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Love Knocking On Heavens Door Part 2 by ADJ

(Art by ADJ)

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Warning Tags: Yaoi

Love Knocking On Heavens Door Part 2

by ADJ

Rohan POV

Shit! The bottle broke. It's too close to Valentine's Day to get Nu-Mi another gift. I should have been more careful. Not to mention the price of this ink.

“What should I do?”

I can't salvage something I can't even see. What to do? He’d promise to come back around this time after leaving for his ‘space trip’. I still don’t believe he's an alien, but whatever. As long as he comes back. Tsk I guessIi'll pay that money hungry Josuke to fix this, he’s the only one that can.


Is it too cliche to wait for an alien in a corn field? Sigh it's getting late, maybe he won’t come today. So much for a Valentine’s Day anniversary. Why do I even care so much? Last year was a tough year for me, and I thought I wanted something more from him but when he left my head became clearer.Yet here I am waiting for him like a chauffeur at the damn airport. Walking off towards the sunset,my eyes went dark.

“Konbanwa Rohan-sensei.”

My whole body tingled at his whispers. “Shit! Nu-Mi, you scared me. You can’t just sneak up on me like that, we are in the middle of n….” Before I could finish, he spun me around and kissed me. “Wait, we’re outside.” Turning his hands into ribbons, he bound my hands together.

“I missed Rohan, and doing things Sensei likes.” Keeping my hands bound, he leaned over to nibble on my neck. I did miss this. It's been months since he left. I was angry and lonely.

“Ok…ok lets just go home first.” I tried speaking without moaning but failed. “Pl…plus I have plans for us later. So…so let's get out of here.”

Stepping into the doorway, I realized he misses me more than I thought. “Hey hey, slow down will you? We need to shower before we head back out. Especially you.” There’s no telling where he came from. “Sensei, why don’t we shower together? I read that’s what lovers do.”

Lovers? “Have you been reading magazines again, Nu-Mi?” He grins. “Fine.” I sighed. We’ll be drawing two faces with one stroke. Or so I thought.

After washing, I was prepared to leave before he fixed my wrist to the shower head against the wall. “Sensei, would you like your eyes covered this time?”

“No.” He smirked and I instantly regretted it. But I haven’t seen him in months. Starting with my lips, his soft tongue glided over my body while he stared at me with those vibrant green eyes. I got semi-aroused the moment he tied me up but now I’m fully erect.

Slowly sliding his hands over my body and licking the waterfall, he stopped at my nipples to suck and bite them. My moans echoed through the bathroom. Placing kisses on the way down, he stopped at my erection. My body jolted at the feel of his hands sliding down my back to my ass.

“Hey….Um.” Trying to speak without moaning became hard as he rolled his tongue around my tip. It became even more difficult as his fingers entered me at the same time he took me deeper into his mouth.

“Aaaah…” A loud moan echoed alone with a sucking sound. I haven’t felt anything from behind since he left. The pain of his fingers from behind enhanced the pleasure from the front. Looking down, he’s sucking the water off of me like it's a reverse straw. I tilted back my head accepting pleasure.

“Wait, what are you doing?” He suddenly places my legs on his shoulder. Taking more of me in his mouth and his hand going deeper. This time when I looked down, he’s staring directly at me.

“Nu-Mi st…stop!” He gripped my thighs and squeezed his lips around me as I came. Swallowing every drop without losing eye contact. Shit, do I even want to leave anymore.


We stop to pick up dinner, then head to my surprise camp at the harbor. I got word of a firework display for Valentine’s day this year. “Do you like it out here? I also have a gift after dinner.”

“Oh! My first gift as Rohan-sensei’s boyfriend.” I try not to show my reaction to the title. “Um yeah…Well it's more of-”

“I also have a date planned for Sensei tomorrow. I’ve read that it needs to be really special when your in lo-”

“Hey! How about I give you your gift now?” He was going to say it. Doesn’t he realize we are both guys? What kind of magazines has he been reading that accepts this relationship?

The next two hours we wrote secret messages on each other’s bodies with the invisible ink I gifted him. After he decided that paper wasn’t intimate enough. “Ok, are you ready to see it? Before bed we need to take a good shower..” I say this fully aware of the damage ink could do to the skin.

“Actually I hoped what I wrote stays on Sensei for a long time.” I shine the luminous flashlight on my skin. He has bad handwriting. Heh. My smile fades the lower I shine the light.

‘Cute, Sassy, Smart, Artist, Sexy, Horny, Kinky, Masochist,Tasty, Tight’.

I look up to see him with a devilish smirk. What the hell?

My ink on him are small doodles and designed like a normal person. Well except the doodles that look like drawings from a manga. That can't be helped.I purposely drew on ticklish parts. He’s so cute when he laughs.

“Rohan-sensei, do we really have to wash this off? I like that my boyfriend-”

“Mikitaka, stop referring to me as your boyfriend.” I didn’t mean to ruin the mood but hearing the title gives me false hope and feelings. “I mean we are guys.” I whispered.

“Why is that bad Sensei? I love Roh-” I interrupted his statement once again.

“You will leave again.” Honestly, this statement was a cover up but now said out loud, it hurts me more than intended. “You don’t just leave your lovers Nu-Mi!” I can tell my tone came out harsh by his reaction.


“Let's just go, it's getting cold.” Just as we stood, the fireworks started. We watched the display in silence.

The walk home was as cold as the night. “Um Sensei I…I’ll see you tomorrow night for our um… Well dinner.” He wanted to say “date” but hesitated. Wait.

“Where are you going? You're not staying?” My heart is pounding. Did I say too much? “You have to wash up.” Even I can hear the desperation in my voice, but Mikitaka doesn’t budge. He’s really going to leave me?

“I’ll wash the ink off. And I'll see you tomorrow night, ok?” I just nod in disappointment. Not at him but at myself.


Standing out front. It's evening now, where is he? All day I couldn’t control my emotions and thoughts. Is he going to show up? Just when I turn to head back in, a taxi arrives. Mikitaka steps out wearing formal attire and hair flowing freely. The way I like it. He opens the other side and gestures to me to get in. I grab my small bag harboring my apology gift and walk to him. “Hey Nu-Mi I’m sorry ab-”

“Sensei the meter is running, we can talk when we get there.” I follow his guidance.


The car ride was long and silent. We get out to walk to our destination. I have no idea where it is. He takes my hand like yesterday didn’t happen. I never felt my heart beat with such relief. He still wants me.

We approach some sort of private plane. I bet he’ll say it’s his spaceship. “Rohan Sensei, this is my spaceship.” I knew it. “We’ll have our date inside. Watch your step coming in.”

This is…. A little too romantic if you ask me. There’s lit candles everywhere, even around our blanket area. Isn’t this a fire hazard? He left this unattended? I hope he has insurance on this thing. I turn to see him closing the door.

“Uh hey, why don’t we leave that open?” I’d rather not die.

“Oh no need, I'll open the roof.” What? He closed the door, hit a switch and the top came down like a convertible top. And above, nothing but stars. “Rohan-sensei, I read that a night under the stars is one of the best dates.” He takes me to the floor area with food and desserts. Do I deserve this?

After eating, we lay there. He starts to explain why he leaves. “I want to be here with you, so I leave to age myself to your life expectancy as time goes faster in space. But I won’t have to go back for the same length this time. And when I do.” He reached to grab something behind him. “This is an intergalactic communicator or cell phone. You can always reach me.”

I take the device. Looks like a regular smartphone. “I really missed you.” I confessed while staring at the device. “I’m sorry about yesterday. I want to make it up to you.” I grab my bag and pull out the rest of the ink from yesterday. “Do I get to write words on Rohan again?” He smirks.

“Uh no. We don’t have enough for that. But I thought about how you wanted it to stay forever.” I pulled out my tattoo pen kit. “So you can tattoo one thing on me and I'll do the same and only we can see it. So put it somewhere nice.”

“Can I put it anywhere?” His hands slid to my waist which was exposed because of my hollow short sleeve crop top. My skin shivers then heats. We lock eyes and kiss passionately. I climb on top of him while kissing as he grips my hips and grinds against me.

Before I realize it, I'm on my back. Mikitaka starts looking around for something. “What's wrong?” He kneels over me before removing his belt.

“Nothing.” Unexpectedly he wrapped his belt around my head covering my eyes. “Hehe, I’ll never get tired of this.” Placing another kiss on my lips, I can feel his soft hair brush against my face.

After removing my own belt to tie my hands, Mikitaka started kissing me all over. “I’ll mark all potential spots for my tattoo.”

My body was wet with kisses and bites. My lack of sight made me even more sensitive. I felt his hands on my hips as I imagine he’s staring at my erection. My pants come off. I felt him make his way up to it and start stroking me. I felt his soft tongue slide between me. While moaning I felt his hands replace his tongue. Before I could take a breath, I was taking in his fingers. My moans grew louder as he started thrusting his fingers in faster. I'm coming to a climax when he stops. His scent grew near again.

“Kishibe Rohan-sensei is my boyfriend.” He whispered softly but also with a hint of possessiveness. I jolt when I feel the hardness of what's coming next. “And I love him.” Was the last words I heard before he himself thrust into me.

Our moans and groans echo through the space. The belt slides off my eyes and I look up to see a sea of stars. Ha…. We are literally making love under the stars. He places kisses on my lips and neck as he thrust harder and deeper. Moaning, I whisper “I’m yours.”


The moon shines upon the two as they rest and the tattoo on Rohan's exposed top left butt cheek reads I Love You - Nu-Mi. The light shines over Mikitaka’s chest and above his heart. I Love You Too- Rohan. On the floor the spilled ink spreads in finger paint that reads;

Happy Valentine’s Day


This fanfiction is participating in our annual fanfiction contest.

Please vote for the fanfiction you think should win! Vote by clicking the heart below.

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