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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner by SaiPaintsAStory

(Art by SaiPaintsAStory)

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Warning Tags: NSFW,camboy, sex worker, AU, no heroes here, yaoi, bjs, feathers as restraints

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

by SaiPaintsAStory

A DabixHawks Story

The camera whirs to focus as Hawks adjusts it, making sure its pointed where most of the action will be. Behind him and across the room haunting the corner furthest from the bed, a tall lanky man with wild white hair troubled the tails of his button-down shirt that hung untucked. Hawks could tell he’d made an effort to look nice but it wasn’t his usual style at all. The chipped black nail polish and tattoos that extended from his cuffs over the backs of his hands spoke of an anxious habit and a very different everyday wardrobe.

Hawks couldn’t help but smirk a little at the nervous man as he sat on the corner of his bed. He patted the comforter next to him, encouraging the shy man to join him. He hesitated for a moment before taking a deep breath and crossing the room to gingerly sit on the opposite side of the bed from the winged man. “Dabi? It’s Dabi right?” Hawks asked and the man nodded, full face mask shifting oddly with the movement. “Ok I’m going to introduce you to the viewers, tell them how you won the ‘Fun with a Fan’ contest and what exactly you said you wanted to do with me,” Hawks’ smirk grew devious as he watched Dabi nervously wipe his palms on his khaki pants, “and then we’ll just start the fun from there, ok?” He looked at Dabi for any sign of acknowledgement and after a moment, Dabi nodded again.

“If you’re not comfortable with anything, speak up right away. I get that you don’t want your face revealed, but don’t be afraid to let your voice out. I can edit the sound later. I really just want you to enjoy today, ok?” Hawks said, his voice tender. He could see Dabi’s shoulders relax a little. His smirk melted into a soft smile as he reached across and tapped the masked man on the thigh. “Breathe. I promise nothing will happen that you don’t want to happen. This is all about you, ok? If you’d rather sit and watch a movie, we can do that. Or if you just want to sit here in awkward silence, we can do that too.” Hawks reassured him. Dabi huffed out a low chuckle and Hawks’ eyes widened, along with his smile, at the first sound from the mysterious man.

Dabi had asked if he could wear the mask the whole time, even when it was just them before filming and though odd, Hawks agreed. He hadn’t said a word yet and Hawks was getting nervous that he might bail before anything got started, but he seemed to be finally easing into the scene. “Can I hold you hand for a moment?” Hawks asked as he extended his hand out to him. Dabi looked at it for only a moment before wiping his palm on his pantleg and gingerly placing his palm in the other man’s.

His hand was HOT. Like hotter than any normal person’s hand should be. A grin split Hawks’ lips again as he looked up to the masked face. The only visible feature-bright cerulean blue eyes peering out at him from the holes of the mask that Hawks met squarely with his own golden ones. “That’s the spirit.” Hawks mumbled, not wanting to look away just yet. Dabi’s hand was much bigger than his own and he didn’t even care if Dabi could see his dick jump in his sweats as he squeezed his hand a little tighter.

Finally, he turned away and grabbed a remote that changed the lights in the room to a blue hue and he clicked another button aimed towards the camera. “You ready?” he asked Dabi softly. Dabi squeezed his hand back and nodded. Hawks winked at him and turned to face the camera.

“Hey there my little chicks! Today we have a very special guest joining the fun; the winner of the Fun with a Fan contest, user HotWings69! Now, when I asked him what he wanted to do, this very wise man stated he wanted to have some spicy fun with me and my feathers.” Hawks smirked at the camera. “A man truly after my own heart,” he whispered to the lens with a wink, “so if it’s ok with you guys, I want to get right down to it, yeah? Yeah.” He finished with an absolutely devilish smile before turning to Dabi, his back to the camera.

He leaned in close to Dabi’s ear and whispered, “Forget the camera is even there. It’s just you and me, ok? Just us.” His lips brushed the shell of Dabi’s ear and Dabi sucked in a sharp breath before he turned slightly to look at Hawks again, blue sky meeting the golden sky of sunset, nervous hope meeting kind reassurance. Dabi wrapped an arm around Hawks’ small waist and turned him swiftly and laid him gently back on the bed. Hawks chirped a little noise of surprise at the sudden movement but smiled as he laid back on the soft pillows, happy that Dabi hadn’t decided to run out of the room.

He straddled Hawks’ hips, running his hands up his defined chest, down the length of his arms until he reached his wrists, pulling his arms above his head, pinning them against the headboard. He let go, but tapped at Hawks’ wrist with a finger. Two feathers zipped up from out of sight to twist around his wrists and then again around the bar of the headboard, pinning his hands in place. Hawks let out a little gasp when they tightened around him, his eyes never leaving Dabi’s masked face.

Dabi stared at him for what felt like a lifetime before tentatively moving his mask up to rest just under his nose, exposing his mouth. Hawks’ eyes immediately went to Dabi’s lips. Surprisingly full and soft looking. A moment later, those lips were kissing his neck, his collarbone, his chest. All Hawks could think was they were as soft as they looked. Dabi moved on to a nipple and Hawks cried out, his back arching up into the splayed palms that were wrapping around him, leaving his skin a burning ember in their wake.

Dabi worked one nipple and then the next, his deft movements making Hawks begin to tremble in his hands. He finally moved on, trailing wide open-mouthed kisses down to Hawks’ navel, playfully tugging on the barbell piercing before moving on. He let go of Hawks’ body to grip the waistband of his sweats and pull them down slowly, dragging over his flushed cock, and finally freeing it with a bounce, tip glistening in the blue light. Hawks gasped, his eyes never leaving the mask that sat awkwardly looking at him as the mouth under it continued to leave soft kisses across his hips to the tops of his thighs.

Dabi sat up between Hawks’ legs, running his scalding hands from hips down to ankles, tapping both ankles and then pointing to the sides. Hawks smirked and sent two more big feathers out to wrap around his ankles, pulling them out ward towards the corners of the bed, effectively restraining him completely now. Dabi looked from one leg to the other before looking back up at Hawks. His eyes were obscured by the awkward angle of the mask, but a grin spread across those full wet lips and Hawks’ cock jumped. A low, gravelly laugh emanated from Dabi and Hawks’ eyes went wide, jaw dropping open just a little, but he didn’t have a chance to throw out a witty quip before he felt Dabi’s tongue run the length of his cock from balls to tip.

“Holy shit-p-piercing…” was all Hawks could get out as Dabi swirled his tongue around and over the head, his tongue piercing hitting all the right spots as he went. He teased and teased making Hawks writhe against his bonds trying to get just a little more from Dabi’s stunted licks and kisses. When Dabi pushed his swollen cock past his lips and down his throat in one go, Hawks cried out hard as his back arched up off the bed. Dabi hummed around him in approval and Hawks shuddered.

He began sliding up and down on him, hot hands holding Hawks’ hips down to the bed, his grip surprisingly strong. Hawks squirmed against his hands and the feather bonds around his wrists but it did little to deter Dabi. His mouth was just as hot as his hands and his tongue was like velvet gliding all around him. It was too much. He felt himself hurtling at light speed towards his climax. “Dabi wait-wait please. Hnngh…oh my god-no wait stop STOP!” Hawks’ voice got high and desperate as he tried to squirm away.

It didn’t deter Dabi in the least. He kept going like he was on a mission. Hawks could feel it coming (no pun intended) and he began to panic because Dabi wasn’t letting up. “Stop stop! Oh my god Stop STOP ahhhhh Stop DAMMIT TOUYA STOP!!!” Hawks yelled and Dabi stopped in his tracks. He slowly let his cock slip from his mouth, making Hawks shiver as he looked up at Hawks’ face. Hawks panted for a moment, trying to get blood back to his brain after getting to the brink and suddenly stopping.

“How-how do you know my name?” Touya whispered. Hawks sighed and let his body sag against his bonds and into the mattress. “How could I not know?” Hawks finally said after a moment. “The white hair, the bright blue eyes, the tattoos. I’ve seen you in the newspapers and magazines with your art exhibitions.” Touya sat back on his heels, and even though Hawks couldn’t see his face, he knew he was under that mask overthinking and beginning to panic.

“Though, to be fair, I remember when you had red hair and chubby cheeks.” Hawks said softly and Touya stopped mid hand-wring and stared from behind his mask at him. Hawks sighed and looked away. “You-you knew it was me?” Touya asked softly, his low voice tumbling through the space around them. “Yeah. I knew. Who else would have a username that just happened to be what they used to call us at the orphanage? I’d wondered if it was you or a coincidence, but then when I saw your eyes and that hair…I’d kinda kept track of you through articles and stuff. There was no doubt it was you.” Hawks replied softly.

Touya sat back on his knees as he took it all in and then looked over at the camera. “Oh, don’t worry, I won’t post the video. I’ll make up some excuse that the camera died or something.” He said without looking back up at him. A moment of utter silence filled the room, replacing all the air as it spread out. Hawks was waiting for him to jump up and run but instead he just reached up and pulled his mask off completely and dropped it on the floor.

Hawks looked up at him and his heart did backflips. He was stunning. Sharp features, a few laugh lines, long dark eyelashes that clashed with his stark white hair, three small studs in his nose, a barbell in his eyebrow and a small soft smile on his lips. “Keigo…” Touya whispered and Hawks’ eyes went wide and glassy with tears that welled up. It had been years since anyone called him by that name and for it to fall from the lips of the one person he’s loved since he was a child was overwhelming.

Touya cupped Hawks’ cheek in his hand and thumbed away a rogue tear that spilled over. “I missed you so much.” he said breathlessly before crashing into Keigo’s mouth in a hungry kiss that Hawks reciprocated excitedly. His first love, his only love, finally in his arms.


This fanfiction is participating in our annual fanfiction contest.

Please vote for the fanfiction you think should win! Vote by clicking the heart below.

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