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Wonder Egg Priority by @__roquito__

We asked Javiera aka @__roquito__ these questions…

💜When did you first get into cosplaying?


💜What’s your favorite cosplay you ever done?

@__roquito__ says:

“A year ago I started cosplaying, although this year I will dedicate much more time to it. I love anime, it saved me in a difficult moment in my life and I wanted to thank that in some way, and that way was to represent my favorite characters.

My favorite cosplay is Sarah Lynn from the Bojack horseman series, she's not an anime character but I love doing it.”


Check out her Rika Kawai cosplay from Wonder Egg Priority!


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Disclaimer: We do not own these photos, we asked permission to post. If you want to use photos please reach out to cosplayer.

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