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Lost Memories by Shiningbind

This fanfiction is participating in our annual fanfiction contest.

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Warning Tags: cyberpunk2077,johnnysilverhandxv,femalev,sex,romance,love,erotics

Lost Memories

by Shiningbind

As night came along at the Aldecaldo campsite, V was currently asleep for the night after a long and exhausting day.  However, it wasn’t too long until Johnny suddenly entered their tent and nudged V a little bit, waking her up. V, annoyed for a moment, looked over at him,

“Go to sleep, you gonk.” V commented as she was rubbing her eyes for a moment for her vision to be more clear.

“Let’s go for a ride.” Johnny answered as he waited for V to get up on her feet and get dressed.

It was a very hot night at the campsite as V took a moment to wake up and get dressed in a black crop top along with denim hot pants.  She then took a moment to lace up her boots and have some guns ready just in case there were any unwanted visitors nearby.  Johnny couldn’t help but drool a little bit over how she was dressed. He tried hard not to stare, so V wouldn’t suspect anything.

“Where are you planning on taking me?” V questioned with suspicion.

“Shut up, and you’ll see.” Johnny answered as they both exited the tent.

V had her key ready for her bike as they headed over towards it. Johnny was eager to drive again,

“I’ll be the one driving.” Johnny said as he started touching it.

V smacked his hands away from the bike, especially when she made a promise to Mama Welles that she would take good care of it for Jackie's sake, “No, I’M driving it. This is my dead choom’s bike, so the only one who drives it is me. You get on the bitch seat.”

“You fucking kidding me, V?!” Johnny objected as he was not amused having to sit on the bitch seat again like last time.

“Or.. I can leave your ass behind.” V responded as she had the key ready, “Take your pick.”

Johnny grumbled for a moment as V got on the bike, waiting for Johnny to decide on what to do.  He pouted for a moment, not happy that he had to sit on the bitch seat again, “Fine…” He said, not amused as he got on the bitch seat, holding onto V as she drove off away from the campsite.

 As V drove, Johnny pointed out an abandoned van where he wanted to talk to her privately. V was confused on why he wanted to talk to her alone and away from the campsite, yet she figured to hear him out. It wasn't long until they both had arrived at the abandoned van where Johnny was earlier, killing off enemies. V and Johnny both got off the bike.  Taking a moment, V scanned the area as she noticed there were dead bodies everywhere.

“Well…  I see you have been busy.” V commented as she couldn’t help but have a look of satisfaction on her face before watching Johnny open up the back of the abandoned van, “What’s this about?”

“Get inside.” Johnny answered as he entered the back of the van, waiting on V.

V raised an eyebrow as she decided to follow along with Johnny before he closed the doors to it. Taking a moment to both make themselves comfortable, V looked over at Johnny,

“So, go on… what did you want to talk to me about?” V questioned. 

However, before she could resume, it was suddenly where her lips were met with Johnny’s as he had leaned in to kiss her. However, before he could resume, V placed a hand over his mouth for a moment and turned her head,

“Johnny… why?” V questioned with confusion as she lowered her hand.  She was so confused on what was happening or how she was feeling towards him.

Johnny didn’t answer as he turned V’s head towards him and kissed her deeply for a moment before slowly breaking the kiss, “You ask too many gonk questions.”

V paused for a moment, trying to soak it all in.  Was it true that she stormed Arasaka tower alone with Johnny and the traitor?  Did she really love him beforehand? So many questions were going through her head, yet she felt her body warm up after Johnny had kissed her passionately. She couldn’t help but lean in and surprise kiss him in return,

“I… dunno why we’re doing this, but I enjoy it.” V answered as she and Johnny began to kiss passionately leading into them both making out in the back of the van.

As they made out for a bit, Johnny removed V’s crop top while V removed Johnny’s Samurai shirt.  Johnny took a moment as he trailed V’s neck with kisses while he pressed onto her breasts resulting in her moaning a little bit. He then made his way to his breasts, enjoying a bit of foreplay as he was getting turned on.  He then began to suck a little bit on them before looking up at V,

“You enjoy that?” Johnny asked as he continued to play with her breasts before he took his other hand, making it down to her private area as he undid her hot pants to insert his fingers up her vagina, fingering her.

V moaned for a moment as she was enjoying the pleasure she was getting out of Johnny, “Fuck… just do it already, you gonk… I want it inside of me…” V moaned as she was turned on.

“Now that’s the V I like to hear.” Johnny smirked as he adjusted his body, undoing his pants and letting them down revealing his hard dick and stroking it for a moment.

After pulling down V’s hot pants, they both adjusted themselves where he spread her legs and inserted his dick up her vagina, and began to pump away inside of her. V moaned louder as she wrapped a leg around and moved along with him, enjoying every moment of it along with Johnny, especially as he has not had a good round of sex in 50 years. He enjoyed being alive again and being back in an actual body.  Moreover, spending those moments with V despite how many times they have bumped heads. As he pumped away inside of her, picking up speed and slamming into her G-spot, He was starting to groan a little bit himself. V felt her body heating up as her climax was hitting along with Johnny.

“Fuck… Johnny… I’m going to…” Before she could finish, V slightly arched her back as she climaxed.

Soon after, Johnny groaned a bit as he slammed one more time into her G-spot, “Shit.. this is it…” It was then he arched his back and came inside of her.


After a moment, both tired and panting after having sex, Johnny held V close to him as they both snuggled close to each other in the back of the abandoned van. V couldn’t help but smile softly as she rest her head against Johnny’s bare chest,

“Best fuck ever.” V commented as she didn’t care how hot it was that night as she felt her feelings for him returning.

Johnny kissed her forehead, smirking, “Good. Glad you enjoyed it.”

(End of Chapter)


This fanfiction is participating in our annual fanfiction contest.

Please vote for the fanfiction you think should win! Vote by clicking the heart below.

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