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Weeb and the Witch! Anime Podcast

Ever wanted to start a podcast with your bestfriend and just talk about anime?

Well that’s exactly what Kailee and Maddison did! They started their new podcast called Weeb and the Witch this year!!

Check it out on:

Spotify, Apple podcasts, or anywhere you get your podcasts Before you listen read up on their background to see how they got started:

Kailee, the Weeb( tattooed one )

  • started watching anime 6 years ago

  • foodie

  • single AF

  • dream vacation: backpacking from Thailand to Vietnam

  • art “apprecianado” - she just likes to look at it lol

Maddison, the Witch( blonde )

  • does math for fun

  • plant lady

  • married AF (10 years)

  • dream vacation: anywhere with a spa

  • holds a doctorate from Philadelphia School of Bird Law

Kailee and Maddison, have been friends for 10 years! Here they explain how they got started and what Weeb and the Witch means to them.

(M): is Maddison (the Witch)

(K): is Kailee (the Weeb)

(M): Kailee really wanted me to watch anime and I really wanted to make a podcast. In a way, Weeb and the Witch is our little lovechild.

What the podcast means to us:

(K): I begged and pleaded with Maddison to watch anime because I always felt like she’d like the stories if she could get over the animation styles - I feel like doing this podcast gives us the opportunity to re-tell some of these great stories to people who otherwise wouldn’t know about them. It inspired me to learn more about Asian culture in general and I hope I can inspire someone to do the same because I think it’s a beautiful culture as a whole.

(M) all of the above, plus I’m really starting to like anime and I love that I get to do this with my best friend.

*Tune in to hear two women talk about anime! You can also find more info on their website/socials:

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