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Little Bit Weebish Podcast

We had a discussion with Megan on her and Sam’s podcast called Little Bit Weebish (LBW)

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(Photos of the hosts! Megan and Sam)


💜What is Little Bit Weebish?💜

(M): A podcast where two friends relive and discuss their favorite anime, episode by episode.

💜How did LBW get started?💜

(M): The idea of the Little Bit Weebish podcast started when I found out my friend, Sam, of over 15 years had been watching anime secretly for 14. I had recently fallen in love with anime after years of rejecting it (but that’s a whole other story) and it made me think of how many people might have this interest with no one to talk to about their favorite kind of shows! 💜How would you describe LBW?💜

(M): There are MANY anime podcasts out there with their own special twist, so I would describe our podcast as “anime recap meets book club”. We like to explore meaningful themes on a scene, trend, or phrase, and tie that back to past episodes or discuss the growth or depth of characters. If deeper conversation and analysis (with jokes and pop culture references) is your jam and you want to “talk” to friends about anime, maybe our anime podcast is for you! We will be your weebish friends. :)

💜Where can we listen?💜

(M): People can stream our podcast almost anywhere - Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more. If people still aren’t sure where to find us, go to the link in our bio( on Instagram )The more, the merrier!


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