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Lucy Heartfilia (One PiecexFairytail crossover) by Gojou_Satoru_wife69

Author's Note

I do not own any of the characters nor the anime Fairytail. Same with the anime and characters from One Piece. All rights go to their respectful owners.

Chapter 1

Life is Full of Chaotic Unfairness

Dying was painful. Living was agonizing. Being reborn was unexpected.

Now I must do what I do best. Adapt and survive.

Adapt to the life of luxury and survive the life of neglect and loneliness.

I sit down in the big library within the large mansion reading one of the stories I know will be important for later. My keys are in a pouch on my hip, as I let my feet dangle for a bit. It's quiet save for my humming.

Oh yeah, I am supposed to introduce myself, right? Well, my name is Lucy Heartfilia. My mother died recently and now the bastard has locked himself in his work-study

I stopped humming and sighed as I finish yet another book. "It's quiet."

My voice is small but annoyed. I hate the quiet. It makes me all the more impatient in joining Fairy Tail. I get up off the chair and I sit in a crisscrossed manner channeling my magic energy. I need to have larger reserves than the original Lucy did. Don't get me wrong, she is strong, but I need to be stronger.

I hear the sounds of feet clicking on the marble floors and open my eyes after stopping my concentration. I turn my head as I hear the doors open.

"Lucy-sama, I have been tasked with getting you ready for dinner." I not my head standing up allowing her to lead me away to get dressed.

Ah yes, dinner time. A time when one is supposed to share a meal with their family. But the jackass, nope, he will eat in his study. Either that, or he will scrutinize me for trying to converse. How Lucy was able to communicate with others afterward is a mystery to me.

I stood in front of the full-body mirror as the maids dressed me up in "dinner attire: before moving on to makeup.

I made a face at the make up refusing it as another put on my shoes.

I hate this. It's boring. It's laziness. It's making me dependent on them. On him. I hate him.

"Your father has instructed us to get you fully dressed for the guests he was over," the maid who was trying desperately to do my makeup mentioned.

I raised a brow at this. 'Another marriage proposal?'

I rolled my eyes at the notion but let her do my makeup.

Nobles. Spoiled rotten greedy nobles.

It felt like I stood there for ages waiting for the poor maids to get me dressed and ready for whatever it was the bastard has in store for me.

I noted the horrible curls they had set my blonde locks into and I had to stop myself from making a face at them.

The maids are not at fault for the shitty bastard's negligence.

Still, I do not like the curls....At all.

That having been said, as soon as the maids stepped out, I had pulled out one of my keys saying, "Open gate of the giant crab: Cancer!"

A golden magic circle appeared below me as I summoned the only one who could possibly make the abomination of a hairstyle better.

As soon as Cancer had been summoned, he took one look and immediately began fixing my hair the way he knew would benefit both me and the horrid dress. I mean, why does it have to be pink.

Don't get me wrong, the color is gorgeous, it's just not me.


I prefer blue thank you very much. Hell, even marimo green would be better than this shade of pink.

As he worked miracles on my hair, I asked him if he could, later on, teach me how to tie my shoes or how to dress without the help of the maids.

He paused in his movements, but only for a full second before saying,

"Of course, ebi."

I breathed a sigh of relief thanking him as he finished putting the final touches on my hair before he returned to the spirit world.

I mentally prepared myself for the worst dinner in the history of dinners knowing I was going to bring hell to any noble that even thought of marrying me off with their hellspawn.

At least that was the plan.

When I reached the hall before the dining room, I heard laugher I had never thought I would hear in such a place.

Upon being introduced by the maid, I entered the dining room where the dumbass sat wearing what appeared to be a military marine outfit.

Across from him, an older man sat wearing a similar outfit, his name and appearance causing me to question everything.

Monkey D. Garp, a vice-admiral of the marines, from an entirely different franchise, entirely different world, is sitting across from my father who wears the outfit of a captain.

What the actual fuck.

And that is not all, he is not alone.

A certain famous swordsman is sitting nearby sipping on some red wine.

Another look ensures that there are several lower-ranking marines in the room as well.

My eyes meet golden and I find myself abruptly pulled out of my nervousness and picking my chin up; despite my internal storm, I calmly walk to my seat and I do what I do best.

I adapt and survive.

Adapt by quietly playing along being the obedient little girl the asshat was claiming me to be, and survive by keeping a trained ear on all conversations going on.

Gathering intel and planning my next moves years in advance all while being watched like a hawk by the swordsman whose name is well earned.

But why is Hawkeye Mihawk here of all places?

As dinner continues, it seems his patience is running low. He is here for a reason that much is obvious.

"Jude Heartfilia," ah, he speaks finally. "I do believe there was an aforementioned arrangement we discussed."

"Ah yes, ofcourse," he gave me a side grimace that said, 'I do not appreciate the glare' before clearing his throat.

You are no Heartfilia. You married into the name. Do NOT give me that look.

He ignored my full-on glare which had silenced the whole room, speaking authoritatively, "Lucy, you are dismissed."

Closing my eyes, I obediently did as he said without further incident.

Upon leaving the room, chatter starts up immediately and I head for my only sanctuary. Upon passing the archives, I let a tear fall knowing it would ruin my makeup.

Why? What did I do to deserve this?

The bastard is a marine. The marines have an alliance with the mages of Fiore. Is there no escape for me? Fairy Tail is no longer an option. They would never allow me to join, not with this alliance.

Upon entering my room, I lock the door and collapse to the ground.

Sobbing, I pull out a silver key and I manage to say between hiccups,

"Open gate of the Lyre key, Lyra."

Upon being summoned, her happy personality that always made me smile no matter the situation bubbled down as she noted my teary mascara-smeared face. She pulled me into her dress and began using her magic. Her hums soon turned into a song as it soothed my aching heart and lulled me to sleep.

Somehow in my lulled mind, I could feel eyes belonging to a hawk standing behind the locked door.


Read the next chapter here

No copyright interferential intended) All rights reserved to the respective owner(s)

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