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Devilish Charm- Dazai x Reader by Levien_Ackerman

We asked the author: What has motivated her to start writing fanfiction?

Check out her answer at the end of this fanfic!💜



•°—did i just get up saved?—°•

Yuri P.O.V.

Back then, I was locked up in a very traumatic place. A place where you could meet your death, or should I say, a place like hell. I was the only person imprisoned there and they did a lot of terrible things to me; they injected me with different chemicals and made me a human test subject.

I was glad that God didn't leave me, I survived every experiment they performed on me. Surprisingly, I'm still alive. Every time they gave me time to rest, I could only lay on my bed wishing that my suffering would soon end.

I always kept this bracelet in my pocket, but because of the merciless experiments they performed on my body, I eventually forgot why I always carried the bracelet. Ever since they took me away, I forget memories I had of my past.

Unfortunately, the only memories that I could remember were the bad memories, like how my own parents hurt and destroyed my life. Actually, my parents almost killed me, but I'm glad I've managed to survive. My school life wasn’t any better, the students at my school liked to bully people like me. But despite being the unluckiest person in this world, I was fortunate enough to find a good friend that I could always count on.

The memories of my best friend were hazy because of the near deadly amounts of chemicals regularly pumped into my body. I yearn to remember the good memories so that I could have a bit of motivation to continue to fight for my life, but we're talking about myself here, hello?

When I was kidnapped and brought to this horrible place, I wasn't scared nor afraid. I was terrifyingly happy. Why? Because I thought I would finally get out of my hellish-house, but I was wrong again, it was actually a new start to more pain and suffering. It was all just the same.

It was only a few minutes after I rested that they were already there to get me for another test. They shot a few injections in my weak pale arm. Usually, I can no longer feel the pain, but that day was different. It was very painful and, hell, I feel like giving up.

My lids were heavy and I could almost feel the brink of death coming closer. My eyes were ready to close any minute, but then I heard a loud sound. I was frozen in my spot and couldn't close my eyes. Some people in lab gowns rushed towards the sound. I was left inside with two other people.

After a few seconds of silence, I heard thousands of loud gunshots. Some went through the wall and, luckily, didn't hit me or the other people with me. One of the men in a lab gown ran back inside the lab room where I was.

"The Port Mafia is taking us down! It was Dazai again!" he exclaimed. They were in a state of panic, but I had no clue what they were talking about. They took off their gowns and ran for their lives, leaving me behind.

Dazai... it sounded familiar to me...

But wait! They're taking them down! I can escape!

I was too weak to move, it was really painful but I tried my best to stand. I almost fell when I tried to walk, but I motivated myself to stand firm; it was the only chance I could take and I can't let that slip away.

I walked slowly trying to stabilize my balance and I held on to the walls for support.

When I heard some footsteps, I quickly hid in a very dark corner and stayed there until I couldn't hear anything anymore. I took a peek to see who was walking and I saw a guy full of bandages on his body, eyes and hair were colored hazel brown. He was walking to the lab room as if he were looking for someone or something.

I returned my gaze back and took a quiet breath. When I felt the building was empty, I went out of my hiding place and walked again. Dead bodies were lying on the floor, blood spilling on the cold dusty floor.

I kept myself focused and finally got out of the building. I sat on the ground, felt happy that I was finally free again. I don't even know how long I was in that hell hole but I didn’t think of it too much.

I smiled faintly and stood up,

I needed to go somewhere I could stay away from my parents. I didn’t know where I was, but I guess I could ask some people. I kept walking and also thinking where I should stay until I finally had a smart idea. I’ll just go to my best friend's house!

I asked people for directions and I was glad that they were able to point me in the right direction. I started making my way to my best friend's house as the sky became darker.

2 or 3 hours had already passed and I was still walking. I was tired and hungry, but I kept myself together. There was no time for me to get tired, a little further and I'd soon arrive.

When I finally reached his house, I pressed the bell. I pressed it twice because of being impatient, but then the door finally opened revealing my best friend. His eyes widened when he saw me, I gave him a short smile and suddenly darkness filled my sight.


When I woke up, I was in a comfy place. I missed the fluffiness and softness of the bed compared to what I used before. It was so relaxing, I dare not open my eyes. I felt like I was still tired. The sound of the door suddenly opening made my eyes open, I then saw my friend walking closer to me. I sat up and smiled at him.

"Thank you so much Chuuya," I said, but more like a whisper. He smiled weakly as he sat on the bed with me

"It's been a while since you've left Yuri, what happened to you? I was so worried. Your parents kept coming here and asking if you were here, but of course I told them you weren’t."

"I'm sorry for causing you trouble, I didn't mean to."

"It's fine but tell me what happened to you? Where have you been?" I sighed and looked down, I didn't want to remember it again. He seemed to notice and brought up a new conversation. "Let's eat breakfast first. Come on, let's go downstairs"

We walked down and sat at the dining table. As we ate I told him everything that happened to me. He felt sorry for me, but I just said it's fine.

Chuuya is my best friend, I can't remember the exact time we met because of those drugs and chemicals, but I know for sure that Chuuya is the only person I know. He was the only person I could always run to. He was the only one I told about how my parents treated me, about everything that happened to me. I don't know if there were people who were there for me back then, but I'm sure there was no one else but my very best friend.

"Hey Chuuya thanks for letting me stay. I think I should just go back to my home" I smiled at him.

"You know you can't do that."

"You know I can't stay here with you for my whole life."

"Who says you can't?" he said, staring straight into my orbs. I smiled at him brightly.

"I know I can, but I don't want to burden you..." I stopped when he flicked my forehead. "ouch!"

"You're not a burden, seriously. I actually want you to stay by my side your whole life" he said quotationing the words “whole life.”


"Because you're weak and an idiot girl that I wanted to protect." he mumbled, yet I heard it. I smiled at him again and held his hand.

"You're the bestest friend ever."


Night has finally come, Chuuya needed to buy ingredients for our food. I told him that I should just be the one to buy it so I could actually contribute a little, but he didn't agree to it. I actually had to forcibly convince him that it’ll be fine until he finally said yes.

I walked to the nearest store I could walk to and bought everything we would be needing and went back immediately. The sky was dark and a bit scary, but I didn't mind it. I was out of my mind when three muscled guys stopped in front of me.

I stop and look at them terrified. I was about to run, but they pulled me into a dark corner.

Please not again...

My body was shaking as one of them pinned me to the wall.

"Hey don't be scared young lady, you know beautiful girls like you shouldn't be outside at a time like this, but I'm glad that you did!" They laughed as the man ran his fingers across my face.

"Looks like we're having fun tonight" the other man said.

"Who's gonna play first?" the bald man said.

My heart beat was deafening, I was so scared, I couldn't even talk or move.

The guy was about to go for my neck and I was shaking. A gunshot was heard and I got startled as the guy in front of me collapsed to the ground. The other two looked around to see who it was, but they also got shot and fell.

My eyes widened when their blood was visible on the floor. I looked around, hoping that I could get a sight of someone and then I saw a familiar figure walking towards me.

I realized who it was, it was the guy I saw in the building yesterday. He still had the bandages wrapped around his body.

Scared that he might shoot me too, I kept quiet as he walked closer to me. He sighed and I could see how he rolled his eyes.

"Look at this stupid girl, walking outside in the middle of the night" he said still holding his gun as he used it to scratch his head as if it wasn't dangerous.

"I-I'm sorry..." I stuttered. He snorted at my reply. It was so lame that I was apologizing to him.

"Whatever, come with me" he said. He then pulled me inside a car while all I could do was let him drag me away. I was so scared he might make my head explode if I tried to run away.

The man drove away with me inside his car. I don't know what he wanted to do with me, but I was too afraid to talk.

I don't know what came to my mind and asked myself, did I just get saved?


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We asked the author Levien_Ackerman :

What has motivated her to start writing fanfiction?

Her answer:

“Though I can't really say that I have a lot of followers, most of them are pretty much my supporter and my energy booster. Their supports gives me enough motivation to write stories and share my Imagination or ideas to them which I hope they enjoy it :))”

Follow the author on Instagram for updates on her fanfiction stories!

*We do not own this fanfiction. We asked the author if we could post the first chapter of her fanfic*

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