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Jujutsu Kaisen Fan art by @queenisthirsty

Yuji Itadori/ Sukuna by @queenisthirsty (created for a Zine cover)


Read below to get to know this artist!

Animeforwomen: What is your favorite fan art you ever made?

@queenisthirsty: "My favorite fan art I’ve ever made is probably something I did for markiplier years ago on my old tumblr! The accounts long gone but he reblogged and replied to it and I died inside a little! It was also the first real fan art I made so to get recognition right off the bat was so wild!"


Animeforwomen: What inspired you to draw and create fan art in general?

@queenisthirsty: "What inspired me to create fan art in general? Um this one is tricky to answer- I had a bad “childhood” if you can even call it that- and art was my only outlet. So I leaned into painting until adulthood when I got access to tv and internet for the first time! I was so amazed by anime and other animated shows and quickly became obsessed with them, found fan fiction and then it was just natural that I created fan art for the fan fiction that I loved!"


Animeforwomen: What is your favorite anime?

@queenisthirsty: "My favorite anime? How can I choose! The most influential one might be Fairy Tail (pre 7 year arc) or sailor moon? But the show I keep going back to is oraun high host club!"

Follow her for more fan art! @queenisthirsty (Instagram), @queenisthirsty (Twitter)

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