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Envy Cosplay by @g.sus__

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

We asked cosplayer @g.sus__ what inspired her to start cosplaying, and what her fave cosplay is. She answers down below 👇👇👇 but first check out her Envy cosplay!


Envy cosplay from Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood by @g.sus__

We asked @g.sus__

💜When did you start getting into cosplay? And why?

💜What is your favorite cosplay?


@g.sus__ says:

“I got “officially” into cosplay (taking pics and posting on the internet) September 2021😸 id been curious about it since i started watching anime in 2018 so I tried it for the first time with a friend (I was Gojo and he was Nanami from Jujutsu kaisen) at Anime Matsuri (july 2021). I had a BALL so I ordered more cosplays and just went for it in September. 😅”

“My fav cosplays have been cosplays where I recreated fanart. my Favs are ‘yukata mahito’ and ‘fem toji’.“

-Here are the fave cosplays @g.sus__ mentioned!-

Yukata Mahito from Jujutsu Kaisen. Fan art by @chemwengweng

Femme Toji from Jujutsu Kaisen. Fan art by @riaxart

Follow her Instagram @g.sus__ for more cosplays!

*We do not own these photos*

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