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New Fall Anime You Must Watch 2021

Fall 2021 must-watch anime

Another season, another list of our top picks for your next anime watch! This fall we had some great new releases and sequels, you surely won’t be left feeling bored after reading about these titles.

So, here we go, season’s fall 2021 most worth-watching animes:

New releases

Takt Op. Destiny

I’ve seen countless snippets from this anime on TikTok before watching it, and even then my breath was taken away by its beautiful animation style. Seriously, it’s so pretty!

Aside from the visuals, this anime also has a pretty interestingplot: a somewhat “post-apocalyptic” story of a future in which an invasive species that hates music lands on Earth, and thus music is forbidden all around the globe. Humanity's only means to fight the oppressors are these women representingclassical instruments (Musicarts) and their “masters”(Conductors) who are controlling them.

Do you need anything more to get interested in this one?

Komi-san can’t communicate

Not to get too deep into stereotypes, but this show may resonate with a large percentage of anime lovers. And that’snot just because it has cute girls in it.

Though Komi really is a cute girl, basically representing the Japanese ideal of beauty, if you will. She’s also the most popular girl in her high school, but she also has anxiety and communication disorders, making her unable to properly socialize with her schoolmates.

Nobody notices her problem with communication, nobody but her desk mate, Hitohito Tadano, who becomes her first-ever friend, and agrees to help her reach her goal of making 100 friends in high school.

Such a cute slice of life series!

Blue Period

Another moving show, this time about art and finding your true passion in life!

The story follows this young delinquent who’s pretty smart, but without motivation and passion for anything he’s doing. Then he picks up a paintbrush, falls in love with painting, and decides to dedicate his time to proving to everyone that, even without education in fine arts, he can make it into the top University of Arts.

Highly recommend checking this one out.

Platinum End

Let me just say two things about this anime:

1) It’s made by the same fellas who gave us Death Note

2) The main plot is basically a bunch of people entering a battle royale for becoming the new God

It’s a story about an abused boy who lost his entire family, decides to take his own life, but just when he jumped into his end, his guardian angel saved him, gave him cool powers, and that’s how his new life began.

This anime seems very promising!

The Faraway Paladin

We can’t have a new anime list without mentioning at least one isekai, can we?

Though dare I say, this show has the potential of being one of the best isekais we had recently.

A boy is born into a new world after his previously stagnant and uneventful life. There, he’s being raised by a ghost who teaches him magic, a skeleton who trained him to fight, and a mummy who thought him religion and responsibilities. As his coming-of-age approaches, he has to swear an oath to a god of choice and embark on a dangerous journey in this unknown world.


Here I’d just quickly like to mention the two sequels coming out this fall:

Mushoku Tensei season 2

86 part 2


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