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My Hero Academia Fan Art

We asked @anita.ilustraciones

💜When did you start to draw?

💜What inspired you to draw?

💜 What is your favorite illustration you have drawn and why?


Before you read her answers, check out some of her My Hero Academia fan art!


Her answers:

“Omg, questions! Ok. Haha

The first one is hard, I've been drawing for as long as I can remember! I have memories since I was 3 years old doing a drawing for my mom, who just died, I guess as I grew up the illusion of dedicating myself to this remained, but I finally studied professionally at 18 years old. And although I have my degree in illustration, I'm still constantly learning.”

“As for what inspires me to draw, I'm currently very motivated by my ship bkdk and I like to challenge myself, I want to make more complex compositions, scenes full of feelings, it's like a thirst to learn. The trigger can be as much as a song, a fanfic, and of course other bkdk artists who do wonders. Sometimes I'm driving or out for a walk and I see dynamics between people or lights that I find beautiful and I can't help but think of them there. Sometimes I'm invaded by mental images that I want to capture but I don't have enough time, the most recurrent ones that don't leave me are the ones that are lucky enough to see the light XD”

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