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Wickedly Blerdy by Bria Rucker Business Feature

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

For Women’s History Month this year, Animeforwomen will feature 30 women who own a small business. Each business that we feature is donating a gift certificate. The gift certificates will be given away at our raffle event on Discord on March 31st at 5pm PST/8pm EST. A winner will receive a gift certificate from each business.

Up to 18 chances to win! Click here!


(Business Owner:Bria Rucker)

Wickedly Blerdy

Wickedly Blerdy is a brand that caters to and is all about those who enjoy indulging in their inner otaku and loves showcasing their love of all things anime and appreciation of Japanese culture in all aspects of their daily life!Offering pieces from drink ware, household items like tabkes, hand craftes handbags, clothing and more! Before it came to fruition and grew in to what it is today, Wickedly Blerdy was just a blurb in the back of Bri's mind. She has always been artistic and creative and a huge "weeb" but in 2020 she decided to turn her hobby into a full blown business! As "nerds," "blerds" and those in between, I know we all love buying things that showcase our love for our fandoms, I combined that love and my love for crafting and thus Wickedly Blerdy was born! Along with being black owned, it is also WOMAN owned and we also have a group of amazing ambassadors who are also all black women doing great things in their perspective brands. As we continue to grow we plan on doing more and offering more for other women in the community. Wickedly Blerdy is all about uplifting the community we serve while also providing amazingly creative and affordable merch!

Gift Certificate Donation:$20


Wickedly Blerdy


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