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Hellsing Cosplay by @asylum_queen_cosplays

(Seras Victoria from Hellsing cosplay by @asylum_queen_cosplays)

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Read below to get to know the cosplayer!

Animeforwomen: What made you get into cosplaying?

@asylum_queen_cosplays: "What made me start cosplaying is wanting to find a hobby. That gives me confidence and expresses my love for anime and such and like Hellsing."


Animeforwomen: What is your favorite anime cosplay?

@asylum_queen_cosplays: "My favorite anime cosplay is Seras Victoria. Cause of how strong of a character she is."


Animeforwomen: Do you have a cosplay that was very challenging for you? If so what did you do to overcome the challenge?

@asylum_queen_cosplays: "Yes my resent cosplay Raiden shogun. I had to look up how to tie a kimono."


Animeforwomen: What is your favorite anime if any?

@asylum_queen_cosplays: "My favorite anime is Hellsing Ultimate and one of my favorites because they have strong female characters and I’m a sucker for gory animes."


Follow her for more cosplay content! @asylum_queen_cosplays

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