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Playing with Fire by Shonen Baddies

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Warning Tags: slight AU, primal dom, sub/dom, fire force, Benimaru, punishment, rated M, lemon, explicit language, bratty sub

Playing with Fire

by Shonen Baddies

1:50 am

The citizens of Tokyo were asleep, and the rest were exhausted from a long day. Meanwhile, Y/N was heading home after her late-night cram session, followed by a night out with her friends.

Usually, Y/N wasn't the type to stay out late and would have been home by now with her boyfriend, Benimaru. But her best friend Maki begged Y/N to hit a bar after class with their friends. Maki teased Y/N about being controlled by Benimaru to get her to come out, which resulted in Y/N texting Beni about coming home late to avoid a potential argument. Unaware of his reply, she walks away.

Now, her only focus was to get home to her boyfriend/roommate, Benimaru. They had met each other by fate or accident; they could never tell the difference.


"Dammit, I'm so late for class; I shouldn't have stayed up so la-" Y/N's words were cut off as she collided with what seemed like a brick wall. Upon further inspection, she discovered that she had run into a "wall" of a man. He was dressed in a white tee, black vest, and a kimono tucked into dark grey fireman's overalls. Outfit aside, To describe him as handsome wouldn't have done him justice.

He was rugged, with a dangerous atmosphere that surrounded him. Y/N was mesmerized by him until he opened his mouth.

"Why don't you watch where you're goin'?" He stated dismissively and stared with unique eyes before helping her to her feet. After sparing a second to glance down at her, he was surprised. To him, she resembled Adolla herself.

But it wasn't her curves that initially caught his attention. It was her eyes, full of fiery wonder and innocence. "Yeah, well, I'm in a hurry. I'm so sorry. Bye!" Y/N yelled at him as she darted toward the Japanese History Building.

Later, Y/N discovered Benimaru was an acquaintance of an older classmate. They were in the same line of work as Special Fire Force Firefighters.

Over time, Benimaru found himself to be unusually fond of Y/N. The way she laughed, her snarky remarks at things he would say, the way she would gush about old Japanese culture as a history buff. Y/N loved how he cared for her and those close to him, the sheer absoluteness of his strength, and that dismissive attitude that annoyed her yet somehow pulled her in like the gravity of the Sun. And not too soon after, he asked her to move in with him, which she gladly accepted.

End of flashback

2:15 am

"I wonder if Beni's awake, he never responded to my message." Y/N thought dismissively. She then checked her phone and saw several missed calls and messages. As she opened the door to her and Benimaru's penthouse (which they could only afford on his Captain's salary), Y/N sighed, "Shit, I forgot my phone was on DND for class. I hope Beni isn't too mad; I didn't see his messages".

Y/N dropped her bag by the door and entered the kitchen after removing her shoes. Before she could open the fridge, she heard a deep, rough voice. She jumped and let out a surprised squeal but calmed down after realizing it was just Beni. Y/N calmed down a little prematurely.

"Welcome home. Did you enjoy yourself?" His voice was tense but strangely calm. It scared her a little. She couldn't distinguish his features due to the shadows engulfing his large frame. But she could see his piercing red eye and that all he had on was a pair of dark red pajama pants.

"Yeah, I had a good time. Did I wake you?" She asked innocently.

"No love, I haven't been asleep." His gaze narrowed. "I've been up all night…waiting for YOU." He glared as he slowly made his way over to where she was standing. "I was too worried, constantly thinking, what had happened to my girlfriend!! Since you ignored me and didn't answer my messages or calls!"

He now stood towering over her short frame.

"Baby, I forgot to check my phone, and it was on DND. Besides, it's different from your permission to go out. You don't own me or—" She was cut off by him slamming his hand up against the refrigerator door.

"Let's get one thing straight, Y/N," he whispered harshly in her ear. "You are mine, which means I DO own you. Nobody else. you're all mine." His voice was drenched with dangerous arousal as he peered into her eyes and saw the slight fear in them. Without another word, he firmly pressed his body completely onto hers and kissed her.

The kiss was…DEEP. It was everything he was: rough, domination, and DEMANDING. But strangely, it was loving and caring as well. It was breathtakingly confusing. Finally, Y/N was entirely out of breath after an eternity when the kiss ended. However, Beni wasn't at all fazed.

When Y/N realized that Beni had lifted her, he was carrying her.

"B-Beni? What are you gonna do?" she questioned.

"I'm gonna teach you a lesson you won't forget."

They reached their bedroom, and, with one swift movement, He kicked the door open and shut. He placed Y/N on their king-sized bed. Y/N began to back up out of reflex and fear. She felt like prey facing its predator. He had pulled her beneath him and straddled her to keep her there. Without uttering a word, I looked her straight into her eyes and ripped all the clothing from her body.

"Beni, stop!" Y/N screamed. A dark chuckle rumbled from his massive chest. "If you want me to stop, you remember our safe word, right?" With those words, he ripped the last of her clothing from her body, leaving her completely naked.

He was right. Y/N knew their safe word; if she felt she was in danger or things got too rough, she could use it, and Beni would stop immediately. But she wanted to play with fire tonight.

As Y/N lay there nude, Benimaru chuckled devilishly at her blushing cheeks and flustered face. He took both of her wrists together, bound them together with his belt, and placed both of her hands above her head.

"Keep them there," he demanded, "or I'll make this much harder for you," he said as he ground his pelvis into her womanhood. "Understood?"

Her only answer was a moan, full of nervous anticipation, and her nodding her head rapidly.

"Good girl."

He kissed her while simultaneously grinding into her to take some of the tension away from them. His kisses moved methodically down her jawline to the hollow of her neck. When the grinding suddenly stopped. She whimpered and bucked her hips beneath his. He grabbed her wide hips, pinning them down onto the mattress, keeping her still. Beni's right hand moved to her breast. He made sure never to break eye contact. His gaze alone was enough to send fire down her spine. He pulled one hardened nipple into his mouth while his other hand went to her other breast.

He kissed her passionately, the tension between them dissipating with each methodical move of his lips down her jawline to the hollow of her neck. Abruptly, the grinding stopped, and she whimpered, arching her hips. He seized her wide hips, pinning her down, and his right hand found her breast, maintaining intense eye contact. Y/N moaned breathlessly, uttering his name.

"Enjoying it?" he growled, his sharp teeth alternating between aggressive nips and sucking on her breast, eliciting yelps. His other hand traced her curves, teasing her clit. As he plunged his large fingers into her, she gasped and struggled to speak. "Beni th—this is too much. I'm going to cum", Y/N panted wildly beneath him. Suddenly, he withdrew, leaving her frustrated and on the brink of release.

"Beni!" she cried out, tears forming. Ignoring her, he kissed her hungrily, his hand exploring everywhere but the spot she craved most. Face to face, time seemed to freeze as they shared a fiery gaze.

"Y/N," Beni growled her name out. "Look at me, Y/N." He demanded, and she obeyed. He could see the desire within them. Suddenly, he roughly plunged three fingers into her, never giving her a chance to acclimate to the additional digits. A gasp erupted from her chest as her body shuddered. She closed her eyes while turning her head the other way. "Beni!"

"Look at me, Y/N," Beni once again commanded, placing one large hand around her neck. He repeated himself, this time a little annoyed. Her silence only increased the pressure on his hands. It was causing her once again to scream from the pleasure and pain that he gave her.

"Beni!!!" She gasped out, finally finding her words…or words. The sound brought a satisfied grin to his face.

"Again, Y/N," he continued his ministrations on her body.

"Beni," his name came out more like a moan. He chuckled darkly in response.

"That's my girl," his voice heavy with lust. "Listen to me, Y/N, I'm the only one that will ever get to touch you…see you…..TASTE YOU." He said while licking her satisfaction from his index and middle fingers. "YOU are mine, understand?" He knew she did but enjoyed her struggle for words nonetheless.

"YES!!! Only yours, Beni", she whimpered and moaned beneath him. He wasn't sure if he could take much more of this. As he felt her tighten around his fingers once again, he, almost reluctantly, removed his hand from her completely.

"Baby PLEASE!!!! I need you now." She pleaded.

"I need you to do something for me first?"

Without delay, Y/N rose to her knees, face to face with what she'd been craving since they'd started. Instinctively, she grabbed hold of his dick, feeling it pulse slightly under her touch. She gently swirled her tongue around the tip before inserting the rest of him into her mouth.

"FUCK, Y/N," Benimaru whispered, grabbing a fist full of her thick coily hair. "Just like that."

She felt him press her downwards slightly and reveled in the feelings she was giving him.

"Look at me," he breathed, using his hand, still full of her hair, to tilt her head upwards without removing himself from her mouth. The simple sight of her looking up, tears streaking out the corners of her eyes, with a mouthful of his dick, was enough to make him finish at that moment.

Beni lifted her, tossing her onto the bed, and entered with more force than intended. Y/N gasped and shifted slightly, but Beni gripped her wide hips, maintaining control, pumping rhythmically.

"Beni!" She was close, and he could feel it. Beni lifted one of Y/N's legs over his shoulder and hooked the other around his hip to hit her deepest spots.

"Cum for me, Y/N; come on, baby." He placed a hand around her neck, gentle yet firm. He was ready to come with her, too, now. He squeezed the sides of her throat and locked eyes with Y/N. He loosened his grip and said, "Now breathe and cum on Daddy's dick."

"Ahh…FUCK!! BENI!!!!" It was enough to send him over the edge as well. Before he could collapse against her, he reached up and unbound her hands, rolling over onto his back and tucking Y/N under his arm.

Later, after regaining their breath, Y/N apologized for making him worry. She rested against his chest, and he held her chin, gazing into her eyes, noticing her slightly swollen lips.

"Have you learned your lesson?"

Even when her face was fire hydrant red with embarrassment, she knew the questioning would lead to something further if she didn't give him the answer he wanted.

"Yes, sir," she whispered.

"Good girl," he muttered against her forehead, kissing it gently. Despite them both knowing that was far from the last time she'd disobey him again.


This fanfiction is participating in our annual fanfiction contest.

Please vote for the fanfiction you think should win! Vote by clicking the heart below.

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