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Attack on Titan Fanart by @mira_ge_art

Artist @mira_ge_art (on Instagram) gives us the Attack on Titan fan art we need 😩


Check out her fan art of Eren, Mikasa, and Armin!

She also answered our questions:

💜How long have you been drawing?

💜 What inspired you to draw anime styled characters?

@mira_ge_art says:

“I have been drawing since i was around 12 yo (am 23 now) but started taking is seriously and learning digital art a year ago!

Well I was an anime fan for as long as i remember i always admired how they express feelings and emotions through drawings so yeah i wanted to be able to do the same thing :D”


This artist prints are available here

@mira_ge_art Attack on Titan Poster Canvas Available Now!

*Disclaimer: We asked for permission to post this artist work. If you want to purchase work use link above. If you want to post images please ask artist*

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