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Number 24 Anime Review

by Kris Isaweeb

This is a “rugby” anime about a college kid who gets into a motorcycle accident and misses out on a year of rugby as a consequence. Once he returns to the team he has to act as a team manager due to his injuries. Sounds tragic right? Don’t worry this anime is pure comedy. It is absolutely hilarious and the protagonist is very witty and snarky. If you are wondering why I used quotes on “rugby” it is because they actually play very little rugby considering it is a sports anime. I’m going to be honest, this anime is just a thirst trap. It’s full of a bunch of half naked ripped college guys who like to goof off with their bros. Speaking of bros, the bromance is THICK in this anime. If you thought Free- Iwatobi Swim Club was BL baiting, then Number 24 said “hold my beer.” Don’t go into this sports anime thinking you’re going to get a serious plot. It is very light hearted, funny, and something perfect to watch when you want to view a show that doesn’t require much brain power.

You can watch this anime on Funimation for free or you can find it on Amazon Prime!

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