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One Piece Cosplay by @huggableprincezz

We asked @huggableprincezz

💜What inspired you to start cosplaying?

💜What is your favorite cosplay and why?

💜Who is your favorite cosplayer?

💜What is your favorite anime?


Before you read her answers check out her Roronoa Zoro cosplay from One Piece!


Her answers:

“Seeing other black women cosplaying! The way they would add little things to make the cosplays look amazing. Whether it was casual handmade or store bought they just make it look amazing😩”

“Probably my Zoro cosplay😂 but some of my favorite cosplayers are @cosplaywithbee, @dimplzneechan, @evensyaxo, and @robinnerdycosplay.”

“My favorite anime is

Full-metal Alchemist Brotherhood” 💜

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