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Dressrosa Is Beautiful Isn’t It? by Aphro

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Dressrosa Is Beautiful Isn’t It?

by Aphro

Dressrosa was beautiful, even more so now that Donquixote Doflamingo was taken down by your captain. The sounds of the citizens, freed pirates, and the colosseum announcer cheering could be heard all throughout the kingdom even atop the flower field where you currently stood with Robin, Rebecca, and Kyros. The smile on your face stretched from ear to ear knowing all of their suffering and misery was over with Luffy’s victory.

You briefly looked over at Rebecca and Kyros kneeling next to each other in contentment, you felt Robin shift next to you before saying softly “We should give them space. We’ll see each other again at the celebration.” You nodded slowly wiping the tear that had welled at the corner of your eye.


You had long been used to the aftermaths of a Straw Hat victory. There would always be a never ending buffet of food, lots of drinking, cheers, music and the best of all dancing. You were never quite sure how a country could manage to produce as much food and drink as they do following a battle but it was always a pleasant surprise.

King Riku’s hardy laughter brought you back from your thoughts “Of course there will be plenty of meat for you Straw Hat! Only the best for our savior!!”

It was Luffy’s turn to laugh after he had heard all he needed to hear from the King. You smiled softly to yourself at the sound, that beautiful sound.

Every day you tried to convince yourself that Luffy didn’t mean more to you than just being your captain but every time you heard that laugh your heart skipped more beats than you cared to admit. Your gaze would always linger longer than you intended it to be when he would wrestle with Usopp and the rays always looked more golden when he sat upon the Sunny’s head while sailing.

“Oi!” Luffy was poking your arm with his head cocked “Where did you go?! You know we have a party to go to right? I want to get there while the meat is still fresh!” You could have sworn you had seen his mouth drooling when he said “meat”.

“Yes. They party will start soon! If we don’t go now how will our captain ever get his fill?” Robin chuckled lightly behind you.

“This party is gonna be SUPER fun!” Franky sports his usual pose at the statement.

“Only if there’s plenty to drink.” Zoro states next to him.

“I’m just glad this is all over. That was terrifying!” Usopp cried.

You stood from your spot about to ask where the other members of your party were. Law had taken substantial damage during the fight with the warlord so you were sure he would sit this party out, not that he’s the social type. The two samurai from Wano were no where to be seen.

“Kin’emon and Kanjuro went to speak amoung themselves somewhere else. I don’t think they’ll be joining us.” Robin had answered as if she had heard your thoughts. She always seemed to know what you were thinking before you had even completed a thought. You smiled at her “Thank you! It’s like you knew what i was thinking, as always!” the archeologist winked at you before walking ahead.

As you walked along Luffy’s bouncing and laughter were all you could focus on the contagious emotion warmed your heart.


The celebration was well under way and all that could be heard was laughter, cheering, and singing. Whatever silence could be found was filled by the sound of trumpets and guitars.

You looked around at all of your friends and crew mates. Zoro was off on a corner bench drinking and laughing with Kyros. The once toy soldier deserved this party as much as your crew did. His organizing the tontatta to stage the coup against the Family and destruction of the SMILE factory.

You raised your glass chuckling about how your original mission, destroying that factory, had turned into all of this liberation. Not to mention this mission had also reunited your captain with his presumed dead brother. Sabo had been by Kyros home earlier to say his goodbyes to Luffy before taking his leave. Unfortunately Luffy had been asleep, but fortunately for your crew you had learned the brothers story and therefore got to understand yet another thing about Luffy’s past. As Sabo was leaving, his comment about taking care of his brother was an echo of the other brother Ace’s back in Alabasta but you could of sworn that Sabo had eyed you specifically with his last words.

Robin was standing with Franky laughing with him as he retold his story about the fight with Senor Pink at the SMILE factory. “So hard-boiled” you heard Robin chuckle.

Usopp was surronded by the pirates and citizens he had so “bravely” saved from Sugar’s fruit ability. No doubt exaggerating how the whole ordeal had happened.

Luffy was not so sneakily stealing meat from Usopp’s plate while he was parading around. Rebecca and King Riku’s talking falling on deaf ears.


King Riku, despite Luffy’s protests, had announced the end of the feast and that the rest of the night would be the time for dance and music. Although the food had stopped being passed around the drinks hadn’t. You took a swig of your drink before getting up to dance with Robin.

This was your favorite part of every celebration. The release of all that adrenaline from fighting was just what the doctor ordered. The freedom of dance resonated with the country. You tapped around Robin leaning your head back to the sound of music filling your ears. Twirling around the floor to each one of your present crew mates. Franky and Usopp making you laugh the hardest with their moves. Zoro just held your hand as he twirled you around, making sure his sake didn’t waste by drinking it one full gulp.

Unknown to you Zoro had twirled you right into Luffy’s arms. Your eyes were still shut taking in the atmosphere and letting the alcohol bring you a pleasant buzz. Luffy wrapped his arms tightly around your waist guiding you around the floor on light feet. He guided your head to his shoulder as the song currently being played had hit a soft tone. The smell of the sea and meat overwhelmed your senses and you eased into the position knowing your captain would ensure your safety.

Luffy took one of your hands in his intertwining your fingers together before shuffling on swift feet to the beat of the music. His hot breath on your neck sent shivers down your spine, a stark contrast to the coolness of the night. As the singing picked up you felt a prickle at your ear. Luffy started to hum the melody in your ear lowering his hand down your back above your ass.

“Su cuerpo, Juro por Dios, que era tan perfecta, Su cinturita como modelo, sus ojos, desde el principio me enamororan, a elle le gusto y a mí me gusta.” Luffy sings softly in your ear. Your eyes shoot open upon hearing the perfect singing.

Luffy smiles at you sweetly before kissing your forehead and then cheek. “This place truly is beautiful isn’t it?”

You gulp completely ignoring his statement “I didn’t know you knew how to speak spanish?? Does anyone else know?” asking exasperatedly.

Luffy chuckles, that beautiful chuckle again, “No. No one else needs to know. It’s not important, but you are.”

You understood what your captain was saying to you. No one else knew about him being bilingual because he wanted to share this information with someone who was important. Important to him. The light pink from the alcohol brushing your cheeks turned brighter and darker as the realization hit you.

Luffy’s laughter was booming after watching your reaction to his confession, it caused everyone in the room to start laughing along with him. Tears welled in your eyes yet again as Sabo’s comment earlier in the night came to you. He -was-speaking to you because he knew his brother’s feelings.

You picked your head up off Luffy’s shoulder to better look your captain in the eye. His eyes were shimmering with that all too familiar sparkle. It would never get old, seeing him like this. Your mind begins to race as you think back to each moment you spent with or around Luffy. Admitting to this was easier than you had initially thought.

“I love you, Luffy” you said softly, almost afraid his confession wasn’t what you thought, hoped, it was.

He leans down centimeters from your lips, and after waiting a moment Luffy kisses you endearingly before replying “I have loved you for a long time. This is the adventure I’ve been waiting for.”

You eagerly return the kiss never wanting for anything more. Your heart swells with the admission. The feeling of love was so overwhelming you were sure that you would have buckled if Luffy hadn’t been holding onto you. His rubber arms extend fully engulfing you into him, laying his head ontop of yours.

Dressrosa sure was beautiful now and your promise to Sabo would be easier to keep than you had originally thought.



This fanfiction is participating in our annual fanfiction contest.

Please vote for the fanfiction you think should win! Vote by clicking the heart below.

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