artists are drawing. You should never think "wow this artist draws so much better than me, I will never have his talent". If you think like that you will never evolve. You draw for yourself first. By thinking like that, you will develop your own style and over time you will be better than any artist you admire !

💜 Just for fun! What is your favorite anime if any?

@meliie.moon: It's very hard to choose because I really like a lot of anime! But I think I'm going to say Cardcaptor Sakura because it's the anime of my childhood and even now I still love it.

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@meliie.moon (Instagram)

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