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Madara and his Jealous Traumatized Boyfriend by Gojou_Satoru_wife69

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Warning Tags: yaoi, satyriasis, panic attack, fluff, trauma

Madara and his Jealous Traumatized Boyfriend

by Gojou_Satoru_wife69

I don't remember why I am so angry. I don't even know if it is anger I am feeling or heartache. As images of her kissing Madara flashes in front of my eyes, I shut them tightly grabbing the sides of my head and pulling at my hair to focus on the physical pain.

It does little to alleviate the pain in my heart. My breathing quickens as I replay the events in my head.


I had woken up after a surprisingly peaceful sleep only to feel arms around my torso. Panicking a little thinking it was him, I tense before the arms around me begin to move up and down. I am made aware that I am shirtless, but as soon as I feel warm calloused gentle touches, I calm down.

I hear him whisper in my ear reminding me I am no longer in that cell and that I am safe, stopping me from shaking. As I calmed down more, I remembered why Madara had come to my room the night before.

He had gotten me out of an episode. I was having a nightmare about one of the worst sessions with him. I had woken up screaming to get off me and Madara had heard my screams.

I blink a few times as I register that my nose is touching Madara's chest as he rubs up and down my spine causing goosebumps to form.

I focus on his heartbeat as I feel a soft pressure on my head. I take a deep breath in as I enjoy the feel of his lips on me. A blush forms on my cheeks that I fight hard to force away.

I snap out of it as a knock is heard on my door. I am hyperventilating, but I try to keep it quiet not wanting to be seen like this. I wipe furiously at the traitorous tears running down my face as another knock is heard followed by Madara's kind voice.

"Oi, let me in," he says gently after noting my door is locked.

I don't respond shaking my head side to side. I don't want him to see me like this again. I manage to calm my breathing down enough that I can now see ahead of me and I walk to the connected bathing area and I walk to the sink.

I hear the door click a few times before it opens and closes. I run water over my face cleaning the evidence away just as Madara walks in.

My arms are still shaking as I grip the sides of the small basin of water. I look up into the mirror to see Madara standing behind me. His eyes held concern, but another image of the woman kissing him flashed in my visage and I shut my eyes again.

"Another episode?"

Yeah. "No."

"You feel alright?"

No, not really. "I'm fine."

"Why are you lying to me?" he asks putting his hands on my shoulders and giving them a light squeeze causing me to tense. I open my eyes hesitantly to make eye contact with him.

Because I love you. "I'm not."

He hardens his gaze which is filled with worry and hurt. Why is he hurt? "Yes, you are." He says my name sending shivers down my spine. He moves his hands from my shoulders moving the cloth of my black yukata.

My breathing increases as he lets the sleeves fall off my arms. The silver cloth around my waist stops the cloth from fully leaving my body.

I close my eyes softly as I feel his breath on my neck. I shiver visibly as he says my name once more. "What has you so upset?"

I gasp as I feel his tongue run along the scar on my neck before he gently bites when I don't answer him.

He suddenly stops causing me to shoot my eyes open. I bite the inside of my cheek struggling to find the words without making myself sound jealous. I open my mouth to say something but pause when I notice him patiently waiting for me to speak.

The words are caught in my throat as I struggle to say anything. My mouth opens and closes repeatedly trying to say something until Madara sighs closing his eyes. I shut my mouth thinking I had disappointed him.

Before I could drop my gaze fully, I am turned around and Madara smashes his lips onto mine. Our teeth hit each other causing me to gasp. He takes the chance to explore the inside of my mouth.

The shock is overridden by a desire that ignited and before I could stop myself, I had cornered Madara into the wall behind him placing both forearms on the wall on each side of him caging him in.

My eyes were clouded and while our tongues danced, I began to struggle. No, not like this. I pulled away, a string of saliva forming between us. I was shaking with the desire to fuck. I didn't want that.

I was panting and groaning from the struggle, Madara was confused at me shaking my head.

"M-Madara," I was panting so loudly as I began to leave open-mouth kisses along his jaw and neck. "P-push me a-ah-away," I couldn't stop myself.

I felt him place his hand flat on my chest hesitantly, but as I kissed him roughly clenching my fist so tight, something in him snapped and he pushed me away.

"FUCK!" I yelled as I grabbed my hard-on turning on my side.


"I don't want it to be like this," I tried explaining in between pants. "Fuck!"

He knelt to try and comfort me, but I snapped at him "Don't touch me!" The fear in my eyes halted him.

He chose then to sit down slowly frustration clear on his face as I cried. Damnit! This sucks! "I thought I was over it," I whispered.

"Over what?" he asked even more confused.

I moaned in pain. "He got me addicted."

Immediately, Madara understood. Closing his eyes, he calmed himself before relaxing. He was glad it wasn't him.


"Don't apologize," I answered quickly. "There are some pill bottles in the drawer of the nightstand next to my bed. Can you grab the purple one for me?" I asked humiliated that I still had to rely on them.

While he was grabbing the bottle, I had to ask, "Oi, Madara" I paused for a second to breathe. "Who was that woman you were kissing at the market?"

I heard the drawer slam, "WHAT? Is that what had you panicked?" Madara reentered the bathroom seeing me nod my head.

He sighed shut the door opened the bottle handing me one. I took the pill dry grimacing at the bitter taste.

"Just someone who thinks she is entitled to whatever she wants. A harlot." I hummed already feeling the pill work. "What did I give you?"

"Medicine so I don't accidentally kill you with my chakra."

He rose a brow. "A side-effect of the addiction is my chakra goes all over the place. It's killed others when I couldn't control it."

Nodding his head, Madara noted my now seated position observing my state of self. He observed the sweat slide down from my forehead passed my rose-colored cheeks his gaze lingering on my parted lips.

"Your chakra is the only issue?" Madara had an idea. He did not want to let this chance go away.

"Basically," I answered honestly. "I don't know if we will be able to continue without risking it going haywire again though?"

Gulping, Madara licked his dry lips. "I have an idea. Normally, it is a technique used for prisoners," he trailed off going silent.

I knew what he was talking about, it could work. If he wants to continue. I found myself nodding my head causing Madara to smile softly. "You think it'll work."

"We could try. I'm willing, at least."

Madara knelt in front of me, his dominant hand cupping my cheek as I realized that I was in my underwear only. He slides his other hand gently down my arm causing the hairs to rise and goosebumps to form.

It wasn't until I felt a sting on my wrist did I began to feel the difference. My chakra was completely disconnected from usage.

Madara then placed gentle tender kisses over my eyes and cheeks before moving to kiss my lips. I kissed him back wrapping my arms around his neck. Separating, Madara picked me up causing me to wrap my legs around his waist.

The morning after, Madara woke up tightening his grip around my waist as I could feel the smile he had on his face. He kissed the back of my head mumbling, "I love you."

My breath hitched when he said this, but I relaxed when I heard soft snores coming from him. Closing my eyes, I mumbled, "I love you, too, Madara."


This fanfiction is participating in our annual fanfiction contest.

Please vote for the fanfiction you think should win! Vote by clicking the heart below.

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