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Singer & Songwriter @jasylva_

Singer and songwriter @jasylva created a song called Nimbus. It captured our hearts and we think it'll do the same for you!

Here's where you can listen to Nimbus but read on to learn more about @jasylva and why she created the song.


Animeforwomen:What inspired you to create Nimbus?

@jasylva: "I wrote Nimbus about someone I never thought I’d meet again. I’m always apprehensive to change, but the uncertainties of life are inevitable. I began to feel weightless yet grounded the more I was around this person. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. The mix of emotions I felt in finding someone who brought me out of my comfort zone developed into an experience that’s impacted my life forever."


AFW: Do you have a favorite anime song(opening or ending)?

@jasylva: "My favorite anime song is “You Say Run” from My Hero Academia. The intro makes my heart pitter-pat and when the climax plays, I feel a similar sense of power that I feel when making music."


AFW: What is your favorite anime of all time?

@jasylva: "My favorite anime of all time is Lovely Complex."


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