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Doves, Kittens, Redheads, and Uchihas By Inuluver13

Author’s Note

I just hope this is good, it is driving me insane and I had to write it. I have a beta but they didn't beta this one, I just needed to get this off my chest so to speak. If you see errors, just know I am not perfect.

Chapter 1

So to say today has sucked would be an overstatement. Naruto was tired, and his classes today were rough. He was in the middle of getting his Masters, all while working full time; getting ready to take over his family's business was a pain.

Granted, Naruto lived in a big city, and Konaha was huge. But, keeping his name out of the papers was what was necessary.

Now Icha Icha was a famous club that followed all Hokage guidelines. Naruto still didn't want to be associated with it. He didn't want anyone to know where he worked. The man had been on the Dean's list multiple times. He was getting his Masters.

Walking in the back door of the building was always a pain. He was sneaking around, making sure reporters didn't follow him. You know, the usual.

He stepped into the dark back hallway connected to the door where he donned his mask. All employees were given masks of their choice in one way or another to keep their personal lives separate from their home life. It was a fair trade. You wanted to fuck for a living, strip, and still go to the store you could.

His Uncle Jiraiya thought it would be a good idea when he opened the bar/brothel 20 odd years ago.

These elaborate masquerade masks were covered in sequins and rhinestones—all set to match their persona while on stage or behind closed doors. The mask could be just over the eyes, over the mouth, full face, or an entire headpiece. Most wore ones that were just over the eyes.

Naruto decided on a full headpiece. He wanted to be non-existent in the building. He was there to pay people, write schedules, and ensure his employees were safe. A few times, he danced, but now with some tattoos, it was too much of a hassle.

Today he was wearing his tailored suit. Black with a vest to match, the chain of his pocket watch shined in the neon lights. The orange tie stood in contrast to the white collared shirt. His mask was a full headpiece. It was that of an Inari god, with black silk that looked like hair that went over his golden locks. The only thing you could see was his cobalt eyes that stood in dark contrast to his white mask.

As he walked through the dressing room, there were a few without masks, ones who only wore them on stage. Some didn't care at all.

The first to look up from their station was a beauty, in Naruto's opinion.His beautiful long brown hair was in a tight bun with his forelocks wrapped in bands of blue. The pink kimono with black swirls and brown obi matched his eyes. Haku always wore a mask as he roamed the floor. He enjoyed the lifestyle, wanted the money, and enjoyed his coworkers, but most of all, he loved his boss.

"Hey, Inari." Haku said as he approached. Mask in hand, getting ready to head out to the floor.

"Good evening Haku, How can I assist you this evening?" Naruto's voice was a deep whisper sending obvious chills down Hakus spine as the goose flesh-covered skin became apparent.

A smile of wicked intent graced his porcelain face; his eyes showed joy and mischief. "About to do my rounds, being it is Tuesday, maybe if it's slow, we could sneak off and play again??

Naruto lifted Hakus face to his and leaned in so that only he could hear the words he had to say. "Not tonight, kitten; I have to work today. But make me proud; you are my favorite." Laughing to himself as he walked away, knowing that the whimper he could hear was louder than what Haku would have preferred.

Tuesdays were always slow, and he was already aware when he came it. But little did he know there was a frat party for someone's birthday today, and all hell was going to break loose.

By the time 10 PM rolled around, the place that was at a standstill became packed. Naruto was not ready, and no one made reservations. So being Tuesday, they were understaffed for the 30 college "kids" that walked through the door.

Young men and women all with the legal age here in Konaha to be inside were ordering food and drinks as the wait staff scrambled to make it all work.

Naruto made a few calls to some of his other employees to see if anyone wanted to work a day off for a college party, and they all said yes.

The first to arrive were a few of the dancers, Sakura, Ino, and Sasori. They were all changed quickly and out in different stages. They were offering their looks to whoever approached them—being the irresistible and sexy creatures they were paid to be.

The next ones to arrive were the ones who liked to walk the floor. Naruto hated calling them anything but his doves or kittens. No matter what they identified as they weren't sex workers; they did what made them happy, and he didn't want to sully their name by making them feel less than they were.

Deidara always came in fully ready. He always went out on the floor without a mask—his Golden locks flowing with his black leather booty shorts and black leather harness. He was always a bit on the kinky side. He made great money too.

Pein came in with Konan. He didn't work the floor, but he was one hell of a cook and figured if his woman was coming, he was too. Her mask was a beautiful plain white mask tied behind her delicate face by a crimson string. It reminded Naruto of a fragile and pristine cat as she was behind the curtain. On the floor, she was a terror. She always held her own and walked with the regality of a lion.

After a few dances, Sakura returned to inform Naturo/Inari that the bar was overrun and they needed help. Of course, they would need help on a damn Tuesday.

Sighing frustrated, Naruto took off his jacket and hung it in his office closet. He looked in the mirror and made his way out.

He headed straight to the bar. Many customers were enjoying dances or signing in to see if they could get some private entertainment. He would not let them overwork, so he signaled his waitress and handed her a note for the DJ.

She walked up and handed him the slip of paper. He read it over and made the announcement.

"Attention patrons, as per management, if you are not invited by said Dove or Kitten, you may not request them tonight. This is because of the overwhelming amount of people who have shown up without notice. If you have any issues, please see Inari at the bar.

He started making drinks with the woman next to him, and Naruto never learned her name. She wanted to keep her life private, and he respected that. She wore an entire headpiece as he did, but hers was made of black lace and silk covering all but her eyes. They were stunning, but Naruto never seemed interested. Her teal orbs always entranced everyone around her, yet she only spoke in short sentences.

As the night died, Naruto dealt with the assholes by having Zabuza escort them out. He walked the floor, hoping to ensure everyone was safe and having a good time.

He reached a booth with four people sitting at it, and all seemed well until the red-headed woman started yelling at the ice-blue-haired man.

Naruto cautiously approached, ensuring there weren't any of his Doves or Kittens in the middle of an argument he couldn't see.

His voice was firm, gentle, and clear, crisp tone that caused them all to look at him.

He was in shock and awe. Not only did he know the redhead, but it was his damn cousin and her husband. Mentally facepalming, he looked around the table, noticing two people he had seen but had never met before.

The one was in one of the classes he was teaching named Jugo. He was a quiet kid and extremely polite, and had excellent grades. The other didn't even bother looking up. All Naruto could see was long lashes, skin as pale as milk, and black hair that hung over his face.

"I am sorry to interrupt, but I need to ask you two to quiet down, or I will have to ask you to leave. This establishment doesn't need loud or crass customers. Thank you." Stating plainly.

His breath caught as he saw the most hypnotizing eyes he had ever seen come from the young man with the raven hair. They were as black as his hair was. Both seemed to shine with a hint of red as the lights danced around the room.

Karin just humphed and kicked her husband Suigetsu under the table. Naruto held back a snicker because he knew that wasn't how they acted at home. Was she only loud in public?

"I know the owner. He is a relative and would not be happy you are treating me this way." Arms crossed as she pulled her "Karen attitude."

"I assure you the business is no longer being run by the previous owner, and I would be glad to call your father if need be,"


The raven looked up again, took a swig of his what seemed brandy, and laughed with a sly smirk on his face.

Drunk and full of himself, he slid out of the booth and told her to leave. He was going to deal with me, and she needed to get her drunk ass home. He handed the other a hundred-dollar bill and stated, "Jugo, get these lushes home. I need to talk to the bartender."

Ah, Naruto thought, he's one of those who believe good looks and money will fix things.

"How can I assist you, sir?" Naruto asked blandly.

Suigetsu dragging her out by her waist. Karin screamed in the background, "Wait till I speak to my father. You don't treat people like this."

"Sasuke, my name is Sauke Uchiha." His voice drops an octave as he gets closer.

Naruto notices his black slacks are tailored just to him, and his navy blue silk shirt is open low on his chest, showing off his well-built pecks and creamy skin.

"Listen, Sir, sorry, Sasuke. I cannot have people here causing fights as it causes issues with staff and the other patrons." Trying not to sound too annoyed as naruto knew where this was going.

"Oh, no. I wasn't going to say anything like that at all. I agree Karin can be a bit of a chore when she is drunk. For that, I am sorry. What I wanted to know is what days you are on the list. You're the first piece I've been interested in tonight. "He leaned forward, his deep baritone vibrating through my body.

" I am very sorry to inform you that I am no longer a dancer, nor have I ever been a Dove." Taking a step back from the drunk man while signaling my bouncer.

"Shame you are delicious, and I could always use a good thrashing." Winking as he stepped back and walked towards the door.

Zabuza approached him as he walked to the door and handed him his card. He looked over his shoulder with a sly smirk and fire in his eyes, "In case you change your mind."

That made today suck. Not only did he have a gorgeous man who had never seen his face ask to rail him, but how would he tell his beau of the last five years?

Gaara and he did have an open relationship, but if Naruto remembered correctly, Sasuke was co-owner with Gaara. Brother to Garras's other beau Itachi.

Itachi would have his balls if he found out I was plowing his brother and Garra. Would they all be okay with that? Again open relationship but still. Should he be dating brothers?

Tonight just sucked.

Read the next chapter here

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