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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Fan Art by lunorichi.jpg

We asked @lunorichi.jpg

💜When did you start drawing?

What inspired you to start drawing?

💜 What is your favorite art piece you have done and why?


Before you read her answers check out her Giorno Giovanna fan art from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure


Her answers:

"I always loved to draw, I have been drawing since I was like 5 years old. My big brother showed me the world of anime and I grew up with shows like Yuyu Hakusho, Hunter x Hunter , Naruto , Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne and many more!

Arina Tanemura's art was the biggest inspiration to me and it was thanks to her that I decided to pursue art as my future career."


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"I really this one piece so much! It brings me so many emotions and I really like the composition and everything. Jonathan is a character that I really love. With such a beautiful and pure soul and his death made me so so sad; I feel really identified with him, sensitive and good people can also be brave and strong!"


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