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Yuri on Ice!!! Cosplay By @caityjaynecosplay

@caityjaynecosplay is cosplaying Viktor with her friend as Yuri from Yuri on Ice!!!

We asked @caityjaynecosplay what got her into cosplay and what her favorite cosplay is!💜

She says:..

”I always dressed up for Halloween and looked for any excuse to dress up! Themed parties were my favorite, and I always went all out for Spirit Week at my high school. I attended my first convention in 2012 and went thrift store shopping to find all the pieces for Doctor Who costumes for myself and my dad. In 2014, I wanted to learn to sew in order to make princess costumes that fit properly! Shortly after I learned the basics of reading a sewing pattern, Frozen’s adult size costume patterns were made. Even though I had only just begun to sew, the instructions from the Simplicity patterns, along with a blog post from the pattern maker herself, guided me through my first cosplay sewing project and everything just kind of...snowballed...

Favorite cosplay is Princess Anna's coronation day ballgown.”

You can find more of her cosplay on her Instagram here!

*We do not own these pictures*

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